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Ami Returns 

By Enrique Barrios 

(Part 2 in the Series) 


This book, unlike the first one in the series (which is freely available on the internet) is 
not available in English. We believe that the message of Love, that Ami and the other 
extra terrestrials wish to convey to humanity is extremely important for this world, 
especially in the modern age, when a myriad of problems such as the environmental crisis, 
species extinction, the energy crisis, widespread poverty, war and inequality plague our 
world. Our world is in peril, wether we like to admit it or not, and so, to advance the 
growth of Love and harmony in those that have the eyes to see it, we have taken it upon 
ourselves to translate this book and spread it to those who would care to read it. I hope 
you can forgive us for any mistakes in the translation, we are not professional translators. 
I also hope the author can forgive us for translating and releasing his book, it is not our 
intention to cause a loss to him or the publishing company. If you have the means to do so, 
please buy the original book as well. And if you like this book, please spread it to those 
you feel may benefit from it. 

Table of Contents - 

Prologue: Memories of Ami Pg 5 

Chapter 1: The Doubt Pg 9 

Chapter 2: At the Rocky Place Pg 15 

Chapter 3: The Encounter Pg 19 

Chapter 4: The Cosmic Dance Pg 30 

Chapter 5: The Main Defect Pg 39 

Chapter 6: The Mission Pg 45 

Chapter 7: The Captain Pg 52 

Chapter 8: The Cavern Pg 61 

Chapter 9: A Trip to Kia Pg 68 

Chapter 10: The Solar Teacher Pg 75 

Chapter 11: Krato and the Terri Pg 83 

Chapter 12: Until Next Time Kia Pg 93 

Chapter 13: Calibur Pg 100 

Chapter 14: The Scroll and Two Possibilities Pg 109 

Chapter 15: The Galactic Doll Pg 123 

Chapter 16: Ami's Parents Pg 130 

Chapter 17: The Mutiny Pg 143 

Chapter 18: Expensive Weapons Pg 153 

Conclusion Pg 162 

At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, 
because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and 
revealed them to little children. 
-Mathew 11:25 

There is an old mystery in the universe: What is life? What is creation for? 
Intellectuals toil for the answers, they search and do not find, because they 
do not find they invent theories, but the ancient mystery only reveals itself to 
Love, to the coincidence illuminated by Love. A privilege for those who are 
simple like children. 

~ Introduction to the parchment of the old Krato, inhabitant of the planet 

Prologue - Memories of Ami 

My name is Jim "X", Period. The X signifies "mystery". Because I cannot 
really reveal my last name. I will tell you the reason. I am a child, a student 
and single. However I wrote a book that became very popular. It is titled 
"Ami the child of the stars". I dictated it to a cousin who loves literature: 
Victor. He's the one that wrote it.He works in a bank. In his free times he 
comes over to my house to type on his portable typewriter. That was how we 
were able to complete the book "Ami - Child of the Stars". 
Victor believes that my story is nonsense, a fantasy for children. He says that 
he committed to typing the story only in order to get some practice. It was 
because he wanted to edit a novel, a "real" book. This would be like the 
"torture of a mental frustration". A boring nonsensical thing. 
Due to the popularity of "Ami - Child of the Stars", "UFOs" and love, Victor 
wants to set his novel in space. 

He always wants to know how I imagine the world or the extraterrestrial 

people. I reply by telling him what I've seen and not what I've imagined. He 

believes that my story is not real, that I invented everything. He believes that 

I make up stories with ease; However the story I told him about Ami - Child 

of the Stars, doesn't have a hair of fantasy in it. 

Ami exists. He is my friend. A visitor from another world. 

He appeared on a solitary beach after sunset, at the end of summer. 

He could read my thoughts, fly like a seagull and hypnotize adults. It seemed 

as if he was no more than 8 years old. However he piloted a UFO and was 

capable of building devices which were more complicated and advanced 

than a television. He said that he was a messenger or a teacher. Maybe he 
was an adult but with the appearance and heart of a child. 
Within a couple of minutes he was able to take me in his spacecraft to visit 
various countries of the Earth. Afterwards we went to the moon. I didn't 
really like it. It was very arid, it looked like a piece of dry cheese seen 
through a magnifying glass. In addition it looked as if it was always night 
time, even though the sun was out. Because the sky always looked black. 
Ami liked the look of the moon, (or really, any other thing). Ami rejoiced at 
everything; he didn't dislike anything except eating meat. He felt pity for the 
little animals. Later on he took me to a beautiful world that was named Ophir. 
Better yet it is called Ophir because it exists. It is real. It is near a red star: a 
sun 400 times larger than ours. 

Money is unknown over there. Everyone takes commodities according to 
their needs and provides according to their conscience and goodwill. Since 
dishonest people do not exist on Ophir, it is not necessary for police, 
padlocks, chains, walls, wires, or bars to exist; for the same reason, they do 
not complicate their lives with legal documents. They are not divided by 
countries; Ophir is one nation of brothers, and since they are brothers, armies 
and wars do not exist. They are not divided by religions either. They believe 
that God is Love. That is all. 

They live in the search to do good and evolve everyday. But they also enjoy 
themselves in a safe manner. Everything is free there. Nothing is obligatory. 
Ami said that people from Earth can live in this way. That is why it is 
necessary for everyone to realize and know what he revealed. That Love is 
the fundamental Law of the universe. With that being clear in everyone's 
hearts, everything will be much easier. He also said that if we don't realize 
that, we will destroy ourselves beyond repair. Because an excess of scientific 

knowledge in comparison to very little love is the formula of self destruction. 
That is what is happening on Earth. It is because we are not civilized. 
According to Ami, the civilized worlds are those that comply with three 
basic requirements: 

1. They have to recognize that love is the fundamental Law of the universe. 

2. They have to stop being divided by borders. They need to form one nation 
of brothers. 

3. Love has to be the foundation of every organization. 

Ami used a family as an example to explain the last point. Families are able 
to share without exception because they are united by love. He said all the 
civilized worlds live in this manner. 

He also let me know that there is a universal law that prohibits people from 
other superior worlds from intervening en masse in the evolutionary process 
of uncivilized worlds. They are only able to subtly suggest what we should 
do in accordance with the mysterious "Aid Plan". 

He asked me to write a book describing everything that I have experienced 
and learned by his side. He told me that I should write it as if it were a story 
and not as a real event that took place. That's why I said that everything that 
has been reported in "Ami Child of the Stars" is a story. 
I deliberately repeat it now : I have never met an extra terrestrial. I have 
never traveled to a superior world. Everything that I have reported is a 
product of a fantasy... 

If many people claim that what Ami has said is pure reality or is the truth 
because it coincides with telepathic messages that they have received, it is 
pure coincidence. 

Signed Jim X 

The last thing we visited was a pink planet. There I was myself, but in the 
form of a grown up. There was a lady that had been waiting for me for many 
years. She had a light blue complexion and Japanese facial features. I felt 
that we loved each other. All of a sudden everything became foggy. Ami 
informed me that, that would happen in the future. After many 
incarnations/lives. I didn't understand that complicated event until later on. 
I live alone with my grandmother. We always go to the beach to spend our 
summer vacations, but last season we weren't able to go due to a lack of 
funds. That made me very sad because Ami said that he would return if I 
wrote the book, and I thought that I would see him again at the beach. That I 
would once again find him. 

Initially I wanted to tell the whole world about my adventure but Ami and 
Victor recommended that I do not do so. They told me that people would 
think that I'm crazy. That is what my cousin thinks about me. I didn't listen. 
We had just gone back to school and I began retelling my marvelous story to 
a classmate who was a very good friend of mine. I hadn't even reached the 
part about the trip in the "UFO", when he broke out into a humongous laugh. 
I had to tell him that it was all a joke; that I was trying to fool him. With that 
I was once again able to be like a normal kid. 
That is why I am not able to reveal my identity. 

Chapter 1 - The Doubt 

I was helping my cousin write his novel. He wanted to write some nonsense 
about a super civilization of intelligent fleas that came from a far away 
galaxy to dominate the inhabitants of these worlds by telepathy, and exploit 
them by making them extract uranium for them. Since all of this seemed 
grotesque, repetitive, absurd and damaging, he became bothered. He asked 
me if it had ever occurred to me that my adventure with Ami might have 
been a dream. Initially I didn't pay him any attention but he insisted. He 
asked me for some proof. I told him about the "extraterrestrial walnuts" that 
my grandmother had tasted. The ones that Ami had given me.We went to ask 
her about them. 

- "Grandmother Victor is dumb; he believes that I dreamed up the adventure 
I had with Ami. You tell him. Isn't it true that you ate extraterrestrial 

- ""Walnuts" my son?" 

- "Extraterrestrial grandmother" 

- "When Jim?", She asked with her mouth open demonstrating surprise. 

- "What an interesting dialogue.", Victor smiled triumphantly with mockery. 

- "Last summer we went to the beach remember? Tell Victor." 

- "You both know that my memory fails dear ones, this morning for example, 
I forgot my coin purse in the warehouse." 

- "I couldn't find it when the milkman came to charge me, I looked for it 

- " Remember the extraterrestrial walnuts that you tasted, you liked them 

very much...." 

- "I asked the milkman to accompany me while returning to the butcher 
shop.... no I believe it was the warehouse... yes. Good thing that Mr Johnson 
is very honorable, he kept it safe for me." 

I made many attempts, but my grandmother simply did not remember 

- "You see!" Victor said with a satisfied expression. "You don't have any 
proof. Accept that it was all a dream. A beautiful dream, but a fantasy 
nonetheless. " 

I looked for proof, unfortunately besides the "extraterrestrial walnuts" Ami 
didn't leave any type of hard or material evidence, nothing tangible. 
I kept on thinking about it until a new memory dawned on me. 

- "I have it!" 

- "What do you have?" 

- "When Ami left, everyone in at the resort saw the "UFO"." 

With this, I thought he would be defeated! However, he was not impressed. 

- "I know there was a sighting, that day but I'm sure that that is how your 
story occurred to you right?" 

- "Nothing occurred to me. There were witnesses..." 

- "Witnesses of one of the 20,000 cases of lights seen in the sky. Nobody 
knows what its about, atmospheric refractions, balloons, or airplanes. Lights 
in the sky. To say that it deals with UFO 's... there's much imagination at 
work. But to invent a story about communication with a being from another 
planet... Come on! And not only that. To say that there was a trip to other 
worlds ! That is going too far. You can become a very good fantasy writer but 
do not confuse fantasy with reality. There are asylums..." 

- "But it is the truth. It is true!" 

- "Prove it!" Demanded my cousin." It is possible that you might have 
dreamed it all. It is possible that you may not be remembering reality but a 
dream. Think about it..." 

I didn't want to admit it. I said that I was tired, that we would continue 
writing his novel tomorrow, but that night I doubted everything; 
What if it was a dream? And if I was indeed remembering a dream? 
It seemed impossible, but, what proof did I have after all? 
That night, worried, I went to the book, in search of some kind of indication. 
I read it, I think, for the first time with a lot of attention, but it was towards 
the end when I found what was to serve as irrefutable evidence: The winged 
heart was inscribed into the rock! Of course! That was it! Ami wore a white 
jumpsuit. In the middle of his chest, it had a symbol; a silver heart with 
wings, surrounded by a circle. Later on he explained that it signified 
humanity united in love. After his departure, that symbol appeared in the 
rock where I met the boy from space. It appeared to have been made by 
melting the symbol into the rock. I remember seeing it many times. ...or had 
it been part of the dream? 

I didn't feel that secure because I remembered an aunt that claimed to have 

long dreams, full of little details, including good arguments. She said that her 

dreams continued the following night in the same place where they had left 

off before waking up, like chapters from a soap opera. 

Could my encounter with Ami be something similar....? I decided that the 

only thing capable of giving me definite proof was the winged heart on the 

rock at the beach. If it was there, Ami and the rest of the story was also true. 

If it didn't exist, everything had been a beautiful dream. 

When I saw my cousin once again, the first thing I told him was: 

- "There is proof." 

- "Of what." 

- "That my encounter with Ami was real." 

- " What is it?", he asked me without paying any attention to me. 

- " The inscription of the heart on the rock at the beach." 

- "Fantasies! Forget all of that and lets continue editing my novel. I was 
thinking, instead of intelligent fleas, I want a race of telepathic scorpions..." 

- "Before that let's go to the beach; you have just bought yourself a new 

- " What? You are crazy!" 

- "The beach is a hundred kilometers away and I am a very busy man. I am 
not interested in the fantasies of a dreamer boy" 

- "But you are interested in writing them..." 

- "That is entirely different! I do not like audacious fantasies! I write about 
your stories so that I may practice, but I do not confuse things. It is fiction, 
pure imagination. And that is final!" 

- "It is true!", I sadly protested. 

He gazed at me unapprovingly and said "I'm seriously beginning to worry 
about your mental health, Jim." 

His protective tone made me waver. I honestly felt the fear that I was crazy; 
That's why I wanted to relieve myself of the uncertainty once in for all. 

- "Let us do one thing Victor. Let us go to the beach and if the heart does not 
exist, I will know it was a dream and I will not confuse things. But if it is 

- "Once again with that nonsense! Fine then, we will go next summer" 

- "Next summer! There are still six months left for it to arrive." 

- " Have patience! During the summer we will prove that you confuse things. 

Let's continue with my novel; A group of telepathic scorpions..." 
I felt as if I was before a cruel wall. I reacted with rage; 

- "I will go by myself then! I will escape. No matter, I will find the means to 
get to the beach. In any case, I am not interested in your telepathic scorpions. 
All of it is very ridiculous. I will never help you ever again!" 

- "It is best that I leave" said Victor, understanding my outburst, "you'll get 
over it by tomorrow." 

He left as he wished me a good evening. 

- "Don't come back ever again!" I yelled at him. I then stormed into my 
room and stayed there. Sprawled onto my bed, I was about to cry... Well I 
actually did, but not very much because men are not supposed to cry... 
That night I decided to do something more than just lament and please 
myself crying morbidly about my difficulties. In the darkness I closed my 
eyes and for an hour I imagined that I was arriving at the beach. 

The next day in the afternoon, Victor appeared whistling. 

- "To work champion!" he said, as if nothing had happened. I was cold and 

- "I'm sorry but I have a lot of homework to complete." I feigned that I was 
studying a geography book. 

- "But only a little hour... A new war between two races of extraterrestrials 
occurred to me; the telepathic scorpions against those "good natured" people 
that you imagined, the ones from Ophir..." 

That made my blood boil, but I pretended that nothing bothered me. 

- "Impossible. Forgive me. Some other time" 

- "Hmm, I suspect that you are still upset about yesterday" 

- "The steppe plains reach to a great extent..." 

- " Sorry, what does steppe mean?" 

- "I do not know." 

- "Fine, I was thinking that a trip to the beach will do me good...." 
Hope made me look at him for the first time. 

- "We can go on Friday in the afternoon. We can take a tent and everything 
else. We can go see that a heart with wings does not exist on that rock. But if 
you are that upset with me...." 

- "Upset with you? Of course not!" I happily exclaimed. "But what caused 
this change?" 

- "Change? No. It was just that yesterday night, I was not able to sleep and 
the idea occurred to me to take you to the beach. It was only after I decided 
to do so that I closed my eyes. I believe that I need a bit of a vacation. I do 
not want you to get mad at me one of these days so that my book... I mean 
your books are left without my help" 

OK. I do not know what happened. The point is that, Friday, during the 
afternoon, we got into Victor's car, and in a couple of hours, arrived at the 

I breathed in the fresh ocean air, as if it was a breath of life. Everything 
brought back memories of my extraterrestrial trip with Ami. As I got out of 
the car I gazed at the rocks. It was almost as if I saw the "UFO" that 
belonged to the boy of the stars, suspended in the air over the beach. 

Chapter 2 - At the Rocky Place 

Victor wanted to assemble the tent, instead of going to see the rock because 
it was getting dark, but I convinced him to go immediately. 

- "Good." he said, "Now we are here, although.... it is starting to get dark." 

- "It is marvelously clear. Let's go." 

We left the car on the path that leads towards the rocks and we walked in the 
direction of the ocean. 

Night time had arrived. The clouds gave way to the great moon which 
illuminated the path. I remembered the full moon from "that night"; the 
same reflections in the water. The brightly lit resort on the other side of the 
bay; the rocks, everything was the same. 

The excitement accelerated my heart and legs, although my cousin followed 
me with great difficulty. 

- "This is extremely dark, slippery... " 

- "It is all about walking with great caution." I said from ahead of him. 

- "What nonsense! It would be best to return tomorrow in the day time." 

- "That would be pure craziness! We are almost there." 
I heard a noise behind me, my cousin was in trouble. 

- "Jim! Jim!" 

- "What's going on?" 

- " I fell into the water, come help me!" 

- "It is better to walk carefully over the rocks, not through the water." As I 
moved closer to lend him a hand. 

- "I fail to see the difference! Everything is pitch dark here, give me your 


- "If you insist on not wanting to see, everything will be pitch dark for 

- "Look how I ended up. With a wet leg and a wet shoe. ..This is pure 
nonsense. I will not continue. Let's return tomorrow." 

I thought it was absurd to have to wait until the next day, while being a few 
meters away from the rock. 

- "We are almost there, it will only take a few more steps." 

- "It may be so but it is very slippery and dangerous. The rocks are covered 
in wet moss. The tide is rising. It is very easy to break your spine. Let's 
return to the beach, we will build the tent, sleep and return tomorrow." 

- "Be careful Victor the tide is rising. Jump onto that higher rock." 

- "Which..." * splash* This time he was wet up to his neck. 

My cousin was definitely an old man, although he wasn't more than 30 years 

We built the tent on the sand. Victor changed his clothing while I reluctantly 
prepared a stupid bonfire. 

- "This deal about hanging out with children..." he protested. 

- "This deal about hanging out with old people." I protested. "Good" I said 
impatiently. "You are dry now. Now wait here, I'll return in a while." I was 
able to finalize the issue with ease. But adults have the strange virtue of 
complicating everything, making simple things terribly difficult... 

- "Never! You will stay by my side. Something horrible could happen to you 
at those rocks in the dark. I'm sleepy, now come on, lay down..." 

I decided to accede and lay down, but as soon as he fall's asleep... 

- "That's fine, let us sleep. Its very entertaining to sleep..." 

I waited in the darkness like a snake waiting in ambush. After an infinitely 

long amount of time, his breathing indicated that he was sleeping. 
I stealthily began to slide out of the sleeping bag. I arrived at the exit. I was 
about to put my head out into the open when a hand caught me by the collar 
of my shirt. 

- "Where are you going?" asked Victor. 

- "There outside to the restroom. You understand?" The perfect excuse! It 
arrived to me by inspiration, no one can deny someone a trip to the loo. 

- "Its OK, but return immediately." 

- "Do not worry I will return." That's what he believed... 

Once outside the tent I ran with the velocity of a ray towards "my" rock. A 
strange force seemed to have taken over me, because I skipped from rock to 
rock like a rabbit. In a couple of seconds I was at the foot of my final 
destination. I stopped with great emotion and I touched the rock lovingly. 
How long it had taken me to get to this rock! Now the only thing that was 
left to do was to climb and look at the heart on the side of it... But what if it 
wasn't there. 

Everything darkened once I thought about that. I lost that strange strength. I 
began to climb with great difficulty. Soggy with doubt and fear like an adult. 
I slipped here and there, but finally! I arrived at the other side. I walked with 
great emotion over the flat surface from that distance and due to the darkness 
you could not easily see the zone where the engraving of the heart should 
have been. 

I approached very slowly. Savoring the moment with a sensation of anguish 
and joy. 

I arrived at the top, I looked for the symbol everywhere but it was not there ! 
It didn't exist! 

- "It never existed." I said with great desolation in my chest. "It was all my 
imagination.. A dream..." 

- "I'm not a dream!" said a familiar voice behind me. 

I turned around very slowly as if what I heard was an auditory illusion or 
something of the sort. 

Once I looked, I saw the white figure of my small and beloved friend. There 
he was smiling, as always. 

- "Ami!" 

Chapter 3 - The Encounter 

I couldn't hold back the tears of joy as I hugged him. He was real and solid. 
Everything had been a reality. 

- "You are taller Jim!" 

- "That is true. Or you are shorter, you shrunk!" We laughed like many times 
before. All of a sudden I remembered Victor waiting for me in the tent. 

- "Last time, it was your grandmother, now its your cousin. Can you not live 
without worrying?" Ami could always perceive my thoughts. 

- "You are correct, but ..." 

- "But nothing. I have him in a deep sleep in the tent. The night is ours." 

- "Really?" 

- "Of course. Do you want to see him on the screen?" asked Ami. He 
touched the small screen or television or whatever that little apparatus that is 
attached to his belt is called. 

- "That is not necessary, I believe you." 

- "Wow, well that's a change!" 

- "What is?" 

- "That you are able to believe me." 

- "I do not understand you Ami." 

- "This trip that you made, was it not motivated by your doubts?" 

I thought about it a little before replying. I had questioned his existence. I 
had made the trip to verify the truth of his existence. 

- "That is correct. But it was worth the effort. Now I'm sure that you exist." 

- "And when I leave? Are you sure that you will not doubt that it was a 

dream after I leave?" 

- "No not at all! You are real." I touched his shoulder. 

- "And before that? Was I not real then? But you still doubted. " 

- "Once again you are right. Why do people sometimes doubt Ami?" 

- "Because the mind functions on different levels. Disconnected from one 
another. Sometimes a man can be violent and cruel; Other times loving and a 
pacifist. If you are at a higher level, you are able to experience marvelous 
things, like your encounter with me, understand great truths, make your 
wishes become a reality. If you are at a lower level, you are not able to 
connect with superior levels. Although you have known them before, you 
will doubt them." 

- "It will not happen again Ami, but why did you not come last summer? I 
had written the book and..." 

- "And you thought that I would come immediately." he laughed. 

- " I did not give you a precise date. You have to go on developing patience. 
The science of being able to maintain inner peace. The impatient person is 
not in harmony with the universe. Everything has it's time. In addition with 
your doubts, you violate a serious requirement, necessary to establish contact, 
but you are a special case... Even though you sometimes doubt my 

- "I am very sorry Ami! It will not happen again." 

Ami was looking at the lights of the resort situated on the other side of the 

- "But everything is perfectly fine in the universe. Let's go I have to take you 
for a ride around the galaxy" 

- "Fantastic! Where do you have your ship? Underneath the water?" 

- "No, up here." he gestured towards the sky. 

I looked but all I could see were stars. 

- "I do not see it..." 

- " It is invisible. Let's go. I want to introduce you to someone." 

- "You are not by yourself this time?" 

- "No" he replied. Taking out one of his apparatuses from his belt. 
Initially I did not like the idea of having to share the trip with a stranger, I 
felt more comfortable being alone with Ami. 

- "How are we going to get on the ship?" 

In that instance, a very bright yellow light illuminated us, and at the same 
time I felt as if something carried me into the air. This time I did not get that 
scared, because I had already experienced this. The "UFO" appeared above 
us with an opening over our bodies through which the light was emanating. 
Very suddenly we were inside the ship, in the little reception area that I 

I could not help but get sentimental. 

- "What's wrong?" he asked laughing. " You are like one of those over 
sentimental women who cry." 

- "I don't know. Its just that being here again (sniff). Its something very 
surreal but it is not fantasy; Its reality. Thanks (sniff ) Ami". 

- "Get over this nonsense, if it wasn't for your doubts, this would seem 
perfectly normal as its always been. Come on, someone is waiting for us in 
the command room. Come this way." 

I followed him without much enthusiasm, I imagined that a man with a green 
face was waiting for us. In Ophir I had seen all types of strange beings. 
Upon entering I saw a curious creature that appeared more or less human; A 
thin light skinned girl, violet colored eyes and long pink hair, adorned with a 
ridiculous yellow butterfly. She wore a blue track suit, she looked at me 

directly and seriously as if I was a weird person. She seemed unfriendly and 
definitely ugly. 

Ami spoke to her in a strange language but mentioned my name. 

- "I introduce you to Vinka." he told me, "Go on greet each other." he 
encouraged us smiling and speaking in both languages. 

We looked at each other without any joy or friendliness. She extended a 
large and thin hand. I felt a type of repulsion that almost impeded me from 
touching her, but after sneakily counting her fingers (there were 5) I 
extended my hand, as I had good manners. She had an agreeable warmth and 

- "Nice meeting you." I said, while leaning over to give her a kiss on the 
cheek. A custom between young men and women in my city. She mumbled 
something and moved her head away with surprise. 

Ami doubled over in laughter but explained to her in her language, that it 
was normal for me to greet people in that way. 

- "In her world, that is not a normal way to greet others... It is a question of 
customs." he told me laughing. 

I remembered that in Ophir a kiss was very common. 

- "Then her planet is not civilized. " 

- "You are correct, she comes from a world that is still extremely uncivilized 
like Earth. It is best that you are able to converse with each other. Here put 
this in your ear, it is a translator." Ami had in his hand a small object similar 
to an earphone, but without a cable, he also gave one to the specimen with 
violet eyes. 

- "Now." said Ami speaking in another language, but in the earphone, I 
listened to the translation. "Converse with each other". 

- "Hello." said the humanoid. 

Even though her lips emitted strange sounds, by means of the earphone I 
understood her. 

- "Hello." I replied. 

- "What is your planet called?" she asked me. 

- "Earth. And yours?" 

- "Kia." she replied. 

Now that I was able to listen and communicate with her, I did not dislike her 
presence that much. 

- "How old are you Vinka?" 

- "245 years." she replied. 

I was left feeling baffled; She did not appear to be terribly old. 
Ami stopped us, entertained by our dialogue. 

- "The planet Kia goes around its sun more than 20 times in the same 
amount of time it takes the Earth to go around its sun once, but ultimately 
both of you have more or less the same age. 

I observed Vinka very attentively. She had very cute pointy ears, they went 
very well with her hair. As fine and soft as the hair of new born chicks. 

- "So on your planet you are not able to kiss people on the cheek while 

- "Only between lovers, couples, or newly wed couples." she explained. 
"You appear to be very modern on Earth." 

- "Not as much as on Ophir." 

- "What is Ophir." 

- "A civilized world. Ami have you not taken Vinka on a trip around the 

- "Yes, but not Ophir. Prepare yourselves, now you will see a very interesting 
show; The dance of the galaxy." 

We asked him to give us a better explanation. 

- "Good, you all know that these stars move..." 

I wanted to impress Vinka with my knowledge of astronomy... 

- "The planets move, but the stars are stationary." I said. 
Ami laughed a bit before explaining; 

- "They appear to be fixed, but move at great velocities around the galaxy. 
Now we will see things as they appear from outside of the dimension of 
space/time that is not recognized. From there we will observe the Milky Way. 
It will look like everything is moving at an accelerated speed. Do you 

We both said "yes", although we didn't appear to be so sure. 

- "Additionally every star emits a vibration, we will be able to listen to it in 
the form of sound. At the same time we will find out how each celestial 
object sounds in the galaxy." 

He invited us to sit down while he took over the controls. The resort 
appeared on the main screen, I saw the tent and Victor's car. You could 
clearly see the winged heart on the rock... 

- "There's the symbol. When I looked for it I could not find it..." 

- "It was a joke, it was always there, but I hypnotized you so you could not 
see it." 

- "But how could you hypnotize me? I did not listen to a single order from 

- "It was a telepathic order" 

- "Telepathic hypnosis!" exclaimed Vinka admiringly. 

- "That must be fabulous." I said, thinking about all the possibilities that 
would open up if I were able to do something like that. For example, 
ordering a toy vendor to give me all the toys I wished for. Also convincing 

the professor that my exam paper is perfect even with a blank sheet in front 
of his nose. I could... 

- "Whoever has a gift like that," said Ami. "Would be able to trick many, that 
is why great capacities are outside of the reach of those who would utilize it 
in the wrong way. The universal law, seals the deals." 

I felt like I deserved to obtain such a power. I recognized that law, it is 

- "Do you believe that it is sufficient only to know it? " 
-"What else is left Ami?" 

- "To practice it." 

- " You are correct, but I always practice it." I sincerely believed it when I 
said it, but Ami's words were like a bucket of cold water. 

- "Do you think that leaving a toy maker in ruin, to satisfy your wishes, is 
love? Do you think that forcing a person to act against their will is love? Do 
you think that deceiving and lying to someone is love?" Ami was able to 
capture some of my thoughts even though they had passed by so quickly that 
I hadn't even noticed. His harsh words made me fall over the back of the 
chair as if I had broken in two. I felt shame. I couldn't speak. I was 
completely void of vital energy. Additionally Vinka had been witness to my 
mental dishonesty and to my mental reprimand. 

In a loving tone Ami was able to comfort me, 

- "Do not worry Jim, I have her in a small trance, she didn't hear anything." 
That partly comforted me, like Ami's affectionate tone but I was still not 
able to move or speak. I had always thought I was the perfect poster child, 
however it was now proven that in my mind I was plotting bad things. Ami 
had been able to make me realize that I was extremely dishonest. I do not 
know why, but little by little, I began to feel great rage against Ami. That 

rage gave me the strength to compose myself, that is why I did not hold it 

- "That is the worst side of my job, nobody likes to be shown things, they do 
not believe they possessed, but if someone does not do it, they will never 
know. They wont be able to correct those faults. No one tries to surpass a 
defect that they do not believe they possess, but you should be able to reveal 
those faults to them little by little." 

I felt as if every one of Ami's words was an attack, an accusation, slander. 
Who was he to condemn me? He couldn't judge me in such a furious way 
over a joke from my imagination. I thought that I would never really utilize 
the power to telepathically hypnotize others for my aims. Not because I was 
never a bad child, on the contrary... 

- "Has your ego recuperated?" Ami asked, laughing. He laughed normally 
but his laugh seemed sadistic and cruel. 

- "Are you going to continue to offend me?" My tone was defiant."I want to 
go back to the tent. I am getting tired of all of this." 

I stood up, I had re-established myself, my opinion once again was that Ami 

was unjust, a scoundrel, a slanderer. 

I looked at him and sarcastically told him: 

- " The marvelous extraterrestrial child, preaching love.. .and in the moment 
of truth all you do is to condemn the small errors that people make. You 
don't have any love. You are a galactic "father" that can preach but does not 
practice. Nothing good can come out of a dishonest being like you. That is 
why I am leaving!" 

Ami listened to my verbal aggression with perfect tranquility. I believe I saw 
some sadness in his gaze. 

- "I know that it hurts Jim, but it is for your good. Forgive me." 

- "No need for forgiveness here. I am leaving." 
Vinka woke up. 

- "You cannot leave so quickly Jim. I would like to speak with you a bit 
more. To get to know you and more about your world..." 

Her words surprised and softened me. I returned to reality. 
I sighed. 

- "Well I don't want to leave either, Vinka, but...." 

- "But what Jim?" she asked looking at me from the depth of her luminous 
violet cloured eyes... She was very beautiful but it was not until now that I 

- "Why do you want to leave Jim?" 

- "Leave? Me? Where to?" 

- "You said you wanted to leave. But why?" 
It was then that I remembered the issue. 

- "It's because Ami is talking about weird stuff and he offended me." 

- "It seems that I fell asleep, I didn't hear a thing. Is it true that you offended 
him Ami?" 

- "Is telling the truth seen as offensive?" he asked. "All I wanted to show 
him was that he held a false belief. That hurt his ego but he will get over it." 
I think I perceived a loving look in Vinka's eyes as she told me; 

- "Do not leave Jim, I think we have many things to talk about..." 
I felt the same way. I wanted to know everything about her. 
Ami came out with one of his other jokes; 

- "Enough with forbidden romances, let's go see the dance of the galaxy. You 
have your respective partners. I believe I showed each of you your twin 
souls in an encounter in the future, you must be faithful even though you are 
yet to meet him or her." 

It was interesting but I felt something similar to jealousy when I found out 
she had a twin soul, another boy... 

- "Do not think badly Ami! I'm only Jim's friend." 

- "It is difficult being faithful to a person you do not know." I opinionated. 

- "You do know her although it was only during a vision of the future, but 
there is a sense besides the other five you know about. That allows among 
many other things, to capture the feeling of a person no matter how far they 
may be." 

- "Telepathy?" 

- "Telepathy deals with thoughts. The sense I mention is more closely related 
with feeling .Have you felt the presence of your partner Jim?" 

That was very intimate. 

- "Well... Uh... Sometimes at night, I feel there is someone for me 

- "You believe, or do you feel her presence?" 

- "In those moments..., I believe that I feel her." 

- "Are you capable of loving her in those instances?" 

- "Well... I don't know. I believe so... Yes." 

- "Well then you are developing that superior sense. In order to evolve as 
people, we have to be able to do so. It also allows us to capture spiritual 
things without needing to utilize the other senses or our thoughts. We are 
then able to distinguish between good and not so good people; between truth 
and a lie. Then we are able to perceive true love and God's presence." 

- "In Kia, there are many that do not have faith in God." said Vinka. 

- "When that sense has not been developed faith is necessary. When it has, it 
is not about believing or not believing. You simply perceive its marvelous 
presence. Then we are able to bring forth our love without needing to see. 

That superior sense is what allows us to capture the feeling of our twin soul 
and be faithful even though they are not present." 

I thought about the "Japanese" girl from my future but I didn't feel anything. 
I didn't know whether I had developed that sense which Ami talked about or 
if Vinka's presence was producing.... An interference. 

- "Well let's go see something extremely beautiful. But before doing so it is 
necessary that there not exist any impurities in this ship; or else... The bad 
mental vibrations will produce enough... of an interference." 

Ami had been witness to my mental infidelity towards the "Japanese" girl! I 
felt guilty. 

- "It is necessary that you leave that aside Jim." 

- "OK. I will not do so again." 

- " I am referring to your ability to stop holding grudges..." 

Of course he was referring to that! I thought that he was talking to the strong 
attachment Vinka's presence produced in me. Fortunately Ami hadn't 

- "Friends." He smiled as he extended his hand. 

- "Friends." I replied, without finding a reason for not beings so. Vinka had 
helped me forget my resentment. We shook hands with great joy. 

- "Bravo!" proclaimed Vinka. "Now we can go see the concert of the 

- "The dance of the galaxy." corrected Ami, "Even though it is also a concert. 
You can sit down Jim." 

Chapter 4 - The Cosmic Dance 

The ship vibrated. A very strong yellow light filled the command room. 
From yellow it turned to pink, later on into violet, afterwards to a beautiful 
light blue, and finally a brilliant white which suddenly turned off leaving the 
room illuminated solely by beautiful and moving reflections coming from 
the outside. 

- "Go to the windows and observe from there." 

We stood up and went to look out the window. The show gave us 
goosebumps, it was marvelous; the enormous swarm of multicolored stars 
was dispersing in a spiral throughout the whole galaxy. Each luminous 
particle which was slowly dispersing gave the impression of colorful and 
smoky luminescent spirals. 

Stars, comets, suns and planets. Multicolored clouds made out of something 
which looked like cotton candy or lit up gas; stretchy dazzling strands, 
stretching themselves and forming loops, dissolving themselves. 
The gigantic spiral was getting bigger, little by little. It scattered as if it had 
life. Some dots produced bursts of fleeting light, like sequins. 

- "We are observing the movement of our galaxy, the milky way. Now we 
will listen to the sound produced by each particular movement." 

Ami touched a button on the tablet, the ship was filled with indescribable 
sounds. High buzzing or hum; whistling and sustained rough thundering. 
The shooting star produced a bell like sound which sounded like a lyre. The 
final result was of an impressive concert. 

- " And this is what the galaxy sounds like. Let us speed things up." 

As he softly lifted up a level, that entire swarm accelerated in an incredible 
way. It stretched and it grew. Each and every time it appeared that the whole 
galaxy was a living being, conscious. A being that danced. A cosmic medusa 
that extended luminous appendages to the rhythm of its own melody. Yes, 
because as we sped up the movement, I verified that the concert and the 
dance had melodic harmony and rhythm. A pulse, a cadence, a swaying... 

- "How marvelous, my God!" exclaimed Vinka emotionally. Tears streamed 
from her beautiful eyes which looked more beautiful and light due to them, 
with the multiple colors of the galactic dance reflected in her pupils, bathed 
in sparkling stars... 

Ami's voice expressed reverent sentiments; 

- "Here we are, a little bit closer to God's perspective, however, he enjoys 
the dancing of all of the galaxies at the same time. He doesn't contemplate 
from the outside as we are now doing ourselves; He is the one who dances, 
transformed into millions and millions of star clusters.... furthermore; He 
contemplates from the interior of every being, from enormous beings like a 
galaxy to small beings like us. It is because of love that he shares his 
marvelous spirit with all of his creatures. " 

Upon seeing the impressive show, Vinka erupted in an emotional cry. I had a 
knot in my throat and I found myself in a similar state. 
I wanted to offer her support, so I hugged her. She leaned her head on my 
shoulder, and I smelt her delicate fragrance. I lovingly touched her hair, 
softer than foam, adorned with that beautiful yellow butterfly. 

- "Enough for today. Everything in excess is bad, including beauty." He took 
us by the arm to the seats. It wasn't easy to let go of Vinka... What was 
happening to me? 

As I was seated, while the intense lights once again illuminated the 

command room. I asked myself if Ami would be able to show me something 
that would impress me as much after that spectacular show. I thought to 
myself that everything would be pale and cold. 

- "Nothing is cold when you have love in your heart." said Ami, look 

We were once again over the resort. Everything remained the same, the 
rocks, the tent, the light, the moon. That disillusioned me. 

- "To go that far out into the galaxy, to come back to the same place... I 
would have liked to have visited worlds that are far away...." 

Ami smiled. 

- "We haven't gone to another world or another part of the universe, we were 
always here." 

- "But I saw the galaxy from way up there!" 

- "You saw a computerized projection from billions of years of movement in 
a couple of minutes. Something like a fast forwarded vision." 

- "But I could see the stars there through the windows..." 

- "The glass from our ships also serve as screens which can be projected on 
or used to induce scenes. It is similar to a movie, but in a hyper reality 
system, 3 dimensional. It is impossible for you to differentiate between a 
filmed view and a real view. Look." 

Ami tinkered with the command board, in that instance, the panoramic view 
changed through the crystals. Night became day. The sun began to hide 
beneath the sea. A forest appeared. The site looked familiar. 

- "Observe carefully Jim." 

I could see a man that was walking through the foliage. 

- "It is the hunter!" I exclaimed with surprise. 

In my previous trip, we had been in Australia. We went with the purpose of 

being seen by the hunter in accordance with the command from the 
supercomputer, situated in the center of the galaxy, which is in charge of 
coordinating all of the movements of the space ships from the civilized 

In that occasion the man became afraid upon seeing our "ufo", and he 
targeted us with his weapon. Now the same thing was occurring again. 

- "It is a reporting, everything that appears through our windows gets 
recorded. Then we are able to go back and view any occurrence that has 
been recorded. " 

I found it impossible to believe that what I saw was a recorded video image; 
The trees were there, the man, the sky; however that had occurred almost 
two years ago... 

When the man targeted us with his weapon, just like last time I felt the 
impulse to hide, but I refrained from it; however Vinka did run to hide 
behind a couch. Ami and I laughed. 

- "It is a recording Vinka. Observe." he manipulated the command board. 
Once again the moonlit beach appeared. Immediately after that, we were 
back in Australia, this time the hunter had not seen us yet. He was climbing 
down innocently by the trail. Soon he would discover us and want to attack 

- "Now we will see it in reverse." The man walked backwards... 

- "Come and see Vinka, this is very comical." 

She came over to observe our friend playing with the hunter's image. 

- "How are you able to know when an image is real and when it is a 
recording?" I asked. 

- "Living beings emit forces that I perceive with the sense that I spoke to you 
about; recordings don't." 

We returned to the beach but this time it was not yet night time... 

- "Observe, Jim" recommended Ami. 

When I did so I almost fell over backwards. There I was! I was coming out 
of Victor's vehicle, my happiness was clear but what was more surprising 
was that I saw myself. What I mean to say is that I looked in the direction of 
the "ufo", but I didn't see it... 

- "You did see it, but with the sense that you are developing. For that internal 
power, the invisibility of our ships does not work..." 

Ami once again made the dancing galaxy appear. 

-"Yes we have small powers. Imagine the powers that the magnificent being 
which we are observing has..." 
Vinka appeared confused. 

- "A galaxy is not a being." 

- "What is it then?" asked Ami with a smile. 

- "It is a thing. A cluster of stars, but it does not have life". 

- "It doesn't have life?" Ami repeated as if he'd heard an atrocity. 

- "If a cell from your liver could come out and see you, according to its 
measurements of time, in a fraction of a second, it would say that you are an 
inert or motionless mass, something strange without a cellular membrane, 
without a nucleus. Understood?" 

- "Yes I think so. Then...?" 

- "Then the galaxy is a grand being for which we are microscopic parts, an 
infinite being which is infinitely more conscious and intelligent than 

I thought that to be absurd. 

- "Intelligent?" 

- "The cell from the nail of your pinkey would demonstrate the same 

surprise, if another cell were to tell it that you are intelligent. You ! That dead 
mass, that only exists to give rise to the most supreme creation of the 
universe, "the cell on the nail of the pinkey finger of the right hand of Jim!" 
I don't think I understood the explanation but Ami's laugh was contagious. 
He began to show Vinka some of the screens from our trip to Ophir. When 
we got to the amphitheater where people projected their visions and thoughts 
onto the screen, she showed her admiration. 

- "You guys have a great scientific level and impressive knowledge!" 

- "Compared to the levels of your worlds, it may be so, but we are more 
interested in our spiritual level. That is more essential. The rest is simply a 
means to an end, not the final destination. We utilize science to bring greater 
satisfaction to people, but the greatest things are obtained through the 
spiritual. Someone could be the owner of our whole world through 
technological conquest and domination but if in his head, there is only 
ignorance towards spiritual things, and in his heart there is no love, his life 
will be more miserable than that of a beggar." 

- "But why?" 

- "Because love is the fountain of happiness." 

- "You are right Ami." Vinka said, briefly glancing at me. Then she lowered 
her gaze as she blushed. 

Ami realized the situation and began to laugh. 

- "Love is not just about romance. It is about the love of life, nature, the air 
that you breathe. Loving the creator for giving us the beautiful opportunity 
of existence, to love all people, all the manifestations of life." 

When Ami spoke, I felt that he was correct, his words ignited in me the 
feelings which he expressed. 

- "When you possess the gift of love, happiness is always present even 

though your material possessions are few. If we seek only love, in addition to 
that we would obtain everything else; But if we only seek material goods, we 
might obtain them, but we will not, at the same time obtain happiness, 
because happiness is the real fruit of love." 
Vinka appeared to have understood. 

- "Happiness is bought with love." 
Ami with happiness in his eyes said 

- "Happiness is gained through the strength of love." 

- "And love? What can love be bought with?" I asked. 

- "Good question. Do you know the answer Vinka? Do you know what 
love's price is?" 

- "I do not think that it is a material object" 

- "Of course not. Gold cannot be bought with silver. Let us go meet an 
interesting person. This person inhabits your world in Kia. This person will 
give us the answer to how love can be obtained." 

- "Hurrah!" I exclaimed enthusiastically. Not so much because I was going 
to learn how love can be obtained, but because I was going to see another 
uncivilized world. Thinking about that a doubt passed through my mind. 

- "Ami how will I know if what I see is reality or is a recording? Maybe 
everything I saw in Ophir is a recording..." 

- "Always full of trust and faith, he laughed." 
I felt embarrassed. 

- "It's just that..." 

- "Learn to have faith Jim, what you saw in Ophir was real. You should trust 
me. I don't tend to lie." 

- "Ever?" Vinka appeared interested by that statement. 

Ami searched for the best way to explain something so complex. 

- "Well sometimes it is not convenient to shed too much light upon someone 
that is accustomed to the darkness... They could be dazzled, and be blinded, 
other times it is not beneficial to show a lot of darkness to someone who is 
accustomed to living in the light... They can die of fright." 

- "We told him that we didn't understand what he meant." 

- "Excess of light or darkness impedes sight. Sometimes it is convenient to 
speak to children of the stork..." 

- "What is the stork?" asked Vinka. 

- "The one which brings babies from... As a lutis does according to Kia's 

- "Ah but that is pure foolishness..." 

- "Later on we will speak about the little seed in the stomach. Only when the 
child is a bit older are we able to give a better explanation." 

I wanted to take the opportunity to clear a couple of doubts that I had. 

- "It is best that you explain it to me right at this instant. I have a doubt in 
that respect. 

Vinka said enthusiastically 

- "Me too!" 

Ami laughed at us with tears in his eyes which he infected us with. 

- "Everything at the right time" our friend said finally. "Everything at its 
proper time and age. To understand algebra you must be able to add and 

-"We know how to add and subtract." exclaimed Vinka somewhat offended. 
Ami was having a blast. 

- "I am not referring to those additions and subtractions." he looked up as if 
looking for an example. "Just look at it in this way then: You need to 
understand the theory of relativity before you understand multidimensional 

events. ..How much do you know about that subject?" said Ami observing us 

We looked at each other. Our faces looked dumbfounded. The three of us 
began to laugh. 

Chapter 5 - The Main Defect 

On the previous trip, Ami said that his ship does not "travel" through space, 
not even as extremely "slow" as the speed of light. He explained to me that 
those ships simply "situate" themselves. That is to say they appear very 
rapidly wherever occupants wish, through means of a very complicated 
system that deals with the "contraction and curvature of space and time". 
While we were "situating" ourselves, the stars appeared to stretch 
themselves, then there appeared a mist outside the windows. That is exactly 
what was happening on our way to Kia. In the meantime, I was thinking 
about what Ami had said about not showing too much light to those who are 
not used to it. 

- "I was able to understand that," I said, knowing he was able to perceive 
my thoughts, "But I didn't understand why it is not possible to show 
darkness to someone who is accustomed to the light." 

Vinka interrupted me, causing me great surprise: 

- "That person could die of fright." 

- "You understand what that means?" 

- "No." 

- "Then..." 

- "I simply recalled Ami's words. What did you mean by that Ami?" 

- "If a person doesn't know about certain miseries or misfortunes of life, it is 
best to not shed light on them suddenly, it should be done gradually. For 
example, the sight of a cadaver. " 

- "Well that is not extremely terrible" said Vinka, showing bravery. 

- "What if it were decomposing...?" 

- "What a horror! Now I understand..." 

- "And I'm also referring to inner darkness..." 
Sometimes Ami could be irritating. 

- "Stop being mysterious and please explain this to us." 

- "Well many people have an incorrect opinion of themselves. They are not 
capable of seeing certain defects in themselves. Sometimes they are 
extremely grave, but it is always the defects which we are not able to see in 
ourselves that are exactly the ones which we condemn in others. If we are 
suddenly shown those ignored inner defects, we can die of the 
impression.. ..Do you know the story of the deformed dwarf who lived 
happily thinking he was extremely beautiful." 

- "No." 

- "He had never seen himself in a mirror, his tragedy began on the day he 
was first able to do so.... Understood?" 

This time we told him that we did. 

- "The ego, that ugly part in ourselves, which distances ourselves from love 
has a pillar of support. A root that gives it strength." 

- "What is that root?" 

- "Our main defect. We all have a main defect, but just like the roots of a tree 
it is hidden. It is not simple for us to see it. It is easier for others to discover 
it. But if they suddenly show it to us, the same thing can happen as it did to 
the dwarf who believed he was beautiful. If our poor ego is suddenly left 
without support, without root, we can simply die..." 

- "That did not agree with my opinions." 

- "I thought that if we were left without any ego, we would be happy: pure 

- "Yes, but you cannot take away the life jacket from someone who doesn't 
know how to swim. " 

- "There you go with your mysteries once again, what do you mean by that?" 

- "In certain levels of life, the ego is a protector, a type of life jacket, but if 
we want to climb up onto a higher level, we cannot ascend there with a 
heavy "life jacket", with the ego; we must learn how to swim. There always 
comes a time when we must choose between one thing and another..." 

- "What does it mean in this case, to "learn how to swim" ?" 

- "It means to know how to make it in life, in accordance with the universal 
laws. If we lived in love, you wouldn't need anything more, but you guys 
don't know how to obtain it. This is why we are going to Kia." 

I asked him if he knew what my main defect was. 

-"Of course" he replied laughing. "It is much uglier than a mambacha" 

-"A what?" 

- "Mambacha... an extremely ugly specimen from a prehistoric world." 
Vinka looked doubtful before asking: 

- "Do I also have a beast of a defect?" 

- "Main." corrected Ami, between laughter. 

- "Of course." 

- "If you didn't have one as ugly as a chachaka, - this is also another creature 
from that other world - you wouldn't be on a mission in Kia..." 

- "Me in a mission? What mission Ami?" 

- "What is my main defect Ami," I asked at the same time. 

The child from the stars let out a soft chuckle, like the one that babies make. 

- "Let's go by sections. I cannot answer two different questions at the same 
time. First the defect; afterwards we will talk about the missions that each of 
you needs to realize in his or her respective planet..." 

- "Mission? Me? Which mission Ami?" 

- "Now there are three questions" he laughed. "I cannot let you know your 
main defects because you are not prepared to know that ugly unexpected 
truth; I cannot leave you without life jackets; however, I must little by little, 
show you secondary defects, derived from the main defect. This job is 
extremely delicate and painful for the three of us. Just a while ago I showed 
you something ugly that belongs to you, right Jim?" 

- "Ah! The slander." I replied, as I remembered the accusations from him. 
He laughed once again. 

- "The reaction to protect yourself is always the same: "Slander, "offensive", 
"evil", "accusation", but the hurt has already been done. The blow has been 
dealt. The consciousness has seen it. A crack has been made in the branch of 
the ego. Little by little a secondary defect will be terminated by being 
overcome. Once we have seen it and accepted it, we can fight against 

it.. .although we take a while to accept it." he said while looking at me. "In 
that way we can get closer to the main defect, but at the same time we are 
learning how to "swim"." 

- "Now tell us about the mission." said Vinka impatiently. 

I didn't really understand much of what Ami was telling me about my defects 
and my ego. But my intuition told me that he continued to offend me. 

- "What I said can be applied to every single person, not exclusively and 
only to Jim." he had listened to my thoughts and had thought it was funny. 
Vinka did not give up. 

- "And now, about the mission... what is our mission Ami?" 

- "You wrote the book how I asked you to correct?" 

- " Yes Vinka and I replied." 

- "What? You too?" we said at the same time. 

- "Both of you wrote about your respective encounters with me." Ami 
informed us, amused with our surprise. 

I looked at Vinka with curiousity. 

- "What is the title of your book?" 

- "Ami the child of the stars" she replied. 

- "This is plagiarism!" I exclaimed. 
Like always Ami was dying of laughter. 

- "Why is it plagiarism?" Vinka looked at me innocently. 

- " Because that is the title of my book. The one that I wrote." 

- "What an awesome coincidence? What is yours about?" 

- "Well about my encounter with Ami, about my grandmother..." 

- "Mine is also about my encounter with Ami, but I do not have a 
grandmother. I went to Devashtan, a civilized world. I visited Rukna, Filus, 
and a colourful world..." 

- "Silence!" ordered Ami as he listened to a loud noise that came from the 
command board. A red light came on. 

- " Red alarm. Magnificent!" 
Vinka became frightened. 

- "How can it be magnificent for a red alarm to go off? What does it mean?" 

- "It means that a seismic tremor is going to take place. What a great 

- "Oh an earthquake" I asked with grave concern. 

- "On earth, but we will reduce it to a tremor. Lets go. I want you to see this. 
We will return to the Earth. We will see how the protectors do their job and 
then we will go to Kia." 

- "You mean to say that you are able to prevent earth quakes?" I asked with 
great curiosity. 

- "Only some of them. Only sometimes. You will see. Many of the ships of 
the Fellowship are dedicated to this protective role." 

- "Which Fellowship?" 

- "The Fellowship of Civilized Worlds." replied Ami as he operated the 
command board. 

I scratched my head. 

- "This is complicated." Vinka agreed. 

- "It is natural. The second trip is another lesson for you, more advanced, but 
let's go by sections. We were talking about your missions. You must know 
that you are not originally from the planets you were born in. You Vinka are 
not from Kia, and you Jim are not from Earth." upon saying this he 
positioned himself better in order to enjoy the look on our faces. 

- "That is not possible. I was born in Kia. I have my birth certificate. My 
aunt Clorka said that she used to change my diapers..." 

- "I was born on Earth, my grandmother..." 
Ami interrupted us as he smiled. 

- "It's true, you were born in these worlds but you are not originally from 

- "That does not make sense Ami." I said. "If someone is born in a place he 
is originally from there." 

- "Not necessarily. You were born in uncivilized worlds. But you are from 
worlds of the Fellowship. You are only fulfilling a mission in those 
uncivilized planets... " 

Chapter 6 - The Mission. 

Once we we recovered from our surprise. Ami began to explain many things 
to us. 

- "Soon enough on your planets, many disagreeable events will occur..." 

- "Like what events Ami?" 

- "Many geological changes, meteorological, biological cataclysms and 
plagues. Apart from many new illnesses that millions will get infected with, 
but they will not affect those who maintain a certain interior purity..." 

- "Why will all of this happen?" asked Vinka with her eyes wide open. 

- "Due to two factors. First, due to science being utilized in a destructive 
form towards nature, which is producing many grave imbalances. Also 
negative mental radiations which are emitted by human beings that 
accumulate dangerously in a layer of psychic energies which surround your 
worlds. All of that is greatly affecting everyone and every being on Earth 
and Kia. The second factor doesn't have to do anything with the human 
participation. It deals with the natural evolutionary development of our 

Vinka's interest began to diminish. 

- "And from which civilized world do I originate from Ami,?" 

- "Lets go step by step, I'm responding to your first question. That process 
which should have been natural is being prematurely accelerated by bad 
human actions, thoughts and feelings. Changes which should be soft, will be 
violent, destructive, unless people begin to live in accordance with universal 
harmony. There is still much that can be done to diminish, losing lives or 

total destruction..." 

- "The end of the world?" 

- "The beginning. It depends on yourselves. If you are not able to surpass 
this final test, if you do not change it will be the end; you will self destruct; 
but if you unite and begin to live how God commands, then it will be the 
beginning of a real paradise." 

- "It will not cost you a thing for you to help us avoid that destruction...." 
said Vinka in a reproaching tone. 

Ami as happily as ever, replied. 

- "I already explained to you why we are not able to intervene in an open and 
massive way. It is prevented by universal law which we must respect. Would 
you like it if a much more advanced student took your exams for you?" 
That made me extremely happy. 

- "That would be fantastic, I wouldn't have to study anymore, and I would 
get good grades." 

- "That would be cheating" Vinka looked at me, but Ami didn't take it very 

- "Furthermore if you manage to move onto the next course, you wouldn't 
understand anything. You would be a hindrance to your classmates and your 
whole school. ..On the other hand you would lose the legitimate pride of 
having made it to the next level thanks to your own effort" 

- "You are correct Ami," I said,embarrassed. Vinka had also understood. 

- "That is true, it would be bad if you did everything for us." 

- "It would also be bad if we didn't do anything. You cannot let a child run 
towards a cliff without helping him to avoid falling off it. Maybe it is not 
permitted to hold him, but we are able to advise him to not go along a bad 
path. That is exactly the mission that you must carry out." 

- "I do not understand very well." I said. 

- "I do." said Vinka. 

- "Then explain it please." 

- "We incarnated in uncivilized worlds, to help them avoid destruction." 

- "Perfect!" exclaimed Ami, "How did you know Vinka?" 

- "I don't know..." 

- "It was in the way that I talked to you. There are things that you know 
intuitively. You only need two or three details and the rest becomes clear." 
Vinka continued on her mission. 

- "Then which world do I come from?" 

- " That matters very little. It doesn't serve us to go back to the past; what 
matters is the present." 

- "But I would really like to visit my planet of origin, my real home..." 

- "When love reveals to us the meaning of existence, we realize the whole 
universe is our home, and all the beings are our siblings." said Ami. "You are 
part of the mission of peace which is arriving to your planets which serves as 
support in the mission to transform and civilize your worlds; to make them 
places without war, competition, injustice, and division, so that they can 
transform into places of peace, of fellowship, of joy and love like the rest of 
the civilized universe." 

A shadow fell onto Vinka's face. 

- "When I remember the Terri, it seems as if it will be impossible to do that 
in Kia." 

- "Who are the Terri?" I asked 

- " In Vinka's world," explained Ami, "Two species of humans exist. One of 
them is the Swama, she belongs to that species. The other one is the Terri. 
These latter ones are divided into two groups that are perpetually at war with 

each other. The Terri Wacos against the Terri Zumbos. The Terri's are human 
beings that are extremely aggressive... " 

- "They are not human!." exclaimed Vinka, visibly upset. "They are apes, 
intellectual apes!" 

I didn't understand. 

- "How can an ape be intellectual?" 

- "They have a lot of intelligence, cleverness, but they do not have any 
goodness. They are criminals, liars, cynics, dishonest, immoral, materialistic 
and tyrants." Vinka was extremely upset. 

Upon hearing her Ami started to laugh and said, 

- "What a barrage of flowers! But you are wrong to express yourself like that 
about your brothers. You should understand instead of judging. Not all the 
Terri are how you describe them. Some of them have more than 700 

Ami was referring to the evolutionary level. He owned a machine which 
allowed him to see the level of spiritual light of any person or animal. He 
called it a "sensometer". He said that 700 "measures" were enough in order 
to be rescued by the extra terrestrials in case an irrepairable disaster occurs. 
At 700 measures a person is sufficiently good in order to deserve to live in a 
civilized world. 

He didn't want to tell me how many "measures" I had because as he said, if 
my evolution was low, I could lose heart, and if it was high I could become 
vain and if a person becomes vain, the ego grows and his or her measures 

I wasn't very interested in listening about these Terri. I wanted to know more 
about my "measures". I tried to get some information on that. 

- "Vinka and I must have a very fabulously high amount of "measures". 

- "Why Jim?" 

- "Because we originate from civilized worlds..." 

- "I already told you that many people from your world have much higher 
measures than I do. The difference is that they do not know what I know. 
They weren't educated in a favorable environment, and with the adequate, 
required information. But their souls have, in many cases, very high levels 
and they do not necessarily originate from civilized worlds. The missionaries 
like yourselves committed a couple of errors during their previous lives, 
some offenses against love. Since these errors have to paid with service they 
were given the option to choose the type of labor that they wanted to 
complete in order to cleanse themselves. You both chose very liberally to 
complete the task which you are now executing." 

- " Which offence did I commit?" we both asked at the same time. 

- "That does not matter anymore. You must never go back to think about the 
errors of the past whether they are yours or someone else's. If you both 
dedicate some effort to complete the compromise that you are indebted with 
you will end up clean and shiny. Then you may return to a good and fraternal 
world. When you have finished with the mission in accordance with the aid 
plan to civilize your worlds in order to avoid the destruction of those 

- "There aren't any Terri's on my planet but it also seems like it's an 
impossible mission. How can we do something about that?" 

- "It will not be as impossible as it seems. In the first place the events which 
are approaching will help you. Many will come to understand that they 
cannot continue the way they are going. Secondly the people who wish for a 
great positive change constitute an immense majority. They only need to 
orient themselves. Thirdly we must account for the missionaries like yourself, 

there are thousands and thousands of them." 

- "Thousands and thousands?" 

- " A real extra terrestrial "invasion". But with the purpose of bringing about 
peace. They are everywhere, they are in all the important fields of work, in 
many businesses, in the media, newspapers, in radio, television, public 
administration... In every field there is at least one. " 

- "That is incredible!" We exclaimed cause we didn't know of any. "How can 
we recognize them?." 

- "Through their work, people can recognize them through their deeds. 
Missionaries are always in places where they can serve." 

- "Is there a way that we are able to physically recognize them?" 

- "None, only by the fruit of their labors. They speak through their service 
and charity work." 

- "Is it not against the law which prohibits interference in the uncivilized 
worlds? Since many beings from superior worlds are helping. " I asked. 

- "There is an allowance for doing so, on the other hand you do not 
remember the information you were given before, at least not consciously. " 
Upon thinking about it, I thought it impossible that I originated from a world 
better than earth. 

- "Ami you said that I originate from a civilized world but I admit that I have 
many defects. However the people on Ophir were superior to me..." 

- "Well its because you have an ugly fault like a mambacha." he laughed. 
"Additionally the uncivilized environment has affected you a lot, but with 
selfless service you will recover and go beyond your current level. Little by 
little you will distance yourself from your inner wolf.." 

- "What is a wolf?" asked Vinka 

- "An animal similar to a chug but with hair instead of feathers." replied 


Stupidly, it occurred to me to ask 
-"What is a chug?" 

- "An animal like a wolf but with hair instead of feathers." laughed Ami. 

Chapter 7 - The Captain. 

Through the clouds, my blue planet appeared with its white clouds, oceans, 
forests and deserts. The earth grew rapidly, we descended in the dark part of 
the planet where it was night time. Light spots appeared showing the 
locations of cities, but everything was "upside down"; the cities were 
"above" and the stars "below"; however inside the space ship the real 
"below" was the floor of the vehicle. 

- "We have artificial gravity." Explained Ami. "Now we will see what our 
friends do in order to avoid a huge earthquake." 

We advanced over the ocean which was illuminated by the moon. Better yet, 
"under the ocean", because we were still upside down. I made out lights 
from a coastal city up ahead. 

- "This is the tip." Ami said looking at a screen. "We will continue." 
Everything darkened through the windows. 

- "Let us go towards the back. Look through that screen so you can see 

Like the previous trip, the screen in front of us showed with great clarity 
everything that surrounded us although it was dark outside. 
Ami straightened the ship. It appeared as if we were flying over land. 
Underneath us you could see mountains and very dry valleys. Then we went 
into the ocean. I noticed that every so often I would come across fish, whales 
and schools of sardines, however everything could be seen clearly as if the 
medium in which they were was transparent, as if we were up in the air. 

- "This is very beautiful Ami", said Vinka. 

- "Everything is beautiful in every instant, for the one who knows how to 

At the bottom, far away, an object appeared like a cigar in a horizontal 
position. It grew rapidly. Very quickly I realized that it was an imposing 
space craft submerged underneath the water, suspended near the bottom. It 
was an impressive sight. It was similar to a gigantic city. When we were 
close to it, it seemed impossible to see its limits. They became blurry due to 
their distance. Thousands and thousands of illuminated windows, indicated 
that it had dozens of floors and levels. 

- "My God, what is that?" exclaimed Vinka, with surprise. 

- "It is a mothership, it is one of the most important ships that participates in 
the assignment to help Earth. For an unusual reason, it has descended to the 
ocean floor, usually it remains in space. It is a type of aircraft carrier, but 
instead of air crafts it carries spaceships. It can also harbor millions of 
human beings. It must always remain nearby... You never know when it will 
be necessary to rescue many people. That is where the commander who is in 
charge of the aid plan for earth resides. He lives in that ship permanently. We 
will see why he is here." 

Ami operated the levers. The face of a man appeared on the screen. I 
understood in that moment that, that being was not terrestrial because his 
appearance reminded me of the images of the great teachers or masters of 
humanity. His serenity was apparent, with features more beautiful than the 
usual inhabitants of the Earth. That tranquil happiness, that harmony, that 
sweetness and peace. Not even in Ophir can you see a face like his; however 
he appeared very similar to an Earthling, because of his features, except for 
his gaze; His extraordinarily big eyes, full of kindness. I immediately felt 
sympathy for that being. 

- "I introduce you to our brother, the commander." 

The man on the screen, greeted us in a strange language, but I received the 
translation from the earphones we wore for translation. 

- "Welcome to our ship, Vinka and Jim. I am in charge of supervising the 
entire plan to aid planet Earth." 

- "N-n-nice to meet you." We said with great shyness. 
A simple smile illuminated his face when he said: 

- "I await you with great affection in my dwelling place." His image 

I looked through the window, we were getting close to an opening 
underneath the gigantic ship. We entered vertically. We appeared in an 
enclosure that was not too large and perfectly dry. There were other ships 
that were small, like Ami's, parked inside. While we parked I could see that 
the hatch closed the opening which we entered from. Ami got on his feet. 

- "We will now descend." 

- "Does that mean that we are going to go outside?" 

- "Of course we will go meet the commander." 

I would have liked to have asked a million questions, but I didn't have time, 
because Ami took us to the exit. Upon opening the door there was a staircase. 
While we went down the stairs, I noticed our ship was being supported by a 
tripod. That was the first time that it landed with me on board. Before it was 
always suspended in the air. We walked towards the door and when we 
reached it, it opened. There appeared a brilliantly lit, long corridor or 
hallway. The ceiling, was very high. It was concave. It had proper lighting, it 
was illuminated with a soft cream color. The floor was made up of a soft and 
spongy material similar to rubber. It was also illuminated with a beautiful 
light blue color. The walls appeared to be made out of a type of soft and 

opaque metal. Various doors of immense size, complemented the panorama. 
Some very long ones had illuminated signs with a language that was 
unrecognizable to me. 

- "It is the language of the Fellowship." explained Ami. 

- "I believed that each world has its own language." 

- "It does but we also utilize a common language so that we can understand 
each other, specially in written form. It is an artificial language. We must all 
study it from childhood. It is easier for us to write it than to speak it." 

- "Why?" 

- "Because not all humans have the same shape of throat and vocal cords. It 
is easier for some to emit certain sounds, but for others it is difficult. Like 
the Chinese. It is difficult for them to pronounce the letter "R"." 

- "Who are the Chinese? " asked Vinka. 

- "A people from a place in my world. They have eyes like this." I stretched 
my eyes to show her. 

- "How pretty!" she said. The three of us laughed. 

We arrived at the end of the hallway. There appeared in front of us, an 
extremely wide door. It opened. It was an elevator. We entered. I looked for 
buttons but there weren't any. Ami simply said "Commander" and the door 

We perceived the soft movement of the elevator as we ascended, but all of a 
sudden, we moved horizontally. It was more than an elevator, that thing was 
a vehicle that could transit or move in various directions. 

- "This ship emits radiation that kills germs that are found in the air or on 
any surface; that is why there is no danger our germs could effect the 
members of the crew. Additionally all of them will be..., in other words 
disinfected before they enter any other world belonging to the fellowship. " 

The door opened but not the one which we had entered from; another one 
behind us. A beautiful room appeared as if it was from a dream. It was 
decorated with natural plants of various types and colors. I don't know why 
but I would never have imagined plants in a spaceship... 
A series of hidden fountains of light of diverse shades produced an 
atmosphere like yellow gold. Many of the compartments or rooms were 
separated by crystals. I saw a fountain with a waterfall. It imitated a singing 
waterfall coming down between rocks, mosses and natural algae. Some fish 
and other animals, which I didn't recognize, crawled through there. 
Vinka couldn't contain her excitement. 
-"This is beautiful!" 

- "Evolved souls need to surround themselves by beauty and nothing can be 
more beautiful than nature." 

He led us to the back, on the left through a short hallway, there stood a man 
waiting for us. The man who had greeted us through the screen, stood 
waiting for us: the Commander. Past him I saw an enormous window, it led 
to a river which ran calmly through rocks and vegetation. At the end a blue 
sun was peeking over some hills... I didn't know if it was an artificial 
landscape fabricated in a giant enclosure in the ship or if it was something 
else. Ami explained to us that the commander likes to remember the 
landscapes of his world of origin. That is why he recreates natural vistas 
representing the landscapes he's left behind. But that great window was 
definitely a screen... 

He dressed in white. He wore a suit similar to Ami's but baggier, leaving the 
neck and part of the chest in view. His stature was impressive. He mustn't 
have measured less than 195 cm. He seemed to radiate brilliance. He 
appeared to be shining... 

Ami made us get closer to him. I was full of respect, a fear of 
embarrassment... It's because I now knew ,thanks to Ami that I was full of 
imperfections; that being was surrounded by a halo of purity, by comparison 
I was below the level of a pig. least that's how I felt. 
He spoke with a soft and tranquil voice; 

- "Sometimes it is helpful to compare, other times it harms us." like Ami he 
was also able to read thoughts.. And to make it worse. ..Vinka had fallen into 
a type of trance before the commander's presence. She advanced towards 
him, took his hand, kissed it and intended to get on her knees. 

- "Don't do it." he said, lifting her arm. "I am like you, a server, a brother of 
yours and of those who love God. Only before him can a human kneel." 
Impressed by that being, Vinka had tears in her eyes. "There is always 
someone, above us and someone below us. We must listen to the counsel of 
those above us, and we must guide those below us. I simply comply with the 
instructions from my older brother." 

- ""Above us" and "below us", signify the evolutionary level." explained 

The commander walked towards a very modern piece of furniture with 
aerodynamic lines. It looked like a "cosmic desk". While seated behind it, he 
began to say: 

- "I have descended on to this planet with the sole purpose of establishing 
this contact." 

In that moment I wasn't able to capture the importance of what he said; I 
couldn't understand the greatness of the fact: the commander of a gigantic 
operation carried out by extra terrestrial beings descending on earth on his 
ship, the size of a city, with thousands or even millions of crew members on 
board only to communicate with two children... 

Ami interrupted... 

- "You will take his message to your worlds, what he is about to tell you will 
serve Earth as much as Kia, because the commander is communicating with 
our brothers who are in charge of the plan to assist Kia. Both worlds are in a 
similar situation. Pay attention." 

The commander took over: 

- "As you have been informed, you have been inserted into the gigantic 
cosmic evolutionary Plan for your worlds. A great number of servers are 
participating in this Plan. Some of the incarnated beings on these worlds 
participate unaware of their role at the moment, while others participate and 
are aware of their role in the plan. Brothers from planets superior to ours 
also work on this mission to help and lastly, other brothers who are no longer 
slaves to the limitations of a dense body, collaborate with us on this plan. We 
all do this on a perfect timeline. Until the body which we occupy takes it's 
last breath. Until the "Intimate" (God) calls us to serve on other planes. For 
this selfless behaviour we do not await any other reward than to complete 
the call of our conscience. Only love moves. 

You must know that many important and profound changes are on the way. 
We are doing as much as we can to avoid the negative impact of these events. 
The rest you must do it yourselves. You must understand that what governs 
the flow of life in the universe is the Spirit of the Creative Force which is 
Love. If you do not let love govern, you are acting against the natural sense 
of the universe, therefore you cannot have harmony in your personal lives 
nor in your social or international relationships. 

The ignorance of the immense majority is in part the cause, the root of 
the painful situation which can take you to total destruction. 
We are inspiring many people in all of the countries, we send messages with 

teachings and instructions, but we cannot avoid that some of them can 
become distorted by the particular beliefs of those who receive them. This 
produces confusion and discouragement but day by day, everything will 
become more clear. We are also inspiring literary works or pieces, musicals, 
movies and other cultural manifestations. We will do whatever is possible so 
that they can become publicized because they are seeds of love for the 
consciousness and a great preparation for the "great encounter". " 
Ami interjected in order to explain what he was referring to: 

- "You will not always be separated from our brothers of the universe. When 
you stop being divided in injustice and violence, ignoring the Rector of the 
universe, Love. You will enter the fellowship." 

Somewhere by the year 5500, 1 thought, upon thinking about the people 
living on the streets in my world. The commander of course "heard" me. 

- "If something different were not to occur, the process could take millenia 
or never be realized; but up ahead, phenomena which cannot be explained by 
any theory are approaching. In those moments you must remember our 
words. Also expressed by the Spiritual Teachers in history. You must 
understand that the only thing that can save you from imminent 
destruction, is to recognize the universality of love and allow it to govern in 
all dominions of your lives. If you do not do so, you will not deserve to nor 
be able to survive. 

We will rescue those who have done so, the wheat will be separated from the 
chaff. The Plan in which we find ourselves serving is a Divine Plan. Decreed 
by the agenda of the Creator, since eternity. We are his executors and 
servers." He stood up. 

- "That is all dear children, now I leave you in the hands of the Captain who 
is directing the work which we are carrying out in order to avoid great loss 

of life in this part of the planet." 

In that moment, the man who he was talking about, entered the room, 
dressed like our small friend and not as tall as the commander. He told us: 

- "I'm going to show you how we are going to slow down the effects of an 
earthquake which is approaching. Follow me please." he guided us with 
great affection and care." 

- "Be with God." expressed the commander, while he placed his hands over 
our shoulders "and remember that you are protected. Never fear. We will 
save you from all harm, but do not abuse this protection by committing 
crimes against nature and against those who are sensible. In those cases we 
will not be able to do anything. Do not forget to write my message in your 
books. If we could we would proclaim it from the loud speakers of our ships. 
We would introduce ourselves over radio and television broadcasts. We 
would make ourselves completely visible worldwide; but we are not 
permitted to do so. We are only allowed to send the messages of our 
Fellowship through channels which can be proven solely through the 
spiritual inner sense, which is precisely what you need to develop in order to 
evolve and save yourself. That is another powerful reason which impedes us 
from openly showing ourselves on a large scale: contemplate that." 

He left us by the door to the elevator, the last thing he said was : 

- "My loving older brother has asked me to convey his great love for all 
those who suffer. He wants you to know that he has not rested even for a day 
since the appearance of man, and he will not do so until they live in peace 
and happiness, but you should not rest either because you are the hands and 
mouths of your older brothers. Goodbye my friends." 

Chapter 8 - The Cavern. 

After we got off the elevator and walked through another hallway, a door 
opened and the huge captain's ship appeared. It had various windows and I 
could see a couple of human figures at the windows. It sat on 3 enormous 
feet. The entrance was underneath the body of the "flying saucer". We 
walked underneath the tremendous artifact, Vinka and I gazed up impressed. 
We arrived at a ladder. The first to set foot on it was the captain. When he 
did so the ladder began to set in motion. Once we were all on top of it, it 
sped up but before we arrived inside the "UFO", it came to a soft stop. Once 
inside his ship, the captain informed us : 

- " From here we direct and organize the activities revolving around 
protecting earth's inhabitants from geological disasters. Other ships with 
other captains have other missions." 

We entered another room where we encountered other people of various 
types. They smiled but no one said anything. I found it interesting that they 
didn't speak much. Ami noticed and when we were in an elevator he said : 

- "The intellect is like a chatty parrot which does not recognize an instant of 
silence. It is always impulsively pushing us to speak. Then we rarely say 
something that is worth the effort. This group of people are able to perceive 
reality much better; They do not utilize the intellect as often, instead they use 
other superior functions of the mind, additionally they have developed 
telepathy. " 

- "However you are not like them." I said. 

- "What are you referring to?" 

- "To the fact that you speak a lot, just like we do. You also smile a lot; they 
appear more serious." 

Instead of being upset by this observation he laughed more than ever. 
Eliciting a smile from the captain. He then told us : 

- "Firstly I must place myself at your level. Which of the two of you is able 
to communicate telepathically? Secondly, I already told you my evolutionary 
level is very similar to yours. Thirdly I originate from a world where we 
souls like to play and joke around. We are sort of like a species of 
mischievous little elves even though we don't cause any harm on the 

- "Then why are you the one who teaches us? Why isn't it someone more 
evolved?" Vinka asked in a disenchanted tone. 

Once again Ami began to laugh. The captain was looking at some manuals, 
and he wasn't paying a lot of attention to us. Although I might have seen a 
soft smile on his lips. 

- "Someone like the commander's older brother for example?" Ami was 
joking with Vinka but with a sparkle in her eye she asked: 

- "Why not?" 

This time the captain placed his papers on the side and he grinned with an 
honest smile and a look of surprise. 

Ami let another one of his loud laughs loose. When he spoke he said: 

- "In order to deserve instruction from someone like that, it is necessary to 
have the evolutionary level of the Commander:" 

- " I understand." said Vinka. "Then why cant our guide be someone like the 
marvelous commander?" 

Ami was amused by the conversation, with a smile on his lips he asked: 

- " Did you feel comfortable in his presence? Did you feel the necessary 

confidence to speak of your worries like you do with me? Did you 
understand his words or did you understand me better?" 
Vinka adopted an air of confidence 

- "I understood him very well. I felt as if I was in another world by his 
side... " 

- "What did he say?" said Ami with a cunning look. 

- "That we must be good... in order to go to heaven..." 
He laughed and asked me: 

- "Was that what he said?" 

- "And also that the end of the world is approaching but if we are good he 
will come and rescue us." 

The captain put his papers to the side and touched her head tenderly. While 
Ami explained to us: 

- " You see? This is what happens. You only captured a thousandth of his 
words; That is why when the energy is too high, transformers are needed. If 
you connect a television directly onto a high voltage line, its circuitry gets 
short circuited. It is not made for so much energy, it needs a transformer 
which can decrease the electricity to a level which is bearable for the 
receptor. The Commander's level is too high for you. He speaks but you do 
not understand him very well; However I can explain the same things to you 
in a way that you can understand me. Now you must write another book 
which will relate all the things you are experiencing but you must remember 
the things the Commander has told you; That is why when you are writing, 
me and others will be telepathically communicating with you in order to 
activate your memory." 

- "This is the command room." Said the captain once the doors of the 
elevator opened. We entered an immense enclosure in which many people 

from different worlds worked in, judging by their appearances. The place 
was full of screens, devices and instruments with a board full of lights. Some 
people looked at us, but we didn't appear strange to them. Apparently they 
were accustomed to receiving visits from different types of worlds, civilized 
or not. 

Upon receiving orders from the captain, the ship vibrated, it elevated itself a 
couple of meters, moving softly towards the coast. Then it descended 
through an opening in the floor and it entered the water. 
We distanced ourselves a couple of kilometers away from the mother ship. 
Further up ahead I saw something frightening: a black crack appeared across 
the ocean floor. Seconds later... We entered it! 

It was as big as a mountain from side to side, we advanced between sinister 
projections of black rock. 

Descending towards the bowels of the earth. Down below, the immense 
crack transformed into a perfect round polished tunnel. It was so wide that 
the ship passed through loosely it appeared to be the work of extra terrestrial 

- "That is correct Jim, this tunnel was made by our engineers. It is a route 
which leads towards a dangerous meeting place of continental plates." 

- "Plates? What?" asked Vinka. 

- "The continents are mounted over real rafts of rock. Those are the 
continental plates. They move very slowly in opposing directions, sometimes, 
they crash against each other here and there. After a while the accumulated 
force will be strong enough that a plate will break at some point. That will 
produce a vibration that on the surface will cause an earthquake, but we will 
decrease the effects." 

I believe that it would have been scary to be at the epicenter, and even more 

so, at the heart of an earthquake, on the inside of the earth, surrounded by 
several kilometers of rocks. 

Ami could not avoid smiling upon knowing my fears. 

- "This ship is able to withstand many unimaginable things..." 

After advancing for a while through the tunnel, the tunnel widened and a 
fabulous and unexpected spectacle appeared before my eyes: we encountered 
a vault, grotto or cavern of gigantic proportions. About fifty illuminated 
space ships were there, suspended in the waters of the monumental 
underwater cavern. 

- "Upon the collision of the continental plates we will radiate the rock with 
an energy that will transform it into powder, this will dissolve the tension in 
a softer manner. It will produce a seismic movement on the surface, but it 
will not be of a great magnitude." explained the captain. 

We passed by the ships, all of them smaller than ours, until we situated 
ourselves in a special place in the underwater and subterranean vault. 
Upon the signal from an operator with an egg shaped head (not to mean any 
disrespect, but that man had very white skin, an oval shaped head, pointy on 
the top and was absolutely bald.) the captain made a signal which must have 
been an order. In that instant green colored rays originated from one of the 
shapes, in that instant we suddenly felt a strong vibration in the floor of the 

- "Look at those screens." said Ami, signaling to a screen showing a large 
number of rays. Many people turned their attentions to the screens. 
There appeared colorful views of towns, cities, inhabited and uninhabited 
places, including the insides of a couple of homes, their inhabitants were 
apparently sleeping. 

- "These homes are inhabited by people who participate in the Plan. We must 

protect them." 

- "Do they know that they participate in the plan?" 

- "If they did know they would be up in the air. We would have warned them 
about the danger, but they do not yet know that they participate in the Plan or 
that they will do so in the future. The movement is approaching, observe 
without fear." 

The green rays transformed into yellow then a brilliant white. In that instant 
we felt a thunderous sound like the one produced by the crash of millions of 
subterranean rocks. I was able to see the effects of the earthquake through 
the screens. The posts shook, a couple of people took to the streets, the trees 
shook their branches. At the same time, a mountain of little rocks began to 
fall over our ships. 

Vinka full of fear clung on to me, I was also very scared, but Ami calmed us 

- "Do not worry, nothing will happen to us. Look the earthquake has already 

The movement and the noise had ceased. But through the windows we 
couldn't see a thing: We were buried in powdered rock. 

- "How will we get out of here" asked Vinka, apparently still scared. 
The captain who was close to us, heard the girl of Kia. 

- "We will advance through the powder." he got close to us and put his hand 
over her pink hair. "Never have fear, we are here to protect the good people 
like yourselves. I want to congratulate you. Both of you are fulfilling our 
mission to spread information on a mass level. Now you must continue that 
job by writing everything you have seen. Later on we will give you new jobs. 
What you are doing is on track with the task to bring awareness towards the 
universal law of love, of our existence and our support. Have faith, 

confidence and strength because each day we will gain more and more 
friends in your world. The doors to the knowledge that will save you, so that 
many will receive the information that will allow them to get over the hard 
times which are approaching and will also contribute to plant the eternal 
values of love. Work without fear, we are guiding, protecting and supporting 
you at all times. 

When the captain had finished speaking, I don't know how, but we had left 
the cavern and the tunnel. We were advancing towards the opening of the 
crack since we were still below the floor of the ocean. 

- "According to the information boards." Ami said, there is still a lot of 
accumulated energy. Tomorrow the operation must be repeated. On some 
occasions, we must work for many months, in order to cause small 
earthquakes in order to liberate little by little, the energy that if liberated in 
one single natural earthquake would produce a scary catastrophe. A lot of the 
times, we are not able to avoid an earthquake of great magnitude, that is why 
we must first unleash many small earthquakes and then we must calculate 
everything so that the inevitable movement will take place in days of rest 
when there aren't great numbers of people out and about in the centers of 
cities we are interested in protecting. " 

The great ship appeared and we entered. 

We affectionately said our goodbyes to the captain, then Ami guided us 
towards his spaceship. 

We left the mother ship. We emerged in front of a boat and became visible. 

- "It is a testimony, it is necessary that someone see us there." 

Chapter 9 - A Trip to Kia 

Our ship became completely illuminated from the outside. About 500 m 
away you could see the lights of a cargo ship. 
Ami pointed towards a screen. 

- " Observe the faces of the sailors." 

On the main deck, the sailors seemed to be contemplating a spectacle. One 
of them took a rifle. I believe I saw a shadow of sadness cross Ami's face. 

- "That is how things work in inferior worlds: full of aggression and violence. 
He believes that the whole universe is a place like the Earth. He is incapable 
of understanding, that just because life is hard in his world, it's not the way 
the universe works; but in reality its just that Earth and it's inhabitants find 
themselves in a level that is not very evolved. Ultimately each person lives 

in the universe he is capable of imagining for himself." 
The sailor began to shoot at us. This time we didn't feel any fear but pity and 
sadness due to the unjustly aggressive attitude of that man towards those 
who only live to serve... 

As the shots continued I went from sadness to rage. 

- "Jim, do you ever feel like sending a destructive ray towards people like 
these in order to dry them up?" he laughed a little before explaining. "You 
already know that my level is not like that of the commander. It could be that 
for a couple of seconds a thought like that could pass through my mind. 
Within the part of me that is animalistic, but I immediately remind myself 
that beings with a low evolutionary level are like children. One is capable of 
forgiving a child who targets us with a toy gun." 

- "I don't understand" said Vinka. 

- "But it is very clear to me." I said. 

- "But not for me, in the previous trip you said that the more evolved souls 
are like those of children, now you say that the less evolved are those of 

- "Between one "child" and the other "child" there is a complete turn in the 
evolutionary spiral. Do you understand?" 

- "Not a word". 

- "The wise man speaks little, the brute man speaks little, but between both 
of them, there is a complete evolutionary process. Do you understand?" 

- "No." 

- "The word "child", can be utilized to refer to a being who is capricious, 
stubborn, impatient, irritable, fearful and capable of committing jokes that 
cause pain to others. In this case, "child" is he who is less evolved. The same 
word can be utilized to refer to good beings, sensible and well intentioned. 
After a long process of evolution, the souls end up like those children. " 

- "Now it is all clear" said Vinka. 

- "Our books are dedicated to that last type. The spiritual truths can only be 
captured from that same child like part. Those who do not possess it, the 
"adults" are guided by the intellect, by that which is accepted by many, by 
tradition, by popularity or fads. And if that which is given to them does not 
correspond to their ways of thought, formed by things that are temporary, 
they reject it. That is how they lose depth, anything of substance. " 

After exchanging a look of interrogation with Vinka, I said 

- "What the hell are you talking about?" 

- "You will understand much later. Look we are leaving. To Kia!". 

On the windows appeared the typical white fog, during the trip Ami looked 

for a manual or something like that on a bookshelf close to the couches. I 
saw that he made a strange leap as if in slow motion." 

- "How did you do that?" 

- "How did I do what?" he asked, with an air of misunderstanding. 

- "That hop, it appeared to me as if you were floating, the way we did it long 
ago at the beach." 

- "Oh, observe..." he closed his eyes concentrating. He began to levitate over 
his seat. Once in the air, he opened his eyes and winked at us. He fell heavily 
over the couch.'Towers and jokes, don't combine." he said as he 
repositioned himself. 

- "How do you do it?" Vinka asked him. 

- " I managed to do this by... how should I explain this? Simply by wanting 
to do so and feeling capable of realizing it. Wanting is another form of love. 
And love is the major power of the universe. Additionally faith can move 
mountains, the mountains of power which we all have. Look." He stood up 
from his seat, walked towards the window, he looked at us, and he began to 
walk through the air very slowly until he reached us. 

Vinka was absolutely enchanted. 

- "It is incredible, show me please!" she took our friend by the arm. He 

- "It is very difficult. But there is power in wanting to do so..." 

We attempted to do so, but we were only able to hop very heavily. It made us 

- "I know that I was able to do so on the beach with you; but now it seems to 
be impossible. Why?", I asked. 

- "On that night we were holding hands, I was transmitting energy to you." 

- "Energy? How do you transmit energy from one person to the other?" 

Later on in your schools, you will learn these things, the way its done in the 
civilized worlds. But before that you must cease killing yourselves like 
ferocious animals. For the time being, the most important thing is to achieve 
peace and unity.As long as there exist poor and rich countries there will be 
no peace. As long as there exists even one single border, there will be no 
peace. As long as there are religious differences there will be no peace. To 
work in search of power without doing anything for those who suffer is like 
intending to construct a building without first building a foundation. After 
you have solved this, you will be able to do things like those that my great 
friend Kus does. 

- "Who is Kus? We asked?" 

- "A fun friend. He can accomplish enormous feats." 

- "Like what?" 

- "We will call him, so you can meet him." 

- "By radio? Telephone?" we asked. 

- "No we will call him with telepathy. It is faster. We will sit on the floor in a 
triangle. You over there. You here, like this. Now we will concentrate on him. 
Close your eyes and think of Kus, lets tell him to come here." 

We did as we were told. After a couple of seconds, Ami told us to observe. A 
white mist floated before us which transformed into a whirlwind and then it 
acquired a human form. Vinka wanted to escape, but Ami's laughter calmed 

- "Is someone in need of my presence?", said the being who appeared out of 

He was a young man dressed in white. I was left feeling cold. 

- "I hope that you have an important reason for having me come here all the 
way from earth. To this antiquated vehicle." expressed the young man with a 

smile, looking at my friend. 

- "In reality Kus, I just wanted to show these children what is done to call a 
friend." said Ami. 

- "Ah! That is an important reason. Everything that is done to teach a child is 
important." Kus expressed himself jokingly. 

He was very good looking. He was very amicable as well. 

- "Our little friends have millions of questions in their little heads." 

- "Well like you know, my name is Kus. I participate full time, in the task of 
"dissemination" to the earth. I have the ability to travel through the universe 
without needing useless ships like this one. One of these days if you behave 
well, you will be able to be like me. I hope you are better than me and that 
you will not be punished with the task to serve a plane so low as that of an 
uncivilized world. Ha Ha Ha!. If you, who come from a barely civilized 
world, one of the 3 rd dimension, think it's difficult to live there, imagine how 
I would feel. I come from the 4 th dimension. Like a diver with a broken 
snorkel, Ha Ha Ha! " 

- "I have not yet spoken to them about the dimensions, dear friend. Do not 
confuse them more than they already are." joked Ami. 

- "You have forgotten that I already know that little brother, and because I 
know so, I have considered that it is a good time for them to know there are 
many dimensions in this universe. 

Do you want to see something fantastic, little ones?" 

We barely had the bravery to slowly move our heads in agreement. 

- "Then...Voila!" said Kus, in French as he snapped his fingers and 
disappeared, leaving a rose colored marvelous perfume in the air. 
Ami laughed enchantingly. 

- "Kus is something else. If in our planet we are playful, he is a million years 

ahead of us. He considers me to be serious and boring..." 

- "A million years of advantage, colleague." said the rabbit of fortune. Yes, 
bugs bunny was sitting on the couch, as he rapidly moved his cheeks while 
he ate a carrot. He then added: 

- "And you are serious and boring. And that's all folks! Sayonara." he said, 
disappearing after tossing his carrot in between us. It floated towards the 
floor very softly, transforming itself into a beautiful flower. Vinka's eyes 
showed she was enjoying herself as if a fairy tale was becoming a reality. 
Well that is exactly what was happening. 

- "How is he able to do all of that?' 

- "He simply imagines it, but with such a great force that he is able to project 
his imagination onto us." 

- "That flower is not pure imagination." I said as I breathed in its aroma. 

- "That is a materialization. Those who possess the consciousness of the 4 th 
dimension, can do incredible things, but with practice and faith, everything 
is possible..." 

- "Where is the 4 th dimension situated," asked Vinka. 

- "In all places, right here in this room. In all places. It is not a place really, it 
is a level of consciousness. Those who have that level are able to make 
themselves visible or invisible. Which ever they prefer. They are able to 
walk through walls, to change their physical selves, they are ruled by other 
laws. " 

- "Are they not ruled by the Law of Love?" I asked. 

- "Oof! What a barbarity!" said Ami, feigning surprise. "Nothing in the 
whole universe is able to escape the Law of Love. There is nothing superior 
to it. Not another law or force, not in this visible universe for us, nor in those 
which do not exist. Not in the third dimension nor the 5 millionth dimension 

because the ruling force in all of creation is that of Love. That is to say, God. 
I mean to say they are ruled by other laws, because they are not affected for 
example, by the force of gravity, or time, or space. They have another 
vibratory level, but they dedicate themselves solely to the "construction of 
the universe". 

- "That seems strange to me. I believed it was God who constructed the 

- "Yes, but it is through us, his creatures. He makes the plans or blueprints. 
We execute them. It would be incredibly boring if he did all of it.... We have 
arrived at Kia." 

Chapter 10 - The Solar Teacher 

- " This planet is Earth." I said, disillusioned, because through the windows, 
appeared our world. At least that is what I believed. Vinka corrected me : 

- " Its Kia, over there is Lubinia. It is a desert." 

It was precisely that desert coast which had confused me. I thought it was 
the coast of north Africa. But later upon seeing two enormous islands which 
did not exist on Earth, I understood that I was on another world. 
After my trip with Ami I was able to study enough geography to know the 
differences but everything else, such as the sea, the abundant white clouds, 
the jungles and deserts, appeared absolutely Earthly. 

- "What a disillusionment," I said a bit jokingly. I was hoping to find a planet 
with red oceans, or yellow. Finally... 

- "World's with similar evolutionary level, are very similar in almost every 
aspect. The same laws create the same type of things." explained Ami. 

- "But only similar, Jim." said Vinka. 

- "The objective of our visit to Kia, is to find a person who will be able to 
tell you how you are able to obtain love. We will look for him on the screen. 
This is his code. Here he is. Come and see." 

There appeared a pretty old man, sitting on a rustic rocking chair. 
Underneath a curving roof, in a cottage that was very old and in a poor state. 
In a house in a field. He was rocking very slowly, with a pipe in his mouth. 
He contemplated over the fields which extended beyond his vision; a 
beautiful valley, covered by many beautiful green pastures. The house was 
situated on top of the hillside of an isolated colony. A couple of differences 

indicated that we were not on Earth. Firstly, the man had pink colored hair, 
although with a bit of gray in it. His beard was also of the same color. Due to 
his abundant and disorderly hair I was not able to see his ears, but I supposed 
that they must have been pointy like those of Vinka. He wore a gray cloak. 
He reminded me of an ancient prophet. On his side, a "dog" napped... If you 
are able to call a bunch of hair with an ostrich's neck and a cat's face a 
"dog". ...On top of a branch on a small bush, sat a couple of... I didn't know,... 
A couple of lizards standing on two feet with feathers. 

- "This is not Earth," I recognized. 

I saw numerous animals, the size of an eaglet, with the skin of a fish or 
reptile, big wings, the tail of a manta ray, and two very long legs. Those 
animals were capable of submerging themselves in the waters of a lake and 
walking over land with two feet, and flying like birds. Some rested on the 
branches of nearby trees. Their humanoid bodies were most impressionable. 

- "You have strange beings here..." 
Vinka was surprised. 

- "Strange? What do you say about the ones in your world?" 

- "I do not believe that any of them are..." 

- "What about those horrific little men with wings?" 

- "Which little men with wings?" 

- "Over there, that which is most similar to human beings are the apes, but 
they do not have wings. Those who fly have feathers." 

- "But those little men with wings have hair and not feathers..." 

- "Then they do not fly. No animal with hair is capable of flying." 

- "But those devils do fly, with hair and everything. They are horrible. Their 
bodies are those of scary monsters!" 

- "Are you sure that you are referring to a type of animal of the Earth. Over 

there fortunately there is no such thing." 
Ami was quietly delighted with our dialogue. 

- "And if that was not all, they drink blood!" 

- "What are you talking about Vinka?" 

- "She is referring to vampire bats." 

- "And if that was not all, Ami says they fly in absolute darkness, that they 
have a radar, that they are able to pass between the blades of a moving fan 
without hurting themselves, is that not strange?" 

I found that Vinka was correct, but I had never thought about them that way. 
Ami turned off the screen, we descended slowly towards the planet Kia. 

- "The incredible and marvelous is always in front of our eyes. But we are so 
habituated to it, that we are not aware; Good, we will now go talk to the man. 
He has something to teach you." 

Vinka sighed with hope. 

- "He must be a sage." 

- "Why? That old mountain man? Yeah right! He has understood a couple of 
things, but with other things he is not so clear. He is a common man." 

The disillusionment was apparent on the face of the girl. 

- "I believe that in order for someone to teach me, that person should have an 
evolutionary level that is superior to mine." 

Ami smiled. 

- "The typical arrogance of the uncivilized. I will see if its possible, if the 
teacher of the Commander is able to take you on as his disciple..." 
Vinka blushed, but she attempted to fix the situation; 

- "I was just expressing myself, since you said he doesn't have a grasp over a 
couple of things, I thought he wouldn't be able to teach me..." 

- "Vinka, Jim, the universal system of teaching is designed in such a way 

that gradually, he who is on one step, is able to help those who are 
immediately below him to climb higher. And at the same time he can receive 
help by those who are immediately above him. There are people on a low 
level, but they demand a teacher of the same level as the Commander. They 
claim God in person but they ignore those who find themselves one or two 
steps above their own step. " 

- "You are correct, but Vinka is also correct to suppose that a guide who is 
not superior is ignorant of many things." 

- "He ignores things belonging to the step above him, but that is not of 
concern to those who find themselves below that guide. It is enough for them 
to assimilate, or understand that which he who is a little bit above them 
teaches them. If the student does not yet know how to add and subtract, he 
must not care that his professor is unable to understand higher mathematics." 
This time not a doubt was left in us. 

- "This friend knows something which you both ignore: he knows how love 
is obtained. First learn that, then when you are at the level of the Commander, 
will you be able to have a teacher like his. " 

- "Who is that teacher Ami?" 

- "It is the most evolved soul of the solar system, in which the Earth resides 
in. He is one of the Solar beings, of which I spoke to you on the previous 

- "But, what is his name?" 

- "Jim you must be very careful with names, because they confuse many 
people. A teacher can be worshiped in one region, but in other places they 
can worship another. That produces a religious conflict. And that which we 
seek is peace and unity, correct?" 

- "Yes, but one of them must be the real one." 

- "All of them are real or authentic." 

- "Yes I agree, but one of them must be the greatest." 

- "All of the suns rays are brilliant. They illuminate the darkness, and they 
originate from the same fountain, the sun." 

I understood the similarity, but I was not content. I wanted to win. I wanted 
Ami to mention the name of my teacher, placing him above all of the rest. 
But he proved me wrong. 

- "That great Being is the Rector of Spirituality for your world. Every once 
in a while, a man is inspired by his great wisdom, then that man is 
transformed into a great teacher because he transmits the teachings of the 
"Solar Spirit". That is how a religion is born. Many millenia pass. Humanity 
evolves a little bit. The time comes to give another lesson, then another man 
is illuminated by the same Spirit. That is how another teacher and another 
religion appears. But it is the same Spirit who inspires all of the religions. 
Another millennium passes and then another and once again a man is chosen 
to transmit a lesson in accordance with the evolution and as per the necessity 
of humanity. That is how another teacher and another religion is born. Men 
are confused with names. They come to have great religious wars, without 
understanding that with that attitude they harm that great Spirit which is 
complete love. And that because of love he sends teachers to illuminate the 

- "I did not know that Ami. Then what is the name of that Spirit." 

- "Names, names! That is the problem: the names, the labels. But in the ways 
of spirit, there are no labels of identity. Limits and separations begin to 
disappear. It is men who divide, break up, place limits and borders. But 
when there is love in the heart, you understand that the universe is one great 

- "But that teacher must have some kind of name..." 
Ami could not contain his laughter. 

- "That is OK, if you want a name. We will call him the Solar Teacher." 

- "Now I understand it better. Then it is the Solar Teacher who inspires all of 
the great teachers." 

- "That is correct Jim. As long as this is not clear. You wont be able to think 
of peace on Earth. The divide over religions is even more dangerous than the 
divide over borders or ideas. If it is not clear that the purpose of religion is to 
practice love, you do not achieve anything by competing over religions or 
names of great teachers. All of them give us the impulse to act with 
goodness, honesty, peace, and finally with love." 

- "Does the Solar Teacher have a human form?" 

- "Yes because it is not God, even though he acts in accordance to His Will. 
Above him is the rector of spirituality for all of the galaxy. Above that one, is 
the spirit who is the rector of all of the galaxies of this universe. 

- "God?" 

Ami pretended to not have heard. 

- "... Above this last one is the one who rules the 4 th dimension. Then the one 
who rules the 5 and so on successively. " 

- " and God?" 

Ami was placing him even farther away. 

- "He is always in your heart. Since you like names, you can call him the 
Intimate. Now we will descend." 

- "Will we descend to Kia with the ship or will we get off the ship?" I asked 
with hope since I had never gone out to walk on another world. 

- "We will do both." 

- "Hurrah!" 

- "This world is a "sibling" of your planet. Our genetic engineers have made 
sure that the same germs exist on both planets. Neither you nor Kia will face 
any harm." 

In a couple of seconds we arrived at the cabin. A light on the command 
board indicated that we were invisible to the exterior. 
As I looked through the window I was able to know that the animals, 
intuited our presence because the "dog" began to "bark"... (He emitted 
"bark" like sounds). The lizards shook with terror hugging each other, and 
the flying animals submerged themselves in the lagoon. The old man raised 
his pipe towards us in the form of a salute while he smiled. 

- "He is an old friend. He knows that when I arrive, I leave the ship in this 
point of the sky. " 

- "How does he know we have arrived? We are invisible..." 

- "By the reaction of the animals. I have visited him many times before." 
He took us to the exit. A blinding light appeared, we descended through the 
air until we arrived on the floor of the world that just like the Earth, did not 
live in accordance with the universal law of Love and in addition was not 

- "Which country are we in?" asked Vinka. 

- "In Utna." 

- "Then I will not be able to communicate with that man. My language is not 
spoken here." 

Ami smiled, winking at me. 

-" Do you not agree that our little friend is a dummy?" 
I did not know what he was referring to. 

- "She says that she will not be able to understand the old man..." 

- "She is correct, he does not speak the same language." 

He looked at us as if he could not believe it. 

- "This" he said, pointing to his temple with his index finger. I thought that 
he was trying to say that we are crazy. Since we didn't react he approached 
us, took the translators out of our ears, pointed to them and said "this" in two 
languages. Only then did we understand. We began to understand our 
silly-ness, but Ami remained serious. Feigning anger he said: 

- " These necrophagists have a hard time understanding...." 

- "What is necro..." ,we asked. 

- "Those who eat cadavers." 
Vinka became offended. 

- "I do not eat cadavers...." 

- "You eat dead animal meat, correct?" 

- "Ah, that! Yes but..." 

- "Then you are a necrophagist. Let's go." 

Chapter 1 1 - Krato and the Terri 

The first thing that hit me was an unrecognizable aroma, the perfume of Kia. 
It was very agreeable. I walked upon the floor of this other world as if I was 
in a sacred place. It is not possible for me to describe the jubilant happiness I 
felt upon walking over the surface of another planet. We approached the old 
man's cabin. He had a friendly smile, lacking any surprise. The "dog", came 
to us, swinging his long neck. He was huge. I was a little scared, but Vinka 
approached the animal and began to caress his fur. The four legged extra 
terrestrial leaned his head on the girl in the same manner a cat is affectionate. 
I found Vinka's confidence towards that specimen to be strange. I thought 
that maybe those creatures weren't aggressive. 
.- "You're incorrect" said Ami, "Some are very fierce just like dogs." 

- "How did you know it wasn't aggressive Vinka?" 

- "Because he approached us swinging his head." 

I deduced that just like dogs express their happiness by wagging their tail, 
these animals do so by swinging their heads on their long necks. 

- "What is this animal called?" I asked 

- "Bugo. He's very cute." said Vinka. 

- "Trask!, Trask!" the old man called the strange being. "Stop bothering our 

- "You said that his name is bugo, but he calls him Trask. I do not 

Vinka looked at me as if I had a mental incapacity. 

- "This type of animal is called a bugo but the name given to him is Trask." 

She was correct, I was an idiot. Little by little the aerodynamic animals 
appeared. Some began to fly over our heads. One of them came to sit upon 
Ami's shoulder. 

Vinka was fascinated. She tried to get close to the animal but it flew away. 

- "How incredible." she said. 

I did not understand what she was referring to. 

- "The garabolos are very timid. They never get close to people, but this one 
has no fear of Ami..." 

When she distanced herself from our friend, the creature returned and placed 
its large feet over Ami's shoulder. 

- "I am friends with all the animals." he explained speaking in a new 

- "That is why you cam to visit me, no? " said Krato. 
We all laughed at the old man's joke. 

When we walked over to his side, the garabolo flew to the roof of the cabin. 
The man and Ami hugged, and embraced each other, happy to have seen 
each other again. 

- "This time you will share the exquisite dish I have prepared. I have a pot 
full of garabolos cooked in a spicy sauce. Mmm. In addition, a bottle of 
fermented juice awaits us inside. It is beneficial to make your heart happy 
now and then. Let's go" 

- "Do not even dream of it, old cannibal. That is the reason why these poor 
creatures do not come near you at all. They know that if you trap them, they 
will end up at the bottom of your stomach." 

I felt a bit of rage against the old man. How was he capable of killing these 
beautiful and affectionate creatures, in order to eat them? 

- "But they are exquisite Ami..." said not the old man but... Vinka. She ate 

them as well! And if that wasn't enough, she added: 

- "The feet when grilled are the most savory part! I also like broth made out 
of the wings..." 

My image of Vinka came crashing to the floor with a single hit. I looked at 
her as if she was an individual from an indigenous savage tribe. Eater of filth. 
How could I have felt an attraction towards her. 

Knowing my thoughts, as he placed a translator earphone in the ear of the 
old man, Ami said : 

-"It is very bad to kill those little animals. Out Earthling friend is very 
bothered by it." 

She looked at me in surprise and attempted to explain the situation to me: 

- "Here everyone eats garabolos meat. It is a custom that we have since we 
were children, they are very appetizing, you should try it..." 

- "Never!" I said, crossing my arms and looking the other way. 

- "Bravo!" said Ami, "that's how it should be! He is incapable of eating 
garabolos meat. That would be very cruel to him, that is why he is 
disillusioned by you. He eats other types of things. You remember the little 
animals on Earth which you liked very much? Which you wanted to bring 
with you to keep as a pet." 

The girl's eyes were illuminated. 

- "Oh yes! They were so tender. What were they called?" 

- "Lambs." 

- "That is one of the favourite dishes of your little friend." 

She looked at me as if I was a criminal, a psychopath, a sadistic and beastly 
person. I attempted to defend myself: 

- "But a little grilled lamb..." 
Vinka began to sob. 

- "Grilled! What a barbarity! How disgusting! What a disillusionment!" 
Between bouts of suppressed laughter Ami went to console her. 

- "You see, that is what happens when we look at other's errors instead of 
our own. All three of you do the same thing. It is not worse or better to eat 
lamb meat or garabolos. It is the same thing. It is an error which I do not 
commit, however I do not condemn you because I understand you. However 
you all mutually condemn each other by the same fault. These uncivilized.... 
Come on! Shake each other's hands like good friends!" 

We looked at each other timidly and with a bit of shame. I understood Ami's 
lesson. We shook hands. 

- "Good, that is how it is done." said the old man contentedly. "Now we shall 
celebrate the reconciliation with a glass. Let's go." 

- "These mountain men don't have any manners," joked Ami. "Educated 
people first introduce themselves. This is Jim, he lives in another world." 

- "And with good reason. Hahaha. With a name like that I would also go and 
hide in another world." 

I did not like his joke at all. 

- "This is Vinka." 

The old man looked at her affectionately and said 

- "She must also come from another world. We do not see girls as pretty as 
she is in Kia." 

I did not like that either. She received the flirty comment with a smile. 

- "And this is Krato. A farmer of Kia." 

- "Hahaha!" I laughed at his name. But I did it only to avenge myself. My 
laugh did not appear to be sincere. 

- "Why is he faking a laugh?" 

- "Actually he is trying to avenge himself, because you laughed at his 


- "Alright then! Do not get mad, Zhim. It was only a joke. Zhim is a nice 

Before I protested the way Krato was deforming my name. Ami explained: 

- "He cannot properly pronounce the sounds of your name "Jim". You are 
not able to pronounce his name correctly either. It is foolish to fight over 
names and sounds. Additionally Krato means rock or boulder." 

- "Rock! Hahaha! How can someone be named rock?" 
This time my laugh was sincere. 

- "You both share the same name..." 

- "What are you referring to Ami?" I asked. 

- "Both your names mean rock. Your name means rock too." 

* (Translators note - in the original Spanish version the name of the protagonist Jim is 
"Pedrito" or Pedro. And we have used Jim to maintain continuity with the English 
translation in which he is named Jim. Here Ami refers to the similarity of meaning in both 
Pedro's (Jim) and Krato 's names.) 

Everyone laughed... Except for me. They began to talk. I stood to the side, 
asking myself why everything went wrong. Ami approached me. 

- "What happened Jim, is that you act a little below your true level." 
I looked at him as if begging for an explanation. 

- "A small child, dirties his clothing and face upon eating. However no one 
blames him for it. He behaves according to his level. But if an adult does it 
he is reproached because he is not acting according to his level." 

- "And what does that have to do with me?" 

- "Because you do not behave according to your level, that is why every time 

you do or think something that is below what is expected of you, you 
immediately receive the correction... That is why you suffer. If you behaved 
authentically, from the best part of you. Your life would always be a 

I contemplated his words. I understood he was correct. I decided to make the 
effort to become a different person... 

- "It is enough if you behave like yourself. Let us go speak with my old 

Krato was in a vegetable patch, past the cabin. He was close to Vinka. He 
was showing her his little plantation of vegetables. His fruitful trees and 
everything which constituted his world. I was bothered for a second upon 
seeing them together but I got rid of those thoughts from my mind. I had to 
become better in action and thought. 

- "Bravo! That is progress!" exclaimed Ami happily. 

- "What are you referring to?" 

- "You are progressing. You are beginning to observe your thoughts, you are 
no longer unaware. In general people never pay attention to their thoughts. 
Although all types of bad ideas, pass through their minds. They have a 
magnificent opinion of themselves since they are unaware of these bad 
thoughts. You cannot progress in that manner. You are beginning to observe 
yourself. With that you are beginning to know yourself better. Additionally 
you are acquiring the power to erase from your mind, that which does not 
benefit you." 

- "Oh you guys, come see the size of these Muflos!" the old man called us, 
showing us the shiny red bottles made of a material that looked like plastic. 
Vinka took one. She put it near her mouth... And she gave it a bite! She then 
chewed the piece of bottle... 

Ami laughed at my confusion. 

- "Those are not plastic bottles. They are fruits with the form of an Earthly 

- "Taste it." Vinka extended a fruit towards me. 
I looked at Ami asking if I should do so. 

- "Only a piece." he recommended. 

I bit the fruit, its texture reminded me of that of an apple. I immediately 
liked it because of its sweetness although it didn't look like anything 

- "How are you able to produce such big Muflos?" asked Vinka. 

- "It is easy. Every night, I sing the tree a song. It likes that very much. It 
becomes happy and whoever is happy, works with love." 

- "Everything that is done with love produces good results and gives good 
fruits." said Ami. 

I curiously looked at the tree. I suppose that it had a mouth, as well as eyes 
and ears in order to communicate with Krato, however it was a normal tree 
with only leaves, branches, fruits and a trunk. 
Vinka laughed and said : 

- "What craziness! Singing to a tree..." 

But Ami agreed with him. He said that Krato was correct. 

- "Trees and plants are conscious beings. They have a small consciousness 
but are very sensitive to vibrations of affections. They become happy or sad. 
They feel fear or trust." 

Krato encouraged Vinka: 

- "Eat a little bit more. The muflos give strength. Eat so you will become 
strong like this." 

The old man pretended to have muscles with his arms flexed, his hands in a 

fist and his inflated cheeks. Vinka found this gesture to be funny. 

- "The ladies from the city do not wish to look like that." 
Ami was amused by Krato's foolishness. 

- "Do not pay this old mountain man any attention. He does not know 
anything about trends." 

While Krato joked around, Ami appeared to be concentrating intensely. He 
then said: 

- "I think the Terri are approaching..." 

- "Then you must run and hide in that invisible piece of junk." the Kia man 
recommend alarmed. 

Ami continued to concentrate and then warned: 

- "There's not enough time. They are here already. Let us run to the cabin." 
He encouraged us to follow him. 

That really scared me, but Vinka was even more fearful than I was. She held 
on to me tightly. We heard the sound of a motor. It was getting closer. Krato 
went and sat on his rocking chair, pretending to be very tranquil. Ami found 
a gap through which he peeked outside. He invited us to observe as well 
while with his index finger on his mouth he signaled for us to remain silent. 
I could see the approaching vehicle. It looked like a black box made of metal 
with wheels and many bars surrounding it. It had windows behind the bars 
but they were black as well. It was impossible to look inside. 
The somber car emitted so much noise and smog that all the animals of the 
place ran away in order to hide. 

I thought that they hadn't invented the silencer yet. Ami whispered: 

- "They do have one but they like to cause fear." 

When the black box arrived close to the cabin, four beings got out of it. Just 
a glance of them caused panic. It was a species of gigantic gorilla, muscular 

and hairy. They carried helmets full of spikes, shoulder pads with spikes, 
shoes with spikes, collars with spikes and knee pads with spikes. They used 
a breast plate made out of metal instead of clothing. They all carried large 
objects in their hands. Weapons. Their bodies were not like those of simians. 
They resembled those of humans. Green hair covered every inch of their 
visible bodies except their faces. They had pink hair there. 

- "Come on old lazybones. Show us your documents!" 

Krato mechanically extracted a card from the pockets of his robe, without 
looking at them. He handed it to them. One of the Terri's snatched the 
document and examined it. 

- "Have you seen Wackos pass by here?" 

- "I have seen Terri's but I'm not able to distinguish between Wacko Terri 
and Zumbo Terri." he replied with great calm, observing the view. 

- "You insolent man! You don't know how to distinguish between a human 
being and a beast?" 

- "Yes I am. Human beings love and build. Beasts hate and destroy." 
The old man's reply did not make the armed and hairy Terri happy. 

- "What do we do boss? Do we shred him to pieces?" 

- "Leave him! He is a dreamy Swama and a beggar, like all of them. 

Everything was going well until the boss ordered, 

- "Go take a look inside the cabin." 

I felt as if someone had hit me in the stomach. Vinka held on to me with 
more force. But Ami with arms stretched out to us with a smile, signaled to 
us to maintain our calm. 
But Krato was able to distract them. 

- "You will not find anything of interest to them. Not arms not Zumbos. 

Forgive me, you are the Zumbos, I mean to say, not arms, nor Wackos." 

- "If you do not cease to speak we will take you to do slave work. We need 
more Wackos and Swamas for our weapons factories." 

The Terri went inside the cabin, he inspected every where, gazing to every 
corner, except where we were. It was impossible not to discover us, however 
he didn't do so. 

- "There is nothing here boss." 

- "Good, let us go. Now you know, you worthless old man. If you see Wacko 
around here, let us know, we will reward you greatly." They returned to their 
vehicle and left. 

Chapter 12 - Until Next Time Kia 

Ami with a smile from ear to ear, told us: 

- "Before you say anything, I will explain it to you : Hypnosis from a 

My question was a dumb one: 

- " It also works with the Terri?" 

- "It is easier with them. As long as the conscious level of a person is low, he 
is easier to hypnotize, whether at a distance or by suggestion. That is why 
commercial advertising obtains very good results with such people. Whereas 
at a higher evolutionary level, the consciousness is more awake." 

Krato entered the shack laughing. Vinka asked him why he had not felt any 
fear that the Terri might have discovered us. 

- "I recognize the tricks of our little friend." 

Then he told us about the time that Ami protected four fugitive Wackos or 
Zumbos - he didn't remember which gang they belonged to - from a patrol 
car that passed by and did not see them even though they were in plain view. 

- "I would not have protected a Terri" said Vinka. "The quicker they 
eliminate themselves, the better it is for peace on Kia." 

- "Terri's and Swama's are brothers" interrupted Ami. "The duty of the 
Swamas is to guide and protect the Terri." 

Krato lifted his arms towards the sky like someone who had just heard 
something stupid. 

- " Guide and protect the Terri! It seems as if you are not aware, they are 

dominating us. They possess weapons, we are pacifists. They believe that we 
are stupid weaklings because we do not search for power or money. They are 
materialists. They consider us to be an inferior race. It is impossible that one 
day we will guide them. The only thing that is of any interest to them is 
battle. The Terri Wackos against the Terri Zumbos. Its because of that 
dispute, that they have us in misery. All of the resources of the planet go 
towards financing their weapons. One day they will utilize them and Kia will 

- "If you don't do anything about it, that's how it'll be. " said Ami. 

- "But what can we do?" 

- "Teach them. Speak to them of peace, unity and love." 
Krato, was doubtful and laughed. 

- "Propose that to a Terri... He will take you directly to an asylum. For them 
love equates to sex. Their kindness extends only as far as their own families. 
With the rest they take out their claws and show their teeth, even when 
dealing with another Terri." 

Vinka agreed that Krato was correct. 
Ami laughing, said : 

- "You are all more Terr-orized than the actual Terri." 

- "We are realists." 
Once again, Ami laughed. 

- "Realists? Terri are close to exploding your world, and you stand there with 
your arms crossed, and you believe that you are realists. If you do nothing 
for your future and you think of yourself as realists..." 

- "Its because they will never listen to us." 

- "They will listen to you. Very soon the Terri will break heads Terri-bly. 
Then they will begin to listen, but if you are not there, then they will not 

know what to do except to destroy themselves and you as well." 

- " But the Cosmic Fellowship will save us on their ships." Vinka said. 

- " Only those who do not just work for their own salvation but for the whole 
world as well, will be saved. " said Ami. 

- "I do not really understand things of the world." said Krato, exiting the 
cabin. "I only understand happiness." 

Ami led us by the shoulders towards the exit. 

- "That is also important. Love towards one's self gives us the impulse to 
search for our happiness. While love for others leads us to serve, to work for 
the goodwill of others. Both forces must be in equilibrium." 

Krato became thoughtful. He scratched his head. 

- "It seems as if I have not thought very much of others. Closing myself off 
on these mountains... What do you think Ami? 

- "It is not about thinking, its about doing. In any case, you have already 
done a lot for others... Although you didn't plan to." 

- "Me? Hahaha. I cannot imagine how." 

- "That which you wrote in a day, a scroll which you left me a while ago. 
That is precisely why we have come to visit you. On there you have 
indicated how love is obtained. Vinka and Jim do not know the recipe. They 
are both going to write books which will be read by many people. Later on 
they will reproduce your manuscript in their work. In doing so many people 
will be helped by you." 

Krato could not believe in what Ami had just said. He thought that it was all 
a joke. 

- "But..., I do not believe that it was that important. Everyone in the world 
knows that already..." 

Vinka pointed out his error. 

- "If it tells you how love is obtained, then you are wrong about it not being 
important. Not everyone in the world knows that. I don't know it." 

- "Neither do I." I said, with a desire to read Krato's recipe. 

- "But it is extremely easy!" the old man could not convince himself of the 
importance of his knowledge. 

- "Easy for you, but not for the majority. Go back inside and bring the scroll, 
I want these children to read it." 

- "Alright, alright. But I do not remember where I left it. Maybe the 
chumi-chumi ate it... Hahaha!" 

He entered the cabin. Ami looked at him with sympathy. 

- "There are people who do not appreciate what they do or have. Others 
believe that what they own, is worth more than what they deserve. Both act 
incorrectly. It is difficult for many to find the middle ground in many 

Krato returned with a dirty roll in his hands. 

- "Here it is. I had it in between the fire wood in order to burn it next winter. 
The scroll helps to start the fire. Hahahaha!" 

Ami took the document with one hand and with the other he extracted an 
apparatus from his belt. He then placed the scroll in front of the apparatus. 
I thought that he was photographing it. 

- "I'm registering it. The image of the scroll has passed through the memory 
of the super computer that I mentioned to you. Here take it back Krato, you 
can now burn it." 

- "What an atrocity!" exclaimed Vinka. "I want to see it!" 

- "You have here a copy which is cleaner and clearer than the original." 
White pieces of paper came out of a slot in the apparatus. A kind of 
"photograph" of the document but it was smaller in form. 

Vinka wanted to read it. Ami extended a page to her laughing. 

- "I do not understand this language!" she exclaimed, disillusioned. 

- "I will have to make a translation for you by hand. It will not be an easy 
task. I do not have good hand writing, but you will have copies in your 
languages so you can add it to your books." 

Much later, while I was preparing this book, I didn't know if Ami wanted the 
scroll to be directly published. If he wanted the script he had written with his 
handwriting (which looked like it had been written by holding the pen in a 
fist) published or if it was sufficient enough to transcribe the content by 
printed letter. In order not to fail, I did both. The first part of Krato's scroll 
was shown at the beginning of this book. The rest of the manuscript was 
photocopied. It will appear up ahead, that way you can see Ami's 

( translators note - This picture is in the original Spanish book) 

The original I guarded as if it were something sacred. The only tangible 
proof that I have in regards to the real existence of Ami. Victor believes that 
I wrote it myself by changing my handwriting. Well if he is not capable of 
viewing this as anything more than a fantasy, what a shame! Its his loss. 

- "If my hand writing is not good, forgive me." said Ami. "Imagine yourself 
having to write in the language of the Chinese." 

- "Who are the Chinese?" Asked Krato. 
Vinka hurried to answer. 

- "They are people in a place in Jim's world. They have such pretty eyes, like 
this." She proceeded to stretch her eyes. Ami and I laughed but the old man 
became thoughtful. 

- "Will you take me on your flying machine Ami? Maybe I can find an old 

lady with eyes like those. Do the Chinese eat spicy garabolos?" 
When we finished laughing, Ami said: 

- "If the Chinese do not eat garabolos, it is only because they are not easy to 
obtain there. On the contrary they would prepare them in a million ways: 
They eat anything!" 

- "Then the Chinese have good sense." opinionated Krato. "Another good 
reason to go there." 

It appeared that the old man was extremely fond of food. 

- "If that is the spirituality of the Swama, how might the Terri be?" 

- "The Terri do not enjoy life" explained Krato. "They are extremely 
preoccupied with their wars, or their search for power or money. When they 
attain it, they continue to worry in order to defend what they have or go in 
search of more but they never have time to enjoy life. They don't have a 
good sense. They miserably lose the purpose of their existence ." 

- "A full pot of garabolos in spicy sauce and a bubbly bottle await us inside. 
Let us go." 

Ami laughed at Krato 's philosohpy. 

- "This gluttonous old man only thinks about enjoying himself and he is 
partly correct. Only partly. He forgets about the rest. He forgets to serve his 
neighbour, in addition to himself, he will in the end enjoy more than those 
who live life selfishly. This old man is the least spiritual Swama that I 

- "It might be so. But now that the document I have written will be beneficial 
to many, I have the right to delight my taste buds with garabolos. Hahahaha! 
Let us go inside, I'm hungry." 

He began to enter the cabin but Ami interrupted him. 

- "I do not eat meat old friend. Forgive me. Anyways, we are now leaving." 

- "I do not eat garabolos." I said, determined not to take a look at the 
contents of the disgusting pot. "I am satisfied with the muflos of your garden. 
Thank you very much Krato." 

- "Well you are the ones who don't appreciate it. I will enjoy it. Hahahaha! 
What a shame that you must leave so quickly. I hope to see you again one 

- "You already know that I'm always paying you a visit. Maybe in the future 
I will bring these little friends once again." 

We affectionately said goodbye to Krato, the old hermit of Kia. Now I 
remember him with love. I liked his spontaneous way of being. He was an 
authentic man without mystery. I couldn't appreciate it when I was next to 
him. Only later was I able to capture a dimension of his which was not easy 
to perceive in a short encounter. 

Vinka kissed his hands, a way of saying goodbye in Kia. I thought that I had 
seen a brilliant shine of a tear, in the eyes of the old man. However in order 
to hide his emotions, he let loose a last joke: 

- "Careful honey! Careful! Do not kiss me like that. My admirers throng in 
flocks and they are very jealous... Your life may be in danger!" 
Stupidly I looked around. The most sad solitude reigned. 

Chapter 1 3 - Calibur. 

- "Well youngsters, while we wait for this artifact to "situate" us in a place 
that for the time being is a surprise, I will copy what Krato wrote into each 
of your languages. Now you may go walk around in the courtyard." he said 
between cackles. 

I began to wonder what would happen if it occurred to me to open the door 
while we traveled through space and time. I asked him about it. 

- "Ami pretended to have gotten goosebumps by the mere idea. He glanced 
at Vinka as if saying "What a nut!". But she was just as interested in 
knowing the answer. It was two against one. 

- "Well now that you mention it, I don't know what will happen either. Good 
idea! We will open the door to see what happens." he said as he got up from 
the couch. He approached the reception room, intent on opening the door. 
But we rushed to him in order to prevent him from doing so. It was only 
when he was folded over with laughter that we understood that he was 

- "Go walk around a bit and tell each other your stories and let me write 
these copies before we arrive to... Where we are going. But do not touch 
anything, so we don't blow into pieces... Hahahaha! This will be difficult for 
me. Having to write in undecipherable languages...." 

In front of him was a screen which showed my language in various styles of 
writing, next to each sign recognized by me was another strange one. He 
pressed buttons as he wrote. I was absorbed in his job, but Vinka's hand 
closed itself over my shoulder. 

- "Let's leave him to work in peace. What about if we go to inspect the 

- "Great idea! I don't like to be spied on from behind." he joked. 

Up until then I had not walked through the cosmic ship and taken a look at it 
in detail. With Vinka I went on a tour. Here I have attached a plan that I drew 
according to my memory. 

Sain ^ CGmUfidas 




/Oa-i-i sir 

(door on the 



* (meditation 


■\fr™+a.T*.'/ (windows) 

Since there was another command room in another enclosure we walked 
over to talk. 

We could only see a white fog through the glass of the window. 

- "I would like to know what's behind those windows." she exclaimed with a 

dreamy expression. Upon observing her carefully, I recognized something 

incredible while talking with a being from another world. She got close to 
me and asked me : 

- "What did you feel the first time that you saw me?" 

- "Ummm.... the truth?" 

Yes, since it is not easy for me to lie, I had to recognize what I felt. 

- "I didn't think you were very pleasant, was I pleasant to you?." 

- " Me neither, but very quickly my feelings began to change. Now my 
feelings are different." 

- "What do you feel now Vinka?" 

- "I feel you are everything I have ever dreamed of." 

Her words seemed to be everything that I felt for her, but I would not have 
been able to explain it in such a simple way. 

- "That's exactly how I feel. It is something profound which keeps growing 
and growing." 

Her violet colored eyes, appeared to be radiating light. She looked extremely 
beautiful. By simply looking at each other, we fell into a trance that 
transported us to other dimensions: 

- "Be careful with prohibited romances!" said Ami from the command room. 
We didn't pay him any attention. We continued looking at each other. 

- "I would like to be with you for ever." I said, taking her hand. 
Ami once again intervened from a distance. 

- "Remember that you both have your real partners. You must be loyal." 
That made us think. A little later she asked me: 

- "Do you feel as if what we have is prohibited?" 

- "In reality, no. But if it were, it wouldn't matter to me. How could I stop 
feeling what I feel, it is not a voluntary thing." 

- "Remember that you have an encounter in the future. Remember that 


I thought about the woman with the oriental face. It was true that when I did 
what he suggested, I felt a lot of love towards her. But now... Well Vinka was 
real. The other, only a memory. 

- "I choose Vinka forever!" I expressed with great security. 

- "and I choose Jim!" 

Ami laughed from the adjoining room. 

- "Hahaha! These children! Fleeting passion, flames which any breeze can 
extinguish... Like the meat of garabolos or lamb." 

Ami had touched the wound. We looked at each other with regret for having 
strongly judged each other. After a moment, while holding each others hands. 
Vinka said: 

- " Jim whatever happened, whatever I know about you, I will never doubt 
my love. You will always be the only one for me even though a great 
distance separates us." 

A couple of small tears creeped through her eyes. I think I felt the same 
emotions, that's why my words were brought forth from the most intimate 
part of my heart: 

-" Vinka when I didn't know you, I felt alone, but from now on, although you 
wont be with me, you will always be inside of me. I know that what we have 
is for ever, I am no longer empty with you. I cannot explain it any better, but 
you are inside of me and you will be there for ever." 

We held each other. We hugged, and it was the most beautiful time of my life. 
We felt that in that moment we were one being... After some time, I didn't 
know how long, Ami with his great sense of humor said: 

- " Enough of this sinful romance. Come here, the copies are now ready. 
Additionally we are now arriving at Calibur." 

We opened our eyes. Through the windows close to us, the stars stood out 
against a dark blue sky. We ran towards the command room, once inside, 
through the windows there appeared an imposing vision: Two enormous 
suns. One blue, much bigger, the other white, much smaller. 

- "There you have it. Sirius." 

- "Which of the two is Sirius?" I asked. 

- "Both of them. From the Earth it looks as if these two suns were one. That 
is due to both stars being extremely close to each other but far away from 
Earth. Do you see that illuminated point there?" 

Ami pointed to a small blue balloon, the size of a grape. 

- "That is Calibur. That is where we are headed. It is a planet which we 
utilize in order to create special plants and vegetables. Its an enormous 
"nursery" of cosmic plants. Everything has been cultivated by us. Once we 
obtain an excellent species, we take it to the worlds who might need it." 

- "How many people live there?" 

- "Only a couple of genetic engineers in the control station." 

We rapidly reached, the illuminated circle. When it transformed into an 

immense disc which occupied the entire visual field of our windows, I 

confirmed that this world was not similar to my planet because the colors 

were different. Everything leaned towards a light blue color. 

We flew over an extensive beach of violet colored sand next to a calm ocean 

of lilac colored waters. 

Vinka expressed with great pleasure: 

- "This is extremely beautiful... Can we descend?" 

- "There is no inconvenience. Additionally I promised Jim we would visit 
these beaches..." 

That was correct. He had done so on the previous trip. Here the conditions of 

oxygen, gravity, temperature and flora will not affect you. And you will not 
affect the planet either. 

The ship stopped in mid air, landing on the terrain. 

- "I must prepare the itinerary for our next trip. The two of you can go walk 
around. Do not fear. There is nothing here which can cause you any harm. 
But do not eat anything." 

The door opened. We descended down the ladder. We walked over the soft 
sand illuminated by a blue sun as big as the one I saw in Ophir. 

- "Mmmm! How pleasing this air is!" exclaimed Vinka, breathing in, taking 
a deep breath. "It is a mixture of flowers and seaweed..." 

The intensity of the light, in spite of the enormous sun was less than that of 
the intensity of the light on Earth or Kia or even Ophir due to a thick haze. It 
reminded me of a sunset at the beach, of colors infinitely more subtle than 
those of my planet. Additionally the Earthly sands are not violet nor are the 
oceans violet. 

We walked holding hands. We reached a section of the beach where there 
was a beautiful garden full of blooming plants that reached up to the ocean. 
Vinka was radiant. 

- "This is a paradise!." 

We walked through the plants, leaving the beach behind. Further up ahead, 
on a forest made up of small trees that did not have any leaves but thin 
filaments that almost looked as if they were artificial, by the polished 
smoothness of their trunks. The gigantic sun began to descend under the 
waters, illuminating Vinka's face lending her a brilliant light blue skin tone. 
We sat underneath the trees while their droopy branches formed a fluffy 
cushion between the flowers. 

During long moments, we contemplated the reflections over the quiet waters. 

I had never seen a sun set as strange and beautiful as this one. I observed that 
Vinka's hair was illuminated by a light: A second sun appeared behind the 
trees, behind us. 

- "Look: the other sun." 

- "This is marvelous!" 

A sunset and a sunrise at the same time. We laughed with great joy. After a 
few minutes, Vinka with a sad glance said to me: 

- "I don't think that this is correct." 

- "What are you talking about?" 

- "We both know that someone is waiting for us in the future..." 
We remained silent for a while. She was correct. 

- "I think that Ami has caused us trouble by allowing us to meet each other. 
He could have calculated that we would feel attracted to one another. He 
could have avoided this..." I said. It seemed as if she was trying to capture 
the moment. 

- "However this is the most beautiful time of my life. Thank you Ami." She 
was correct about that. 

The only thing which interrupted our love was the memory of a future 

I felt a curiosity to know who Vinka's twin soul was. With a bit of jealousy I 
asked her: 

- "That hero of yours, how was he?" 

- "Its better that we forget that forever and we think of ourselves instead." 

- "A magnificent idea. I will forget the woman with a mole on her forehead. 
And you forget your blue prince." 

- "How did you know he was blue?" Vinka asked. 

- "Why did you ask that Vinka? " 

- " Because he did have blue skin." 

- "Then maybe all twin souls have a skin of that color, because the lady that I 
saw also had that same skin color." 

That greatly interested her. She asked me for more details. 

- "I floated on the air, close to a lagoon with swans who greeted me. 
Meadows, flowers and juncos sang, She awaited me in..." 

- "Between pink vines and colorful fringed cushions." 

I was left feeling stupefied. How could she have known that. 

- "I think you must have read my book..." 

- "If you read my book, you would find the same situation but from the point 
of view of the lady who's waiting...." 

-"It is you!" 

We hugged each other as if wanting to fuse into one soul, without any 
feelings of guilt. Our happiness invaded us. I felt the same sensations which 
I experienced in that encounter of the future. 

- "Enough with the romance!" interrupted Ami's voice, who observed us 
smilingly from in between some flowers. 

- "You are a liar!" Vinka faked anger. 

She referred to the fact that he had told us that our twin souls were on Earth 
and Kia respectively and additionally told us that what we were doing was 

- "I wanted you to discover it by yourselves. Isn't it better this way." 
-"But you lied..." 

- "If I would have told you something along the lines of "I will present you 
to your partner" it would have felt a bit forced. Obligatory without any 
surprise: In exchange, it happened spontaneously. I placed intentional 
hurdles to see if you were able to overcome them. You did very well." 

While we walked back to the ship, I asked: 

- "When will an encounter on the pink planet happen." 

- "After a couple of times of uniting and separating, from now on, you will 
always search for each other. From lifetime to lifetime, and you will always 
find each other." 

At the end, Ami said : 

- "Much further up ahead, after the encounter you will experience on the 
pink planet, you will merge into one being. Then you will be complete. For 
now you are two halves of one and the same being, evolving separately..." 

- "And now we must say goodbye?" asked Vinka sadly. 

- "Yes. Soon you will return to Kia, and Jim will return to Earth. Remember 
that you have a mission to help your worlds. If you don't serve your brothers, 
you will demonstrate great selfishness. The person who is selfish does not 
have a good level. One who does not have a good level, does not deserve to 
meet their twin soul. It is a prize, that you must win as well as deserving a 
better world. If you do not serve Love, destiny will begin to separate you and 
on the contrary, the more helpful you are towards others, the more rapidly 
destiny will bring you together." 

We sadly climbed the ladder of the ship. 

- "It will be hard to separate...." 

- "It will be easier because now you know that your compliment exists. You 
know that your compliment awaits you. Additionally you will be able to 
communicate with each other." 

- "How? Will you leave us some type of device?" 

- "That is not necessary. When two souls have been united by love, 
communication overcomes time and space." 

Chapter 14 - The Scroll and Two Possibilities. 

While we "situated" in some place, I began to read Krato's scroll the way 
Ami had written it in his handwriting. This is it: 

Love is a beneficial ingredient of the conscience. It is capable of showing 
the most profound sense of existence. Love is the only legal "drug". Some 
mistakenly search for it in liquor and other drugs. That which is produced 
only by Love. 

Love is the biggest necessity of life. The wise know the secret and search 
only for love. The rest ignore it and that is why they search for the 

How do you obtain Love? No other technique works, because Love is non 
material. It does not submit to the laws of thought and reason. It submits 
to Him. 

In order to obtain Love, you must first know that Love is not a feeling but 
a Being. Love is someone, a living and real Spirit, when awoken within us, 
allows fortune and everything else to arrive. 

How do you make it arrive? First you must believe that it exists. (Because 

it cannot be seen, it can only be felt.) (Some call it God.) Then you must 

search for it in your most intimate dwelling, in your Heart. 

There is no need to call for it, because it is already within us. You must not 

ask it to arrive, instead you must let it go, liberate it, give it freely. It is not 

about asking for Love, instead it is about giving Love. 

How do you obtain Love? By giving Love. By Loving. 

- "Then Love is a Being. That is not written in any book that I have read." I 

Ami smiled, while he worked with the controls of the ship. It does appear, in 

- "In which one Ami? I have not read it." 

The boy from space began to enjoy himself. You have read it. More than that: 
You wrote it. It appears there. 

- "In "Ami"? 

- "In "Ami"." replied Ami. 

- "I do not remember...." 

- "Then read it again. Some speak of "demonic possession", when a person 
commits atrocities. You can imagine that the negative forces are a being, but 
when someone is in love, it does not occur to anyone to speak of "divine 
possession". You are all very funny.... you are all very curious... think about 
that, but better yet put Krato's advice into practice." 

Vinka came to my side. 

- "It'll be much easier for me now." she said. 

- "Hopefully, you will extend your affection further than Jim. Your people 
are in need of you in Kia. Good, before we return there, I will show you 
some recordings...' 

- "Why are we going back to Kia?!" I asked alarmed. 

- "I didn't exactly say we are going to Kia right now but that time will come. 
When it does there is no remedy for it. Vinka cannot stay here forever, she 
must return to her world, write another book, continue to serve and you must 
do the same on your planet. But before doing so, look at this." 

Through the windows there appeared a dark gray world, it was of no interest 
to me. It didn't interest Vinka either. We both held each others hands looking 
at each other with sadness. 

- "Enough with the cheap dramas!" exclaimed my friend, smiling. 

- "It's that we are going to separate..." 

- "And what is the problem? You will not be separated forever. You will have 
the opportunity to be united eternally. Let's go. Now see this. The 
destruction of a world." He attempted to cheer us up. Not even that 
announcement was of interest to us. We were very sad. Upon seeing us that 
way, Ami turned off the image and then said: 

- "Part of evolution is being able to learn how to overcome attachment 
because the Spirit searches for freedom." 

- "But we love each other." 

- "Real love is not attachment. It does not chain nor does it get chained itself. 
Instead it liberates itself. Which ever couple is made up of individuals that 
really love each other, doesn't need to be attached together like Siamese 
twins. Hahaha! Do you want to receive that as a punishment in your next 

We didn't know if he was joking or if he was telling the truth. But his words 
allowed us to overcome our sadness. 

As he once again turned on the system which projected images on the 
windows, he explained to us: 

- "What you are about to see, happened in a world which was not able to 
overcome its violence and malice. In spite of all the efforts made by those 
who participated in the Aid Plan, to help that world. Look!" 

The atmosphere was darkened by a thick layer of gray clouds. We observed a 
great number of space ships descend upon the planet. 

- "We are observing the "rescue operation". The ships descend in order to 
look for people with 700 "measures" or more because they deserve it. In 
reality, it is something very sad. A failure. All of their efforts were in vain." 
The images occurred, as if from a type of film documentary. The Earth 
shook in almost every place. The coastal cities were swept away by gigantic 
waves. There appeared a mothership similar to that of the Commander's. 

- "It is required to shelter several million people..." 

- "Several million?!" 

- "There are many more good people than you think. Many a times, wrong 
doing is simply a rebellion against injustice. It is just expressed in erroneous 
ways. At other times it is simply the collective bad habits of the people. 
Generally custom or necessity causes people to act badly: That is why it is 
necessary that you spread the messages which we are sending. The more you 
work, the less the probability that what you are seeing here will occur in 
your worlds." 

The work being done by a ship over a city was shown in great detail. Many 
people were "lifted up" through brilliant beams or rays. Their faces showed 
surprise, fear and horror and in many cases happiness... 

- "Why is everything so dark?" 

- "Because thousands of nuclear bombs have exploded. Very soon the 
radioactive rain will begin. Then the planet will become so cold that it will 
become impossible to survive." 

A ship passed over a mountain. Below a group of people signaled to the ship 
but it did not stop in order to rescue those people. 

- "Why are they not being picked up?" 

- "They do not have a good enough level of love." replied Ami. 

- "Oh, you observe their evolutionary levels through the "sensometer"... " 

- "It is not necessary in this case. This is a community which has isolated 
itself from civilization. All of these people decided to escape from the 
problems, instead of collaborating in order to resolve them. They have a 
good level. Now by wanting to only save "their own" lives they will lose 
their lives. They must wait for a new opportunity in another world. For a 
new existence..." 

Ami's words, and the vision of a world completely darkened by the dark 
contaminated clouds, the vision of the human beings on a planet that could 
not cease to shake, with mountains of water traveling towards the continents 
destroying everything in their path, while thousands of ships selected only a 
couple of million people, leaving the majority condemned to death, all of 
that produced a terrible sadness in us. 
Vinka had tears in her eyes. 

- "I think it is extremely cruel to abandon these people who retired in order 
to live a life which was more in touch with nature when they saw that 
everything was lost." 

- "You are wrong. They did not escape when everything was lost but much 
sooner when there was still a possibility left to do something about it. Maybe 
their efforts would have sufficed to save this world. Remember that with one 
single drop, the pitcher overflows..." 

In spite of Ami's explanations, I believed that it was revenge that led to those 
poor people being left behind. 

- "It has nothing to do with vengeance, but instead it is about collecting the 
"good seed". Only with good people can you create a civilization in which 
you can sleep in peace with an open door or leave food out in the open. 
Those who escaped society would not be "good seed", because if they were 
given the opportunity to live in a world like the one which is about to be 

built, they would not have the disposition to serve and cooperate. Simply 
said, they lack love. Deep down inside, it is their selfishness which gives 
them the impulse to flee. A selfishness which can disguise itself as anything: 
health, clean life, purification, including spiritual evolution, but deep down 
inside it is simply selfishness. It is as if a doctor would flee from a hospital 
for fear of contagion. As if his health was the only thing that was important. 
If all doctors thought that way... poor sick people..." 

Ami's explanations were able to help me understand the situation a little bit 
better. But thoughts of the fate of those people still caused me great pain. 
That is why I asked: 

- "But doesn't the possibility to create a good world exist, without 
eliminating so many millions of people?." 

- "Excellent question!". 

- "Why?" 

- "Because it is possible. Now, I will show you another recording. I have 
another video of an event that took place in another world. Let's watch it." 
Ami pressed the controls. New images appeared on the windows. This time 
it showed a world very similar to Earth or Kia. Additionally, the people were 
almost identical to us. Even the various races. 

In an important city of that world, there were many people standing before 
the doors of an enormous building. 

- "We are attending a historic moment. A World Government has just been 
formed. The representatives chosen by each country are not simple or 
common politicians..." 

- "What are they then?" 

- "Servants of the Cosmic Plan. This world has begun to abide by God's Law. 
By the Universal Principles." 

Vinka appeared to be fascinated. 

- "How wonderful!" 

- "Here the union of many spiritual, religious, ecological, and pacifist groups 
has taken place. They proposed the fraternal existence practiced in fraternal 
worlds and people decided to believe them.. .there was no other path..." 

- "But why?" 

- "Because there was an economic set back on a global level. On the other 
hand, it was due to the multitude of atomic experiments, contamination, 
pollution and the exploitation of our natural resources. There were also great 
ecological imbalances and disasters. Climate changes affected the production 
of food. New epidemics, diseases and pestilence appeared. Additionally 
there were great wars all over the world. Wars between social systems, wars 
over borders and wars because of religious differences. All of the money 
went towards the production and purchase of weapons. There was hunger, 
misery and fear... People were fed up and this was the sole alternative 
capable of stopping the collective madness. Passively and with common 
agreement, they decided to try it." 

Through the windows we saw various scenes. 

- "Now we will witness the moment in which the first law of the World 
Government is executed. 

In all of the cities, thousands and thousands of people were grouped together 
before tons and tons of devices of war: machine guns, rifles, cannons and all 
of those destructive elements which bring so much pride in some people of 
my planet. 

- "What are they doing?" 

- "At this moment, in every country, better yet, ex-country, in each province 
of this world, they will proceed to transform the weapons." 

We saw great flames mold the metals. On the ports, the war ships and 
vessels were being transformed into cargo ships. In the airports, the war 
planes were being converted into passenger planes. The tanks were being 
converted into tractors... I remembered the words written by the prophet 
Isaiah. The ones which appear at the beginning of my previous book. I will 
repeat them here, just as they appear in the Bible: 

"...And you will turn your swords into ploughs, 
and your arrows into sickles: 
No nation will raise a sword against another nation, 
Neither will they train in the art of war. " 

While the flames fused the metals in a symbolic act of brotherhood and 
peace, people began to sing. Many cried with great emotion. 

- "Now observe attentively, here comes the best part." 

In the sky there appeared thousands and thousands of illuminated objects 
which began to fly in a circle, around the bonfires used to melt weapons. 
People greeted them with joyous emotion. A couple of ships descended and 
it's occupants joined those that participated in this act which forever ended 
the destruction and violence. 

Through the speakers, the space visitors introduced themselves to the 
multitudes of people: 

- "We greet you, brothers of this planet. This wonderful act which you have 
executed today, has been inspired by the constructive forces of the universe. 
It has given you the impulse to fight to save your future. You have managed 
to overcome selfishness, ignorance, distrust and violence. This indicates that 
you have reached a level which gives you the capacity to join the cosmic 

Fellowship. From now on there will no longer be any suffering for any of 
you. We have come in order to offer all of our scientific and spiritual 
knowledge, so that soon you will be in accordance with cosmic harmony 
ruled by universal Love..." 

The people who were dazzled, extended their hands towards the ships. 
Although the scene was so emotional that Vinka cried openly, I managed to 
overcome the feelings which arose in my chest in order to ask a question: 

- "How is it possible that these people do not feel any fear due to the 
appearance of the ships." 

- "The answer is very simple." said Ami smiling. "It is due to the 
dissemination of information previously undertaken by our friends, the 
missionaries of this world. All the different groups motivated by love 
recognized the fact of our existence and helped; all of them had foretold in 
accordance with our messages that once there is unity and the elimination of 
weapons, the ships of their brothers from space would appear in the skies. 
That began to create a universalist conscience in humanity. That is why your 
missions are important." 

Vinka, taken in by the spectacle of brotherhood before her eyes, expressed 
her enthusiasm: 

- "I wish I could be there!" Take us there please!" 
Ami began to laugh. 

- "You do not know what you ask for. These images were recorded a long 
time ago. In the moment that these events were being realized, the people of 
your worlds were not even literate." 

- "That cannot be..." 

- "It is best that you understand this." 

- "Why did you utilize such ancient images? Is it because no other world has 

been able to save themselves since then?" 

Ami's laughter made us understand that we were incorrect. 

- "The reason why I showed you this world and not another, is due to the fact 
that the people here are very similar to all of you. Here everything seems 
similar but I could show you the same events that have taken place in 
thousands of worlds of this galaxy over many periods of time." 

- "In any case I would still like to see how everything has evolved over so 
many millenia" said Vinka. 

- "I would like to be able to take you, but we do not have time." 

- "I can inform you that this world today is very similar to the civilized 
planets which you have seen. Only one race exists on that planet." 

- "Only one race?" 

- "Here I see various races." 

- "Yes but they began to merge together over the years. Now there is only 
one race: The resulting one is a mix between all the rest. There are no longer 
any individuals left over of the original races." 

Vinka looked sad. 

- "Then all of those people which we saw are dead?" 
Ami's happy face made us guess that it was not so. 

- "They are all alive and kicking." 

Our looks begged him for an explanation. In Ophir I was told of a man who 
appeared 60 years old, but was in reality close to 500, so these people must 
be thousands of years old now. 

- "Once a world is integrated into the Fellowship, all of its' people may 
remain alive forever." 

Our gaping mouths and eyes made Ami laugh. 

- "...Forgive me for laughing, but your faces... I understand you. It is a big 

surprise, however it is true. Our discoveries in the scientific and spiritual 
fields have allowed us to stop cellular aging and when a world has joined the 
Fellowship we share all our knowledge." 

- "I didn't understand. The man from Ophir was 500 years old but seemed 
older than the rest. However I noticed cellular aging. Why then did the man 
from Ophir not appear to be young?" 

- "Because his body was not as young..." 

- "I do not understand..." 

- "Not all of them want to submit themselves to the process of reversing 
cellular aging. Some have evolved more than the rest of their brothers and 
sisters. When that happens, the world in which they live in is a "poor fit". 
They must move to superior worlds but before doing so, they must leave 
behind the body they are utilizing. They cannot take it to superior worlds. 
They allow their old body to age until it no longer functions... until it dies." 

- "Only the body?." 

- "In the worlds of the Fellowship, people know how to remain conscious 
outside of their physical body, they always have an awakened consciousness. 
That is how they are able to travel from one body to another without losing 
consciousness or their memory... Eternal life is a real deal and guaranteed for 
those who manage to attain a civilized world." 

- "Guaranteed?" 

- "Well it is necessary to know how to interpret the Sacred Writings of our 
worlds, it is there that eternal life is promised for some..." 

- "Then... Death..." 

- "Death does not exist in any place. Do you believe that God is cruel 
enough to allow something like that to happen? Only changes to the states of 
beings may take place, but the spirit is eternal." 

- "The people living in uncivilized worlds are not given the right to switch 
their bodies by conserving the memories of their previous lives leading to 
the illusion of death. But in the civilized worlds, all of them remember their 
previous experiences." 

Vinka listened entranced. 

- "Then it is worth the effort to arrive in a civilized world." 

- "That is correct, but I repeat - That must be earned. Nothing is obtained 
without effort. You cannot reap without sowing ambroquitas." 

- "What are ambroquitas?" 

- "A delicious fruit from my world..." 

I remembered that in the previous visit he had promised to take me to his 

- "With regards to that..." 

- "Yes! In regards to that," interrupted Vinka, "remember that you offered to 
take me to your house." 

- "To my house?" he feigned surprise. "I never said that, only that you would 
get to know my planet. But remember that you cannot get out of the ship in a 
civilized world for the moment. It is precisely where we are headed. To the 
Galactic Doll!" 

- " What is the Galactic Doll?" 

- "That is what the planet I live on is called. We will arrive soon." 

- "What a pretty name! "exclaimed Vinka "At least it sounds better than Kia 
or Earth." 

- "Those words are not poetic." said Ami. 

We wanted to know if all the civilized worlds had names like that one. 

- "Almost all of them. Although some do maintain their primitive names. In 
general we search for poetic names for all things: worlds, regions, creatures, 

mountains, lakes, places and pathways." 

- "In Kia we use the last names of heroes." 

- "You mean to say warriors." corrected Ami. 

- "Since your worlds are violent and warlike... If you were more evolved you 
would utilize names which belong to artists, scientists and spiritual teachers. 
Once you become more evolved, you will turn to more beautiful images." 
Excited by what she had just heard, Vinka came to my side and told me: 

- "Let's go Jim. Let us take a walk to those fields. Let us take a walk to the 
Street of the Blue Birds until we arrive at the Plaza of the Magic Mirror..." 
She took me by the hand, leading me into the interior of the ship. I like the 
fantasy that she proposed but I couldn't participate in her game. My 
imagination did not function when there were other people present. My 
timidness prevented me. 

- "If what you have to show is good for others, forget the opinions of 
others." said Ami from the command room. "Learn how to be yourself 
without asking for permission. Try to understand what a heart with wings 

Vinka did not like it when Ami interfered with our games using telepathy. 
Because of that she said pretending to speak through a speaker: 

- "We beg the commander not to intervene in the private matters of the other 
members of the ship." 

- "You are correct." said Ami. "In the civilized worlds, it is an ugly crime as 
well as disrespectful to invade the privacy of others." 

Vinka found a reason to make a joke: 

- "How is it that you are not in jail?" 
Ami replied between bursts of laughter: 

- "I have the great defect of being able to receive thoughts and you, like 

good uncivilized people think very loudly at an atrocious volume. It is 
difficult to ignore the sound of a radio set on the highest volume." 

- "The thing is that you still have not learned to quiet your thoughts. Imagine 
the frightening cacophony that we would have to deal with because we are 
telepathic. That is why, when we go on missions in your worlds, we prefer to 
travel through zones in which the "noise" is less." 

That really interested me but I didn't want to contradict Vinka. Evidently she 
wanted to have a conversation with me, by our selves, which is why I asked 
him mentally: 

- "In which zones of the Earth is the "noise" less? There are places in your 
world, situated in places which correspond to more subtle zones of the great 
organism your planet is. It is not the same in every place. A hair cell is not 
the same as a cell of the brain. The same goes for special places on the planet. 
At those points the radiation is more subtle: additionally the people who 
inhabit those zones are less "noisy"; that is why it is more tolerable to travel 
through those zones." 

- "It would still be even more tolerable if you let us talk in peace!" expressed 
Vinka, half joking, half serious. 

- "That's OK but try not to make so much noise with your chaotic thoughts 
and uncontrolled emotions." 

- "Do emotions also make "noise"?" I asked mentally. 

- "The negative emotions, or the uncontrollable ones, are the worst fountain 
of "noise". But I will not say anything more. ..Vinka will evict me from the 
ship." he laughed. "Anyway you will not have much time for your cheap 
soap opera; we have arrived at the Galactic Doll." 

Chapter 15 - Galactic Doll 

I began to imagine a world of toys. I saw a town similar to that of the elves 
from children's animated cartoons. Many of the houses were in the form of 
multicolored mushrooms, others were shaped like colored ball like 
Christmas ornaments that floated in the air, with little windows full of plants 
and flowers. All of the inhabitants that I observed were children. Absolutely 
all of them were. 

- "Not all of us are children, although we like to maintain that appearance. 
Its because deep down inside we are playful, "childish" in a good way. It is 
because of that, that our world is called the "Galactic Doll". It is something 
which serves the little ones. 

- " I thought that the civilized worlds would be the same in every sense." I 

- "Of course not! How boring that would be. On the contrary, each world 
differentiates itself in its own style depending on the particular inclinations 
of it's inhabitants." 

- "Look at that!" exclaimed Vinka, upon seeing an aerial vehicle which 
passed close by. It had the shape of a fruit, an apple or something similar to 
it. It was painted with drawings; faces of little animals, flowers, stars and 

- "Our vehicles which are used on this planet and not meant for use outside 
of it are made in accordance with our own fantasies and desires. If you saw it 
from the inside, you would go crazy." 

- "Why is this ship not like that?" 

- "Because ships used in outer space must be made in accordance with the 
rules of the Fellowship. They are made that way in order to avoid visual 
disorder. In some of the cities and streets of your world, an optical 
cacophony is produced; a sky scraper made out of metal and glass, next to a 
medieval cathedral. Billboards, cables, posts... it's something that would 
cause a seizure for an epileptic person..." 

We didn't have time to ask what he was referring to, because at a distance, a 
gigantic white animal was approaching, similar to a teddy bear. It was the 
same size as a building... 
Ami warned us while laughing: 

- "Do not worry even if he eats us. It is a toy." 

When the humongous bear was in front of us, it raised its hand which 
trapped our ship but without touching it (probably through a type of 
magnetism). Then it opened its monumental mouth and proceeded to 
swallow us. Ami laughed at our surprise. We pretended that we were in an 
amusement park and because of that we didn't become afraid when 
everything darkened after entering the mouth of the gigantic doll. A pink 
light illuminated the command room. Instead of guts, rib cages or the interior 
of a stomach, we were able to see a fascinating view of : an infinite amount 
of characters like those in children's stories, that were sliding in the middle 
of some absolutely fantastic scenes; surreal forests, castles that looked like 
they were from dreams, and landscapes from fables. A parade of smiling, 
little people, I wasn't able to confirm if those beings were living or if it was a 
movie. Maybe mechanical dolls. 

- "They are characters from ancient children's stories. This was filmed with 
people in costumes, now we see the projection with "hyper realistic" image 
technology. We began to descend into the interior of the doll. Much deeper 

down, everything acquired a beautiful, light green color. Now the visions 
were even more fantastic; between scenes without any precise shapes. Better 
yet, silhouettes and changing colors, there were beings floating around, that 
seemed similar to fairies. Their bodies were transparent... 

- "This is a film of beings that inhabit other vibratory planes, other 
dimensions. There are fairies, gnomes, nymphs, sylphs, salamanders, among 

- "Then these beings actually really exist?" said Vinka. 

- "Of course they exist, they are as real as you, me or the tripping..." 

We no longer asked whenever Ami mentioned strange words. We understood 
that he joked even without being able to prove it. 

- "Now we will move through the last part. Do not be afraid of what you are 
about to see." said Ami. 

This time a topaz, amber light filled the interior of the ship. Upon looking 
through the windows we saw a parade which was even more incredible; 
beings which had bodies of flame, they were red flames, violet, yellow, blue, 
green and white. They had human forms, although they didn't have defined 
faces. Their faces were completely made up of fire except the eyes. What 
eyes! Fascinated looks, penetrating, but full of sweetness and strength. 
One of the beings gazed at us. He approached our ship and then surprisingly 
he walked through the windows and came into the command room. I thought 
everything would burn, that a fire would start in the ship. I feared that the 
being of red flames would touch me, and burn me. 

- "Do not fear." said Ami, upon seeing Vinka with her eyes wide open 
contemplating the flaming being dancing between us, illuminating the 
interior of the ship with the color of his flames. "It's all a game." he said. 
The flaming red specimen left the ship walking out through the window, but 

another specimen that was yellow in color proceeded to make his entrance 
into our vehicle. He executed a spectacular dance. 

- "If you only understood the language in it's movements, you would 
discover great universal truths." explained Ami. 

When the yellow being left, another made its presentation. Like so, one by 
one, all of those flaming beings began to pass. When the last white being left, 
a great door opened. We exited through the back of the gigantic "bear". 
Ami awaited our questions with great delight. 

- "Who were those beings.?" 

- "Those are the inhabitants of the suns. But of course; everything was a film, 
a projection. " 

- "It could not have been a projection, they entered the interior of the ship. 
There was no television here..." 

- "A ray of light can project itself through the glass of the windows..." 

We didn't understand the system but we didn't have any choice but to believe 
in Ami's words. 

- "If any of them would have actually entered into our ship, we would have 
melted, disintegrated... they have a very high temperature. Not just the 
temperature, they also have a vibratory level which is unbearable for 

us. ..Good! Now we will go to the place where I live." 

The ship acquired an incalculable velocity. In a couple of seconds we arrived 
close to one of the poles of that planet. Everything was absolutely snowy, it 
became dark as night fell. 

- "My house is around here, look." 

We observed a really enchanting small town, immediately I remembered an 
ornament which we might have had at home; A crystal ball full of water. A 
small house was inside of it. A countryside landscape. Upon turning it upside 

down, small white particles which imitated snow flakes would fall. Outside 
of the ship the view was similar. The snow fell in abundant and silent, big 
and soft snow flakes. Everything was covered in white snow. Trees, hillsides 
and houses, these last ones were all spheres. Many did not touch the ground. 
Instead they floated at various distances above the ground. They had roomy 
windows illuminated by interior lights, some of them were completely 
transparent, made out of a material similar to glass. I didn't see any curtains 
but understood that the windows could be darkened or made transparent 
again by the inhabitants commands. Generally one could observe all the 
activity of the town through the window. 

- "We don't have much to hide." said Ami smiling. 
-"Around here things are not very toylike." observed Vinka. 

- "It is a question of styles. We adopted this style of construction in 
accordance to the geographical and climatic characteristics. The towns 
which you previously saw, are situated in the warm zones. In a region like 
this one, it would not be harmonious to have a little town like the one you 
saw earlier." 

I asked if the inhabitants of the cold regions, were less playful than those of 
the warm zones. 

- "In the warmer regions, people tend to lean towards excitement; In the 
colder regions, games are a little bit calmer. But everything in the universe is 
a game." explained Ami. "Each according to it's style. The worlds, the towns, 
the institutions and the people. Some lean towards terrible games, like in the 
uncivilized worlds, these are far from the "Games of God". Others lean 
towards more elevated ways, closer to peace, for the good of all, towards 
love. These are much closer to the real sentiment of the universe." 

Vinka became thoughtful. 

- "I would never have thought that God played. I imagined him to be very 
serious. Full of love, but serious. And you speak of the "Game of God". 
What is this game?: 

- "The universe is a creation from the imagination of God, it is an art, a type 
of game. Souls go from life to life, learning the rules of the Game, until they 
are able to capture its real sense, because life has only one secret. One soul 
formula, which takes you directly towards happiness." 

- "To behave well." I said without much enthusiasm, remembering the words 
of my grandmother. 

Ami and Vinka laughed. 

Soon after, our friend explained; 

- "Behaving well, can be many things. If you are referring to obeying the 
rules and orders due to a fear of punishment. That wont take you towards 
happiness, but there exists a form of behaving well, which takes you towards 
good fortune without any doubt." 

- "Then once in for all, tell us what it is about." said Vinka impatiently. 

- "The only secret, the only formula or recipe to live a happy life, consists of 
living in Love." said Ami, getting off the command chair. 

- "I think you have already said that;" 

- "Of course I have said so. By one way or another, it has been said. 
Thousands of times has it been said. All of the great spiritual masters of all 
the worlds haven't spoken of anything else. Every true religion says it, and if 
it doesn't say it, it is not based on the fundamental Law of the universe. 
There's nothing new about love. It is the most ancient thing of the cosmos; 
however there are millions and millions, who think that love is a 
sentimentality , a human frailty or weakness; that to speak about love is 
something that stupid or naive people do; That if something good is a part of 

a human being, it is because of the intellectual side, or theories, due to 
wisdom, or material renouncement or brute force. They are like a man 
asphyxiating in a cavern, mocking pure air, that is why anything that is said 
about the basic necessity of human beings, which is love, is never enough. 
There are those who do not ignore it, but they do not put it into practice in 
their lives, or sufficiently so; that is why they are not able to achieve 
happiness. It will never be enough, everything that can be done to remind 
people about the fundamental necessity of people, of societies and even 

Only when a world recognizes love, the only force which can save it from 
destruction. Only then can it survive. While the people of a planet do not 
consider love as a law of it's civilization, it is in danger of self destruction, 
because there is confusion and rivalry. 

- "That is happening in our worlds." 

- "That is why your missions are important. In reality, in these critical 
moments, there does not exist, a labor or a job more important than a 
contribution to save humanity." 

Chapter 16 - Ami's Parents. 

On a screen, there appeared a smiling girl, who appeared to be 8 years of age. 
She looked at us with a friendly smile. 

Ami spoke some words in his language which appeared to consist, solely of 
a variety of whistles, hisses and soft whispers. The girl on the screen, replied 
in the same manner. Due to the translator we were able to understand the 

- "Hello mom." said Ami, to our surprise. 

- "In these moments, I have finished preparing a cake made out of cereal. 
You can come with your little friends. Where are they from?" 

- "They come from uncivilized worlds, which intend to develop the 
necessary level in order to integrate into the fellowship. They are 
participating in an aid plan. She is Vinka, and.." 

- "Hello Vinka" greeted the girl who was Ami's mother. 

- "...and this is Jim" 

- " Hello Jim. Hmmmm...I see that you and Vinka are twin souls, however 
you come from different worlds. 

How is that possible, son?" 

- "They are participating in aid plans for two worlds that they come from, 
but they are originally from worlds of the Fraternity. " 

- "Then it must be very difficult being separated to such an extent. They are 
so young." she said, looking at us tenderly. 

I thought it was strange, listening to a small girl, saying that we were so 

Ami observed his mother silently. I knew that they were communicating 
telepathically. The girl appeared to have understood something, because she 

- "Strive children! Strive to bring peace, unity and love to your worlds. You 
will have many difficulties and misunderstandings, but the highest power of 
the universe will be on your side. In the end, that seed will come to fruition 
bringing peace and unity. Beware of the temptations of your material worlds. 
Try to remember why you are where you are. Try to remember where you 
come from. Avoid allowing your souls to lean towards things that are 
transient . In your worlds, illusion reigns. Maintain yourself in reality, in 
truth, in love. Remain innocent like children but be cautious. You must 
maintain a difficult balance between innocence and caution, peace and self 
defense. So that the evil which surrounds you, does not make you lose your 
childlike spirit, because only by maintaining that spirit, will you be able to 
save yourselves, and the people of your world. But beware that your true 
innocence does not blind you to evil, which lurks in every place, so that you 
are not deceived and debilitated. Maintain yourselves in the balance of life: 
"your feet on earth, your eyes looking up high, and your heart in love. " . 
That is the formula." 

- "That is enough for today" said Ami. "If you continue to give them advice, 
they will end up forgetting it. Do not confuse them with so many details." 

- "These children lifted my spirits. It is beautiful to be able to serve so many 
millions of souls, which find themselves in the darkness. You have a great 

- "Yes but remember the uncivilized worlds, the insects, the serpents, the 
spiders and mambachas...No, those belong to prehistoric worlds. Remember 
the torture of the machine guns, the atomic energy destroying human beings, 
violating nature; the contamination, those who die of hunger, those who are 
asleep in ignorance and the great intellectuals who are ignorant of love. " 

- "and the Terri." said Vinka with disgust. 

For her, everything which was bad, in existence in her world was due to the 

- "Who are the Terri?" 

- "They are the ones who stall the evolutionary process of Kia. Beings 
equivalent to the Terri are present in all the uncivilized planets." explained 
Ami. "Although not all of the Terri are terrible." 

- "Yes I remember them, and also everything which you previously 
mentioned. Even then, it is beautiful to dedicate an incarnation to service, 
where it is extremely necessary." 

- "But remember that when you incarnate to serve in the lower worlds, you 
must forget everything, including the importance of Love. Additionally, 
since childhood, they receive erroneous or incorrect teachings, bad habits 
and superstitions. All of that is an obstacle capable of making someone fall 
even lower. It is a dangerous mission." 

- "You are correct son. It is extremely dangerous if you cannot count on the 
appropriate strengths. That is why you must take really good care of 
yourselves. Always act, being guided by love, and you will not stray." 
Ami wanted to move on to another point. 

- "You have now met my mother." 

- "She is just like a little girl but when she speaks, it is obvious that she is 
not..." expressed Vinka. 

- "Do not guide yourself by external appearances. Do you want to meet my 

- "Of course." we said, as we waited for another child like Ami to appear. 

- "I will see if I can find him on the screen. Have you seen him recently 

- "Yes. Every night, he communicates with me. He is in Kyria. He's testing 
out a new condenser of cerebral waves. " 

- " Then he must be in the laboratory. My father is a scientist." he explained 
to us. 

-"We are all "scientists."" said the mother of our friend. "You are as well, 
you practice and study the science of living." 

- "Hello father." said Ami to a man who appeared on a side screen. 

We thought that it was a joke. Because the individual belonged to a variety 
of human that was absolutely different from Ami and his mother. He was a 
pale adult, lacking any hair. He had a bulky skull and a penetrating gaze. 

- "How are you son? Hmmm.. These friends of yours belong to the worlds of 
the third level. The girl probably belongs to the second planet of Crystalline 
Butterfly, the boy is from the third planet of Golden Eagle." 

- "You are correct father." 

- "My world is called Earth and our sun is not named Golden Eagle...." I 

- "In the Fellowship, we have cataloged every celestial object with a name 
and a special code." explained Ami's father. 

- "Do not confuse our friends, old man. My mother has already confused 
them a lot." 

- "It will not cause them a great deal of trouble to know that each object and 
each human being is cataloged with a code and a name..." 

Vinka could not hide her surprise. 

- "Each human being!" 

- "I spoke to you about a "supercomputer" situated in the center of the 

- "Yes, and you also said that it knew everything." 

- "Something like that. One of the other reasons due to which the Fellowship 
is constantly observing the uncivilized worlds, is to provide details and 
information to the supercomputer." 

- "Then we are all on file." I deduced. 

- "Even our hairs are counted. It isn't vigilance for political purposes, but for 
protection.We observe you like an older brother caringly watches a younger 

- "I thought that God did everything." said Vinka. 

- "God does not do anything." said Ami's father. 

We didn't know if we were listening to heresy. Ami was enjoying himself as 
he observed our reactions. After laughing at us for a moment, he said: 

- "If a laborer wants a good harvest and he sits begging God, but doesn't 
plant any seeds, he doesn't water it nor does he toil over it, as much as he 
prayed. Will he obtain a harvest?" 

- "In that case, no. But one always hopes that one will obtain God's help..." 

- "If you toss a rock up into the air, it will fall over your head even if you ask 
for divine help." the man on the screen added. "If you always plant flowers, 
you will obtain flowers. If you plant thorns, that is what you will obtain." 

- "Then, what does God do?" I asked. 
The child from Galactic Doll explained; 

- "This whole cosmic game, with the laws which govern it, He places the 
fundamental energy into it: His Spirit of Love. And in all of the things and in 

all of the souls, but from then on, we are the ones who act and not Him." 

- "Why does God allow wars and injustice?" asked Vinka. 

- "It is not God who allows it." replied Ami. 

- "Then who?" 

- "You yourselves are the ones who create and permit wars and injustice." 

I searched for thousands of objections to that comment. But I could not find 
even one. He was correct. So many times I heard that question in my world. 
Many said that it was a "divine punishment". Ami's explanation, seemed 
much more credible. Over all, especially after having declared that God does 
not do anything, that we are the ones who must act. Vinka asked Ami 
something, which had for a while left me feeling perplexed: 

- "How is it possible that he is your father. You both belong to two very 
different worlds." 

- "You are correct, I was born here. My father was born in Kyria." 

- "Then it is a marriage between beings from two different worlds." 

- "Incorrect. What you observed in my father, is his new incarnation. Soon 
after I was born, he was ready to be reborn in Kyria. He left his old body, 
was born, grew up and now is a scientist. We got into contact and as you are 
able to see, this time my father is much younger than I am..." 

- "And younger than me." said Ami's mother. "I'm still not accustomed to 
seeing him with a Kyrian appearance. Even though deep down inside, he is 
the same." 

Vinka asked if they had gotten married to other people. In each of their 
respective screens, both showed surprise by the girl's question. They looked 
to our friend, as if asking for an explanation. Ami by habit began to laugh 
once again. 

- "You forget that in the inferior worlds, it is tremendously rare, that 

marriages be realized between twin souls. That is why over there, it is very 
normal to speak about separations, affairs, or marriages with various people 
through out their lives. She doesn't even know what happens when two 
complimentary souls find each other. That is the reason for her question." 

- "What occurs in that case?" I asked. 

- "That they are not able to unite with another person." 

- "Why? Is it prohibited by some kind of law?" 

- "Yes, the Law of Love. But it is not something which is imposed on you. It 
is simply because you cannot replace your twin soul with any other in the 
whole universe." 

Vinka looked at me. We were completely in agreement. 

Ami's father looked from his screen to the other, in which the image of our 

friends mother was shown. 

- "In regards to that. When will you arise on Kyria? We are united by spirit 
every day, but I would like to be with you, in physical form as well. I would 
like to form a family and have you by my side all the time." 

His voice sounded loving, and his gaze radiated tenderness. 

- "You already know that I want nothing more than that. To be with you once 
again. But I still have not been able to adapt my soul, to the necessary level, 
in order to incarnate in Kyria. If I leave this body now, I wont be able to 
arrive at your side but onto another world: that is why I am constantly 
practicing the exercises which will allow me to arrive at Kyria. I think that I 
only have very little left, but now, my love I have stopped undergoing the 
process for reversing cellular aging. We must have patience." 

The conversation continued in that form for a couple of minutes. Both 
demonstrated their mutual love in such an open way, that I felt 
uncomfortable for participating in such an intimate conversation. I glanced 

towards the floor, feeling like an intruder, but Vinka was spellbound. So 
much so, that a couple of tears, fell out of her eyes. She looked at me and I 
felt great emotion. I understood Ami's parents because something very solid, 
beautiful and profound was also uniting us. 

- "That's what it means to be compliments." said Ami upon capturing what 
was happening to us. 

- "What do you mean by that?" I asked. 

- "That she has that which you lack, and you have what she lacks. United, 
you form a complete human being." 

- "What do I bring to Vinka?" 

- "You activate her intellect, she brings clarity to your emotions... Time is 
running out. We must leave." 

- "But we would like to see your world..." 

- "You have already seen a couple of places in the exterior part. You met my 
parents, saw my town. But remember that your people await you." 

- "What did you mean to say by "the exterior part". 
Ami smiled and said: 

- "From Earth, you already traveled millions of km out into space. Towards 
the "outside". But you do not know what is happening a couple of km 
underneath your feet, inside of the planet. It's the same with people; They 
look outside of themselves but never even glance inside of themselves. It is 
always "the others" who are at fault, guilty of causing whatever befalls them. 
They ignore their inner self. They never pay it any attention. However the 
inner self weaves their destiny. For the moment, your worlds are about to 
explode for ever. The salvation of your planet is the first priority. When 
everything is good, when children have bread and they do not wake up to 
war, then you will have time to commit to the depths of the cosmos, of the 

spirit and of science. For now what you already know, is enough to build a 
more humane world. To deny any efforts in that struggle no matter what 
excuse, including the spiritual, is egotism and complacency. " 
Ami's father attentive to Ami's words, intervened. 

- "Yes, because "spirituality" refers to the internal being, which is all love. 
And since it is love, it does not remain indifferent before the suffering of 
others.." said his mother. 

- "That is why spirituality simply signifies love." said Ami. 

- "Is it necessary to say something which is so obvious?" asked his mother. 

- "In the uncivilized worlds, it is not something as obvious. Many believe 
that spirituality means complicated mental exercises and nothing more. To 
retire from the world. To feel mortified, to purify their body. To pray their 
whole lives or have some kind of faith, but nothing more. When there is no 
love, all of it is worth nothing. If there is love, this must be converted into 
acts of selfless service. Now that your worlds run the risk of an annihilation, 
no other service can be more useful than to search for peace and unity." 

I felt good to have the privilege of being in another world. Receiving 
teachings from extra terrestrial beings, for knowing the fundamental Law of 
the universe and for being a missionary, lending service on Earth. The fact of 
being there, having a conversation with those beings made me believe that I 
was one of them, almost as evolved as them. I thought of the planet which I 
must return to. I thought of my cousin and felt superior to him. That is what I 
was thinking about, when Ami said : 

- "On the path to perfectionism, the last enemy to vanquish is the trickiest of 
all. It is difficult to discover it, because it disguises itself like that little 
animal of the Earth... What is it called? One which acquires the color of the 
place in which it finds itself standing." 

- "The chameleon." I said. 

- "That one. The last defect which hides itself is like the chameleon. Its name 
is spiritual pride, or spiritual ego. It attacks precisely those who feel, they are 
very advanced on the path. It is a struggle to find it. But there is a formula." 

- "What is the formula?" 

- "Every time that you discover yourself scorning or undervaluing someone 
by thinking that they have "low" spiritual evolution, it is acting upon you. 
The spiritual ego makes us feel very evolved. It leads us to look down on 
others. It leads us to despise others. But love does not despise anyone and it 
wants to serve everyone. That is the difference. " 

- "Then those who have a lot of spiritual ego are extremely despicable." I 
said, remembering a classmate who criticizes those who do not go to mass 
very often. And he thinks of himself as a saint. 

Ami laughed because of what I said. His mother smiled looking at me with a 
little bit of tenderness, but neither did I nor Vinka know what was so funny. 
Ami's father observed me with his luminous glance, demonstrating 

I felt myself blushing. 

- "What did I say that was wrong?" 

- "Despicable are those who despise. That's like saying those who kill must 
be killed. Or to steal from those who steal; to punish the poor with poverty 
or the ignorant with ignorance." 

I was not able to understand with clarity what he meant to tell me. 

- "Jim, love cannot despise anyone, not even those who have spiritual vanity. 
Love is understanding. It manages to serve and not to condemn, just like a 
father does not condemn a child for his small errors. Spiritual vanity is still 
one of the steps that must be overcome to arrive at 700 "measures". On the 

other side, that part of you which disapproves of the spiritual ego of the rest, 
is it not precisely your own spiritual ego. Instead of seeing condemnable 
impurities in people, if you see errors which can be easily overcome, then 
you are clean. But as long as you have something to condemn..." 
Vinka protested: 

- "But the Terri are really despicable. We the Swama, want to live in peace, 
but they, due to their violence, dishonesty, ambition and egotism are bringing 
Kia to the brink of destruction. Is that something to applaud or condemn?" 

- "The Terri as well as those who have spiritual vanity, find themselves 
higher or lower in the process to perfection. We are all students in the school 
of life. It is not by condemning the errors of the past, that a new world is 
built; It is by proposing new solutions for the good of everyone and by 
fighting to bring them to fruition, that is how we have brought about the 
salvation of all the worlds who have been integrated into the Fellowship. 
Although for Vinka it would be most convenient to eliminate the Terri from 
Kia. Correct little friend?" asked Ami as he laughed. 

She blushed upon understanding that "our friend" was aware of her most 
intimate thoughts. 

- "Another one who wants an eye for an eye." laughed the boy from the 

Vinka defended herself. 

- "While the Terri exist, we will not be able to build a world of peace. They 
will not permit it. We will not be able to establish a system based in honesty 
while there are dishonest people." 

Vinka's vehemence gave the extra terrestrial child much amusement. It 
produced great admiration in me. She looked pretty like that. A little bit 

- "Kia finds itself as well as Earth, on the threshold of passing from the 3 r 
onto the 4 th evolutionary level." said Ami. 

His father interrupted: 

- "Worlds from the first level are those that do not have life. The ones from 
the second level have life, but it is not yet human. On the third level, 
humanity appears, it is this level that your worlds are on." 

- "And which is the fourth level?" I asked. 

- "In those worlds, the humans have united to form one great family 
according to universal principles. Not all worlds pass the test. Some destroy 
themselves, intending to do so." 

- "Which test?" 

- "The one which must be passed by the humans of every planet, to arrive at 
the 4th evolutionary level. The tests exist so that some can pass and others 
will fail. It is a selective process." 

- "What does all of this have to do with what I said in regards to the 
impossibility of being able to bring about pacifism in dishonest people like 
the Terri?" 

- "Every time that a planet attempts to pass from one level on to another 
phenomena which were not known before are produced." explained Ami. "It 
is as if the entire world was shaking and waking up. That generates new 
energies and vibrations, which are finer and more elevated. These radiations 
have a double effect. It drives some crazy. Those who find themselves on 
lower evolutionary levels, end up committing mortal errors. That is how the 
negative beings begin to eliminate each other. On the other hand, the new 
energies allow others to rise to a superior level. That is how the planets get 
rid of the creatures which are no longer helpful or convenient for their 
evolution. How do you think that the big prehistoric reptiles and carnivorous 

plants disappeared from your world? That occurred when the planet passed 
from the second to the third evolutionary level to make way for human 
beings. Theories state that the strongest survive. Those creatures were the 
most powerful but all of them disappeared..." 
Ami's explanation left me with great curiosity. 

- "Why did they disappear? They were the strongest..." 

- "Yes, in claws, muscles and teeth but intelligence is superior. The human 
being, in spite of being weaker in physical power, is stronger in intelligence. 
The strong ones, the humans, survive. Now the process will repeat itself. But 
it will not be muscle nor the intellect that is the strongest." 

- "What will it be then?" 

- "The strength of the spirit, Love. That which happened to the dinosaurs 
will happen to the rest.. .and when the pacifist forces unite, it will come to be 
the most solid power of your worlds, simply because there is no other 
capable of preventing the self destruction of your civilizations. Don't be a 
pessimist Vinka. Love will be triumphant. Because Love is the ruling power 
of the universe." 

Chapter 17 - The Mutiny. 

We said goodbye to Ami's parents, to take flight on a course that was to be a 

I wanted to know the velocity of that ship, remembering that light travels at 
300,000 km per second. 

- "How far is Ophir from Earth?" I asked. 

- "About 100 billion km's", replied Ami. 

I attempted to search for a formula to calculate the velocity. On that trip we 
had traveled for about 10 minutes. But I became confused with such big 

- "If you are attempting to calculate the velocity at which we are moving. 
You are wasting your time. We "situate" instantaneously. " 

- "However, although it only takes a couple of minutes, it still takes us a bit 
of time to travel from one place to another. Why do you say that it doesn't 
take any time?" 

- "I didn't say that." he replied laughing. "Only that we "situate" 
instantaneously. The time that is taken is necessary for the mechanism of this 
ship to calculate the distance, the position of the point we want to travel to 
and the best way to exit the dimension "no-space, no-time" in order to 
appear in the desired point. Of course, we take great care so that we don't 
land at the same speed of a small plane. Hahaha! It is a bit similar to getting 
off a carousel in order to quickly reach the horse which is situated on the 
other side. You wait for it to arrive and then you get on. However, this is 
much faster..." 

Vinka showing little interest in the subject, asked: 

- "Where are you taking us now Ami?" 

- "To your house, to Kia." 

- "So soon!" she expressed, alarmed. 

I felt a heavy weight in my stomach. It felt somewhat like I was in my fatal 
hour. In a couple of minutes, I would lose company that was so warm and 
close, it was a part of me. I felt worse than if someone were cutting one of 
my arms. I was like someone who has spent a lot of time being cold and is 
suddenly invited into a house with a lit fire place, and given a cup of hot 
chocolate, but when they begin to enjoy the situation... "Out you go!". ..I was 
not going to allow it. 

- "If Vinka stays in Kia, so will I!" I exclaimed, deciding not to separate 
from her. My bravado only caused much laughter in our friend. He utilized a 
paternal tone that I didn't like at all: 

- "Jim, Vinka, you must start getting used to giving up attachment. Life is 
not how we want it to be from our superficial "I", but from our internal self, 
which is in perfect harmony with God. There only exists a single "I"." 

I expressed defiantly: 

- "I will not separate from Vinka because a little boy, younger than I is 
ordering me to do so.You might be from another world, a pilot of space ships, 
but you are younger than me. And I decide my own fate. And I will stay here 
with Vinka. And if I can't stay in Kia, then she will come with me to Earth. 
Right Vinka?" 

- "Right Jim!" she said with force. "That is how its done! We will continue 
to be together. And no bottle fed little boy will prevent us from doing so..." 
He looked at us with greatly serene eyes. A smile crept onto his lips and he 

- "I thought that the Terri were in Kia." 

That paralyzed us. Immediately we understood that we were acting like the 
Terri. That could not be so. When I let go of the tension, I looked at the floor 
with much shame and embarrassment. A little later I lifted up my gaze and 
Ami was no longer Ami. He had transformed into a luminous being of a 
marvelous purity. 

I felt dirty, minuscule, like an insect or a germ. I lowered my gaze, incapable 
of withstanding the force of those eyes, full of light. Ami had transformed 
himself. He had taken off a mask which had made him appear like a normal 
boy, in order to show the real Ami: A radiant being, maybe even 
divine. ..Vinka sobbed next to me. She was also unable to lift her gaze. The 
same thing had occurred to her. 

- "Why did you never show who you were in reality?" I asked, looking 
towards the floor. Searching in vain for justification for my dirty and 
unrespectful bravado. 

Ami laughed, lending a break to the moments drama. 

- "I have no idea what you are talking about. Look at me. Tell me if you see 
something strange." 

Slowly and with great fear, we began to lift our gaze. There he was, smiling 
naturally. He was no longer that brilliant being, he was simply Ami, our little 
space friend: But no. He was no longer the same. There still remained the 
memory of "the other being". Now his usual facial features were like an 
entrance to "the other being"; That is why, even though his appearance did 
not look abnormal, inevitably it reminded me that through it, there was a 
hidden being of extraordinary characteristics. 
Vinka walked towards him, wanting to kneel before his presence. 

- "Once again with the kneeling!" exclaimed Ami, laughing while preventing 

her from kneeling. "We can only kneel before God. Not before a brother, 
even if he is older. And since God is not visible with the eyes, only in the 
intimacy and solitude of the inner communion, in meditation or prayer can 
we kneel before his invisible presence. Come, I want you to see another 
room of this ship. There you will be able to communicate with the Supreme 

He guided us towards a door. He opened it. It was a sliding door. The room 
was dimly lit, except for one sole, small light, which shined at the end. We 
then went in. 

- "All of our ships have rooms like this one, big or small, depending on how 
many people it is built for." 

Ami closed the door. Upon getting used to the light, I observed four chairs, 
bolted to the floor by a thin pillar. Two on both sides of the room. At the end, 
before a small light, I was able to make out a type of cushion that was very 
long. It reminded me of being in a chapel. Ami's voice acquired a more 
solemn tone. 

- "You can kneel there at the end. If you prefer to, or you can remain sitting 
on a chair. Here we meditate or pray. The former is best. In prayer we are 
two, in meditation we are one with Divinity. We merge in it." 

We chose to kneel. I think that we needed it. When we kneeled over the 
cushion, Ami pressed a button, the enclosure became softly illuminated with 
the most beautiful colors that one can imagine: A great variety of pinks, gold, 
lilacs and violets which danced on the walls. I felt the impression of being in 
another dimension. Vinka observed with a smile of pleasure on her lips. 
Little by little, the influence of the colors made me feel something very 
strange. A bit like a desire to find shelter within my own self. To close my 
eyes and give myself to a presence which I began to feel. Something very 

strange and beautiful. I didn't know if it was within or outside of myself... 
Maybe the last thought that I had was in realizing that I was inside a cosmic 
ship, outside of space and time, lost in the universe but at the same time in 
the center of it because I was communicating with the actual heart of 
Creation. Later on it was not thoughts which filled my conscience, instead 
they were experiences which did not pass through my intellect, which 
arrived directly at the depth of my being. I was no longer thinking; but living 
it intensely. 

A golden light enveloped me, but that light was a being. I felt bigger by the 
moment, infinite, eternal, pure conscious happiness. Not a question came to 
my mind because I had all the answers... 

Now I no longer remember what it was, but in those instances I knew it all: 
past, present and future, mine and that of the universe. More than that, I was 
the center of the cosmos. I was in command, the galaxies and souls, they 
turned into a type of rhythm that was similar to my respiration; however I 
was beyond even that. In my center, there was a great stillness full of bliss, 
plentitude and there lay my peace... It is very difficult to describe that 
experience, but I knew that everything was well in all aspects, everything 
was perfect, everything was marvelous. Even suffering was good in the long 
run. Seen from high above, encompassing a great period of time, it was good. 
It was a teaching of purification, consequence of error, a strengthening. I was 
able to understand that suffering is caused by forgetfulness; of what? I didn't 
know the answer. My consciousness was returning to its normal level, my 
intellect began an ordinary game with its questions. That's where I lost the 
answers. Forgetfulness of what? I felt my body, my heavy knees over a 
cushion, a part of me did not want to return to that small body but another 
part gave me the impulse to do so. I wanted to not be there and to return to 

being in "command", to that central point full of unlimited wisdom to obtain 
the answer. "Suffering is caused by forgetfulness of... What?". 
For a few moments I was able to repeat the experience but a force took me 
out of there, returning me to the ship and into my heavy body. 

- "Remember your mission." A voice appeared to say. "Your mission is 

I knew that but I didn't want to remember, I wanted to ascend. 

- "In order to ascend it is first necessary to descend." said the inner voice. 
I was not able to remember what forgetfulness caused suffering. 

- "The forgetfulness of the real me, the inner being." 

It was the answer that I needed. That made me decide to definitely return to 
the ship, to the enclosure, to my body. 

When I opened my eyes, the beautiful colors had disappeared. Only the 
small light before my view remained. Vinka waited for me, next to the boy 
of the stars with moistened eyes full of emotion. Little by little I began to 
adapt to my usual reality, to my usual ignorance, with my usual errors. 

- "The forgetfulness of the inner being." I said, intending to remember the 
feeling of those words which were beginning to lose significance for me. 

- "That is the cause, which makes us commit errors." said Ami. "Then we 
must pay for those errors with suffering." 

- "I don't understand... What is my internal being.?" 

- "Divinity." he replied, helping me to stand up. 

While leaving that space chapel, I tried to remember what I had just lived, 
the central point of bliss and happiness. 

- "Yes, that's it. Try not to ever forget it. That is the inner being. If you were 
always able to act from that part of your being, you would not commit errors 
and you would not suffer." 

- "You are correct Ami, I experienced something where I was pure wisdom, 
where I was all love." said Vinka. 

- "Wisdom and love, you see? That is why you are a complementary couple. 
Each of you manifest a part of the divinity." 

Ami walked towards the controls of the ship. 

- "Look! We are now arriving to Kia. I hope that you will not once again 
attempt a mutiny. Hahaha." 

His words made us remember our offence towards him and later, his change 
from a normal to a radiant child. 

- "Explain to us, please, how were you able to procure that change in you?" 

- "The major change was produced in yourselves. For an instant, you were 
able to see, things just as they are beyond appearances. We are all much 
more than we appear. We are all luminous beings, but only in certain 
moments are we able to capture our real dimension or that of others. Since 
you were acting very badly, your inner being made you see that you were 
proceeding erroneously but you only wanted to defend your love, to not 
separate. Love is one of the major causes of violence..." 

Vinka and I looked at each other, confused before an affirmation which was 
seemingly absurd. 

- "Because of love, the she wolf turns into a wild beast before those who are 
able to attack its offspring. Because of love towards it's own, men tend to be 
cruel and selfish beings towards the rest. Wars are fought because of that 
type of love and because of that form of love, your worlds are in danger. " 

- "It is a false love." I said, thinking that I had understood. 

- "It is not false; It's love, only it is in a lower grade or level. We call it 
attachment. Because of love, people steal, people lie, and people kill. 
Wanting to survive is a form of love, but only for one's self. For the small 

family group, for the faction which one belongs to. Unfortunately that battle 
for life in which many battle each other, has everyone on the verge of losing 
their lives... Those are the consequences of exaggerated attachment." 

- "You are correct Ami." said Vinka. "I believe that even the Terri act 
motivated by that type of love and not because of malice." 

- "Excellent Vinka! Only with that understanding are you able to change 
things to a higher point of view beyond the factions that struggle with 

- "Unfortunately the fight between the Terri Wackos and Terri Zumbos has 
put my town in danger, and it's Swama. " 

- "There only exists one town in Kia; The one formed by the Terri and the 
Swama; That is your town." 

For Vinka that idea seemed extremely new. I understood it. 

- "It is natural that she leaned towards the Swama. Those are her people..." 

- "Once again it is inferior love, attachment. One's own group against the 
rest. Attachment is limited love, but real love does not have limits. Up until 
this moment, the communities of your worlds have survived through 
attachment but now they intend to pass from the third onto the fourth 
evolutionary level. If you want to survive, you must leave attachment on the 
side and guide yourself by real love. You will destroy yourselves without 
remedy by any other way. This is universal law. Attachment functions more 
or less well in the divided worlds, but only while that division does not cause 
any danger to the entirety of humanity, while the scientific level is not very 
high. When it is, in the case of your worlds, either you toss aside selfishness 
or you destroy yourselves. It is not possible to build a just and peaceful 
world without renouncing that unbalanced love and selfishness which is 

- "Why is it unbalanced?" 

- "Because love is of two types. For one's self and for the rest. It is like 
breathing; the air comes and goes. When there is attachment, it is like 
inhaling more than you expel. "Everything for myself. More for one's self, 
one's own family, one's own faction, less for the rest. That is not balance. 

- "Love your neighbour like yourself." I said, repeating a lesson from my 
religious class. 

- "That was said by the Just. How is it that you know that?" asked Vinka. 

- "Who is the Just?" I asked. 

- "A great Teacher from Kia's past." 

- "That is a great universal law. That is what I am trying to explain to you. It 
is real love, balanced. Much for others and much for ourselves. And always 
in the same measure, so that this equilibrium does not cease." 

I asked what happens when there is more love for the rest and less for one's 

- "There is also an imbalance there, it is like expelling all of the air without 
inhaling any, in a couple of minutes you will become stiff..." 

- "Balance seems to be a very important word." said Vinka. 

- "Love the Terri as much as the Swama." expressed Ami smiling. 

- "I will really try." 

The board indicated that the ship was not visible to the eyes of the people of 
Kia. We found ourselves suspended on the outskirts of a city, similar to any 
of the ones on Earth. I was not interested in looking at the city; the moment 
of separation was approaching closer by the second. "Who knows until 
when." I thought sadly with a tightness in my chest. 

- "Until you finish the next book. It can be called something like, "Ami 
returns once again."" 

- "You might have much knowledge and powers." I said, "but grammar is 
not your strength." 

- "Why Jim?" 

- "Because if it says "returns" it is not necessary to say "once again". That is 
implied. It is enough to say "Ami returns"." 

- "You are correct, language is not my strength. That is due to the fact that 
we practically do not utilize it. We prefer telepathy, it is more secure and 

- "But you talked to your parents." 

- "Yes but that was because of courtesy to you guys. When visitors arrive 
that do not know our language, we must utilize the language of the visitors if 
we know it." 

I don't know how I remembered those details from the conversation, my 
attention was focused on the sad goodbye, but when I dictate to Victor, the 
memories arrive. Well, Ami said that they would help me telepathically... 

Chapter 18 - Expensive Weapons 

- "Your family wait for you down below." Ami reminded Vinka. 

- "I care less about my family than I do about Jim." she said while we held 

- "I don't speak of your small family but of your great family. The humanity 
of Kia. Remember your mission, the commitment you made before coming 
to this world. If people like you do not spread the news about our 
involvement in a cosmic and divine plan motivated by love, they will 
continue to believe that we are invading monsters and they are incapable of 
remaining unhurt if our presence is going to cause terror and cardiac arrest. 
If no one contributes to plant love, how would you avoid destruction?" 

- "You are correct Ami, but my new bond with Jim..." 

- "It is not new; It is eternal and you have eternity to obtain it. For the 
moment you must complete your commitments, later on you will see each 
other again." 

- "In another incarnation..." I expressed pessimistically. 

- "I told you that I will return once you write the next book or do you think 
that I am a liar?" 

We looked at each other with a shine in our gaze. 

- "Of course, I will come looking for you one day. We will go to Kia to pick 
up Vinka and we will go on to see things that you cannot even suspect...." 

- "Which things?" tell us please, said Vinka impatiently. 

- "You will see a planet inhabited on its exterior by a civilization of the third 
level, that is to say, like Earth and Kia, and on the inside by a civilization of 

the fourth level. The former does not know that the latter exists." 

- "How fantastic." 

Ami's promises made us forget the separation that we must overcome. 

- "What other things will you show us?" 

- "A civilization under the sea. Also an artificial world built by humans. That 
is something that you cannot imagine. " 

Our gaping mouths made our host laugh. 

- "There are millions of those through out the universe. That is a superior 
form of civilization, they are in really gigantic ships..." 

After meditating for a while I said 

- "I thought that living in contact with nature was the superior form of 
civilization; But you say that something artificial is..." 

- "When man acts in harmony with the eternal principles, the entire universe 
is inherited by him and he can make use of it for his happiness, using all his 
imagination and technology, which he is capable of obtaining. It is the same 
with every person; that which your soul imagines, you can and must realize 
it with effort, perseverance and faith. But you do not even dream of 
irradicating the weapons for which you pay with hunger and suffering. Do 
you know how much money is wasted in your world on weapons in only 15 

- "I don't have the slightest idea." I replied. 

- "Enough money to feed half of the world's population for... Do you know 
how much time?" 

I attempted to do the math. Fifteen days spent on weapons is enough to feed 
half of the people on Earth during some.. .well.. .so many mouths, I didn't 

- "I think that in the same time if there was no money spent on weapons in 

15 days, everyone would be able to eat during that time. If there wasn't any 
money spent on weapons, no one would be hungry!" 

- "You are incorrect. In 1 5 days you spend enough money to feed half of the 
world's population, not just for 15 days; but 10 years! Only on expenses of 

- "That cannot be!" We said. Feeling alarmed and indignant. "Only on 

Anything that has to do with war, weapons, investigation of new weapons, 
war artifacts and all of that. Even more so because many of the great 
expenses are disguised as "scientific projects" they are destined at the end of 
it all to be used with the intention to dominate. If you didn't waste money on 
weapons, not only would there not be anyone starving or with hunger, you 
would all live like rich people, everyone ! No one would suffer hunger or 
cold. There would be enough hospitals, that are comfortable enough. Poor 
and rich countries would not exist. Everyone would be living alike. 
Additionally you would sleep in peace without fear of a horrible future for 
your children." 

- "Then I will propose that my world get rid of it's weapons." said Vinka. 

- "That cannot be done yet. The solution lies in all of the countries being in 
common agreement, deciding to unite passively. For that to happen, it is 
necessary to show that great ideal. Let it be a dream that grows and grows, 
although for the moment, there are obstacles. The rich countries feed 
themselves from the work of the poor countries... 

- "God cannot continue to allow something so wrong." said Vinka with great 

- "Oh there you go again, with the idea that God will do things. God is Love. 
Love lives in your hearts. That love is in charge of intending to put your 

worlds onto the right path. But you must do so yourselves and by pacifist 
means. It is more so about teaching instead of forcing it. It is about showing 
a path so that later on, everyone can start following it peacefully and 
mutually. It is not about waiting for God or for others to do so; It is about 
acting. The only thing which will arrive is someone who will press the 

- "And if that occurs, will you not paralyze him with a ray so that he does 
not push the button?" 

- "If you permit it, then you deserve it. We cannot intervene. We can only 
rescue the pacifists, but only those who served. Only those who intend to do 
something to bring about and radiate unity, peace and love. In those critical 
moments, those necessities are the most important. 

- "For example then working on other things, on large amounts of 
nourishment, is not very useful?" 

- "Everything is necessary, but everything has it's time. If your son is hungry, 
the first thing you must do is find food for him. But in addition to being 
hungry if he is at the point of falling off a cliff, what is the first thing you 
must do? Find him nourishment or save him from the cliff?" 

- "Save him from the cliff of course.' 

- "That is the state of your worlds. The boy needs nourishment and shelter, 
he also needs culture, art and agreeable ambiance, medical attention, certain 
commodities, wisdom, affection, but if he is about to die, the first thing you 
must do is to save his life." 

- "When his life is no longer in danger, then you may obtain marvelous 
things for him." 

- "What possibilities are there that the "boy" will not die?" I asked 
knowing that he was talking about humanity. 

- "It depends on yourselves. Let's continue with the example of the child on 
the cliff. Let us suppose that three little brothers have managed to grab a 
child by the clothing as he hangs over the abyss, but they don't have the 
strength to lift him up. What must they do? 

- "Well, yell for help, call out for the parents, for the rest of his brothers..." 

- "That is what your books are for. They are a warning call for help. But if 
one of the three boys gives up and says that everything is lost, and leaves, 
what will happen?" 

- "Maybe the other two will tire and the boy might slip between their 

- "That is why as long as people retire from that type of service, major 
possibilities of a disaster exist... Maybe your participation cause the balance 
to tip from one side to another. Maybe your world depends on you. You, who 
reads this book and according to your actions you may be judged for the fate 
of the whole planet." (Ami asked us to write these last words exactly as he 
said them in our book. He says that it reflected a superior system of things. I 
didn't understand but I wrote it just like he dictated it, with a call to the 

- "Are you hungry?" asked Ami. 

We thought that question almost appeared to be an insult. We were full of 

- "Then you must need a "batter recharge". Come, sit down." 

On the base of our neck he placed the apparatus that produced the effect of 8 
hours of sleep in only 15 seconds. When I awoke everything was fine. There 
was no longer any sadness in me. On the contrary, little by little, I began to 
remember the separation, although now the effect was a little bit less. 

- "When I see you once again, I will tell you about many other things." 

Vinka looked at me with a sweet sadness in her gaze. Then she turned 
towards Ami and said: "The main reason to wait for your return is not so 
much to obtain new knowledge or to visit other worlds; but to once again see 
Jim." She walked to my side and we held hands. 
- "You make a lot of "noise"" said Ami. "I will go meditate a couple of 
minutes to clear my head. Use this time to say goodbye. To tear at each 
other's clothing. To scratch the floor, to attempt mutiny and suicide. After all 
that useless destruction. Vinka will descend and Jim will return to Earth." 
He left to lock himself in the room to meditate. In spite of our sadness we 
could not help but smile at Ami's words. I think that they comforted us. This 
last part is intimate and sad; That is why I will avoid entering into details. 
You must forgive me. I appeal to your understanding. If this book was only 
read by us, children, there would not be any inconvenience, but one never 
knows when there would be an adult crouching between the shadows, awake 
at inconvenient hours, and they laugh at everything. At the possibility that 
there might exist good and peaceful extra terrestrial beings with the intention 
to fight for a united world, a just and peaceful world, and everything else. If 
you tell them that love is the fundamental Law of the universe, they twist in 
laughter. That is why it is preferable not to speak in front of them of 
profound things like the truth and feelings. It's already been said in an 
ancient Chinese adage that I read in one of Victor's books. I am not sure if I 
remember it very well but I think it said something more or less like this: 

"When an adult is spoken to about love, he laughs, and if he does not 
laugh out loud, he has not been told about real love. " 

Vinka left and I felt alone. Although in the night, before going to sleep I 

close my eyes, calm my mind and after a couple of minutes it feels as if she 
melds into me. Well, things of children... During our trip back to Earth, Ami 
wanted to show me images from the past; Jesus in action, Julius Caesar and I 
don't remember who else. He also tried to persuade me to see images of 
myself when I was a baby but nothing interested me. I locked myself in the 
meditation room. I remained there until Ami came to look for me. 

- "We have arrived onto the world which we are preparing to shelter the 
people we rescue in case the destruction of the Earth happens. Come and 

It was more out of courtesy then out of curiosity that I went to take a look. 
We were over the beach of the resort. The sun was rising; 

- "This is Earth!" I exclaimed, with that understanding. 

- "Of course. This is the planet that will shelter the survivors." 

- "But I thought that it would be another world." 

- "But it will be another world, in peace, justice and love. If destruction takes 
place, we will avoid a total loss and rescue those who deserve it before great 
tragedies are produced. Then we will clean the planet of all contamination 
and impurities, then we will set up the rescued people there, so that they can 
build a beautiful world although it is preferable that that be achieved without 
any destruction." 

- "You said that you are preparing another planet for that event;" 

- "I didn't say another one. I spoke about a world, but I never said it's name. 
The geological work that you witnessed also forms part of this preparation 
which we are carrying out. Cheer up ! There will not be a total destruction of 
the planet Earth." 

That did not cheer me up. Neither did it sadden me; I could only think of 
Vinka. Ami intended to appear optimistic in order to infect me with good 


- "Then in the next trip, I will show you these images: Jim in diapers! Can 
you imagine? Vinka will have a great laugh." 

I asked him for forgiveness for my lack of encouragement. He said that it 
was useless junk. That it would pass soon. But that he understood me. 
The door opened and there appeared a yellow light. We tightly embraced. I 
said goodbye and entered the light that would carry me to the beach. 

- "Not goodbye; but until later." 

I heard his encouraging words while I descended. 

Like the last time, when I reached the sand and I looked towards the sky, I 
could no longer see anything. The "UFO" was invisible. At that time I heard 
a great commotion in Victor's tent. 

- "What in the hell is going on...Aahhhh!" 

My cousin appeared through the opening and he came out shouting and 
fleeing. A couple of steps later, he stopped, that made me return quickly to 

- "What is going on Victor?" 

- "Jim in there, there is an enormous...!" 

- "What is it Victor? 

- "An... elephant!" 

- "What? An elephant? Impossible! In that little tent." 

- "But it is there! It's enormous. I woke up all of a sudden when I felt it's 
enormous foot on my chest. Fortunately I was able to escape..." 

I understood what had happened. Ami had used his hypnosis to play with 
Victor and helped me out of my sadness. He achieved it in part. Very 
decidedly I walked towards the tent. 
-"Careful! Do not do it!" 

I lifted the folds of the opening to the entrance. The tent was empty. 

- "Look! There's nothing in here." 
My cousin looked perplexed. 

- "B-But..." 

- "You were dreaming." 

We lit a bonfire and prepared breakfast. 

- "Why are you so strange? So sad?" he asked me, upon noticing my mood. 
It was then that I realized how I could close that case once in for all. 

- "It's because I went to see that rock." 

- "When?" 

- "Before you awoke; That is why you saw me outside of the tent. I was 

- "You are so disobedient! Well... And?" 

- "Why do you think I am sad?" 

He could think what he wished. It was no longer necessary to convince 
anyone of the reality of the existence of Ami, my own faith was enough from 
then on. 

- "You see! Did I not tell you so? It was a dream." 

- "Just like your elephant?" 

- "That's right! That's exactly it! There are dreams that appear to be real but 
they are only dreams. It is not good to confuse the imaginary with reality." 


"It is not good to confuse the imaginary with reality; However" Ami said, 
"Everyone lives in the universe that he is capable of imagining." He also 
taught me; "What your soul imagines, you can and should realize with effort, 
perseverance and faith." 

Instead of believing in a world ruled by weapons, I believe in a world ruled 
by Love. And if there are many of us who dream the same dreams, then it 
will inevitably become a reality. 

"Let us leave the adults with their mocking jokes, with their weapons and 
their "impossibilities". We who are children at heart, will be like the bumble 
bee, that little fat creature, heavy set and with short wings. According to the 
rules of aerodynamics it cannot fly. Scientifically proven." But since it does 
not know the opinions of scientists, the very ignorant creature will go on and 
prudently jump up and attempt to fly..., and he will do so like the best of the 
bees. ..A bunch of "bumblebees" and the "boy". The boy will not fall over the 
cliff. At least the one in my story will not. 

Intermediate Conclusion 

( We must name everything. On a beach not far away, there exists a solid and 
high rock. On the summit of the rock, a strange power engraved a winged 
heart. It is said that only by playing nicely will you be able to find it. It can 
be found. Lamentably, only a couple of children have been able to find it. 
That is due to the fact that children, apart from being lighter and more agile 

than adults play nicely; In turn, others do it in a terri-ble way. And since that 
rock is the halfway point towards a marvelous world, (which is precisely so 
due to the fact that it's inhabitants are always playing.), You can not let in a 
person who plays harshly, or someone who sometimes plays well, and 
sometimes falls asleep... That would cause the immediate destruction of that 
beautiful world.) 

Final Conclusion 

Those who know, tell the story of a man with a playful gaze. Who was able 
to climb onto the rock. The locals observed strange lights in the night sky. 
The next day, they saw him rejuvenated as he walked towards the somber 
and problematic city. With a very determined and happy step, he walked off 
musing something about saving a boy... 

While humanity continues to live divided in injustice with a sword in the 

hand, destroying it's inheritance, disconnected from love. 


The End